Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Copied by Ester Sims, Mary Smith and Charlotte Tucker, May 31,1973

Submitted by George E. Wolf, Jr

Becker Cemetery is southwest off Grant Road.

Emily Isenbiel Roeder
wife of Edward Roeder
b Sept. 25,1827 d Jan. 13,1902
Emily Roeder Becker
wife of J.H. Becker
b Dec. 25,1859 d Jan. 10,1923
J.H.C. Becker
Born in Germany
b July 2,1859 d Jan. 17,1922
Julian Roeder
b Jan. 12,1862 d Aug. 19,1880
E.C. Edwards Roeder
b Aug. 30,1818 d Mar. 21,1890
Helen L. Roeder
b Sept. 17,1857 d Nov. 1,1861
George J. Roeder
b May 30,1855 d May 29,1866