Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George E. Wolf, Jr

In 1869 the Gaillard family settled on the banks of Goose Creek, on the east side of the creek near its mouth.
A shipping point, known as "Gaillard's Landing" was begun at this point and prospered for many years.
The Gaillard homesite was near by east of the landing. This property later became the center of the first oil activity in this area and then became the GOOSE CREEK OIL FIELD.
The only visible remains of this homestead today is a small family cemetery plot located in a 1 acre area of land untouched by oil field activity.
The family refused large sums of money for this cemetery tract.
The cemetery is located at the west end of Lee Drive in the Goose Creek oil field, Baytown,Tx.
The cemetery is surrounded by a 4 foot cement wall.
Compiled June 30,1985

T.B. Gaillard
Co. A 1 Reg. Miss Inf
C.S.A. 1824-1889

Thomas Benjamin Gaillard
Born Jan. 17,1824
Died Nov. 3,1889
65 yrs, 9 mos, 17 days
(T. B. Gaillard has two stones)

Minnie Gaillard
Born Nov. 12,1856
Died Sept. 25,1913

Frederick Ralston Mitchel
Born Jan. 26,1885
Died July 24,1895

Infant-no dates

Sidney Gaillard-no dates

Fred W. Gaillard
Drowned July 24,1875
21 yrs. and 6 mos.

Foster Gaillard
Born Jan. 19,1874
Died Apr. 15,1889
15 yrs., 2 mos., 28 days

Mary Martha Gaillard
Born July 16,1829
Died Apr. 3,1900

J.F. Mitchell
Born Feb. 13,1850
Died Dec.14,1909

Jennie E. Mitchell
Born Mar. 29,1848
Died Sept. 26,1915

Mary M. Gaillard
Died Aug. 21,1877
11 yrs., 1 mon., 19 days