Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George Wolf, Jr

This cemetery is near Martin Luther King Blvd. at 5700 Wenda and 9000 Vasser, Houston,Texas. Down a rock road almost to the end (Wenda st.), on the right is a high barbed wire fence, inside is the small cemetery.
There are only four gravestones.
The cemetery gate is locked.
Black cemetery.
Compiled March 17,1985
Rev. James Davis,Sr.
Born Nov. 12,1887
Died Jan. 14,1967
Ethel Davis
Born Feb. 17,1899
Died June 11,1964
Both on one stone

Mrs. Ruby Taylor
Born 1906 Died 1960

Leroy Wheatfall
Born Apr. 2,1942
Died Mar. 6,1965

Mary Smith
Born Aug. 24,1877
Died July 21,1953

Other unmarked or unknown graves?