Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George E. Wolf, Jr.

The Frost-Town cemetery was located under the Highway 59 bridge and Buffalo Bayou.
Frost-Town was started in 1837 by J. B. Frost.
The cemetery occupied the two blocks A and H, which bordered Buffalo Bayou.
(Frost-Town by Fannie Mae Mead)
The Frost-Town cemetery, which was used until the late 1880's, no longer exists; the Harris County tax assessor's Block Book shows that the site has disappeared into the bayou. (Texas Towns)
Jonathan B. Frost was the first to be buried in the Frost-Town cemetery, died 1837.

Other's that may be buried there.
Theresa Farber Fix, died 1847?
Charles Fix, died 1847?
Contantine Fix, died 1872 or 1873?
(Houston City Directory for 1866, C. Fix, Laborer, Frost town.)

Several burials were made during the yellow fever epidemic of 1867.
Many unknowns.
(A Vision of Hope for Frost-Town by Gladys Clark)
I have been to the lost town of Frost-Town many times. There are no remains of the cemetery site to this day. In 1990 there were only 6 wood home's standing. When I went back in 1995 there was only 1 left till 1999. All the street signs are all gone.
The town that was Frost-Town is history forever.