Hook Cemetery (P)

Kountze, Hardin Co. Cemeteries of Texas

Transcription submitted by Jo Nell Knight

The obit information was submitted by Jeanne McNNutt

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Jones Willie"Opal" xx-xx-1914 06-27-1999 obit
Hooks Cemetery in Hardin County, near Kountze, TX.  On the left side, as we entered the gate, there are some Roberts family members buried, and others are buried on the right side and some near the center back part.  We did not see all the graves inside the fence, because it was getting late, and did not visit the ones behind the back fence.  Also, many plots were essentially unmarked, with just concrete and stone posts at the head and/or foot of many graves.  Some markers were not readable, but we will take water and a brush next time we visit, so we may be able to make out the inscriptions on the older graves.  These we copied:

1.  Large stone, engraved:  Roberts--large area surrounded by a border, room for many graves; a large stone with the surname, but no other names or dates.
2.  A large stone bearing the name SALTER at the top, and on the left, John Knight, Jr., Sept. 18, 1908 and Jan. 10, 1999; married Dec. 8, 1933, Wynette Roberts, Sept. 30, 1912, and no other date, so she apparently is still living, or is buried elsewhere, or the marker has not been engraved yet.
3.  A double stone, engraved Harold Lee Golden, 1912-1991, and Madge Roberts, 1910-2001.
4.  A large stone engraved ROBERTS, with several double stones:  Elizabeth S. Roberts, Oct. 21, 1911, Feb. 12, 1937, and L. G. [sic], 12-    -1989 and 11-2-1998.
5.  Double stone:  Charley, 1885-1973 and Louvenia, 1889-1957.
6.  Double stone:  Joy (or Jay), 1-11-1915 and 7-5-1979, and Louisa, 5-22-1919 and 1-18-1996.
7.  Double stone engraved POOLE at the top, and John B., 1877-1960, and Amanda P., 1881-1966.
8.  Double stone:  S. H. (Bill) Williams, 11-24-1904 and 2-11-1975, and Esther (McDonald) Williams, 3-18-1908 and 2-3-1981.
9.  Single stone:  Charles A. Ivey, 1879-1947.
10.  Double stone:  Jerome N. Knight, 12-7-1878 and 6-7-1958, and Annie H. Knight, 11-16-1882 and 1-16-1966.
11.  Double stone:  Bruce Reid, 1880-1966, and Bessie M. Reid, 1888-1962.
12.  Single stone:  Victor F. Durand, 10-12-1903 and 4-8-1991.
13.  Double stone:  Victor J. Durand, 10-3-1870 (no death date), and Marjory Durand, 8-19-1870 and 1-22-1943.
14.  Single stone:  Rose Durand, 12-9-1899 and 1-19-1939.
15.  Single stone:  Frank Durand, 1909-1977.
Right side of cemetery:
16.  Double stone:  Harris Thorpe Roberts, Sr., 6-16-1898 and Josie Gilmore Roberts, 2-5-1906 and 11-13-1973.
17.  Single stone:  Tony Roberts, son of Robert and Carol, 10-6-1974.
18.  Single stone:  Ida Mae Roberts, 6-4-1898 and 3-29-1991, and Levin George Roberts, 2-5-1884 and 6-12-1942.
19.  Single stone:  Infant of M/M L. G. Roberts, Jr., 9-18-1931 and 9-18-1931.
20.  Single stone:  Dr. Lewis A. Roberts, 1894-1933.
21.  Single stone:  Georgie Inez (Roberts) Cleveland, dau. of M/M George Roberts, 7-17-1921 and 12-19-1948.
22.  Double stone:  Hooks Roberts, 1882-1953, and Lou Roberts, 1886-1956.
23.  Single stone:  Jacque (Roberts) Harding, 12-10-1918 and 3-7-1998.