aka  McKinney-Simms Cemetery

Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Bob d'Aigle, RPA
Principal Investigator CRC, International Archaeology & Ecology, LLC

Thanks to Jo Ellen Castillo for finding and documenting this cemetery. as of 16 April 2005.

Simms Family Cemetery. . .419 K

29  54.051   -95  04.913

Well to the west of the end of Ulrich Lane (off of Fm-2100) and west of the Union Pacific Amtrak railroad tracks.  See the good folk who run Cecil's Backyard at the end of Ulrich Lane for permission and directions.







John and Mary's daughter, Lizzie, is buried outside of the wrought iron fence.  Hers is the only other known grave in this cemetery.  You can see her stone to the left of the cleared area in front of the large tree  in the first photo with the fenced area to the right.
The following pictures will give some indication of the terrain and the 'path' to the cemetery.


For those using a GPS, your kickoff point will be N29' 54.163 W95' 04.278 (first picture) which is Ulrich looking west BEFORE you get to Cecil's Backyard.


The next point is at the house N29' 54.139 W95' 04.564 (behind the house is the utility highline.). From there, a path leads you to the railroad and the trestle - its the only path and very, very bumpy in a pickup truck trying to go through ruts made by 4 wheelers).



Once you come out of that, you will pass the utility highline and come to a fork in the path. Go to the fork that curves West (not the one heading due south).




 From that point, it will take you to the next GPS point of N29 54.074 W95 04.932.