Taylor Island Cemetery

Iola, Grimes County, Cemeteries of TX.

Submitted by  Scott Taylor 

Photos by Robert (Bob) Taylor and submitted by Peggy Gleghorn

Area Map

Taylor Island is approximately 4 miles west of Iola, Grimes County, Texas and 7-8 miles south of US Hiway 190.  Travel south from Iola on Farm Road 244.  Turn west onto County Road 108 and travel 2-2.5 miles.  Then turn south on County Road 103 and travel 400-500 yards to County Road 106. Travel on County Road 106 for 2.5-3.0 miles to Texas Municipal Power Line. Then walk north to Taylor Island Cemetery. 

The cemetery is approximately 1 mile east of Taylor Island.  Cemetery is on private property owned by W. B. Leonard and permission must be granted prior to going on to property.  His telephone number is 936-931-1131. 

The cemetery is 80 foot square.  A large stone occupies the center of the square of land and reads:

"This stone occupies the center of 80 Ft. square of land & holds it sacred to the memory of the names hereon."

On the north side of the stone is inscribed:

Taylor, William Sr.
Born Devonshire England 1808
Emigrated to Texas in year 1849
Died in Grimes County
March 6, 1875 Age 67

On the east side of the stone is inscribed:

Wives of Wm Taylor Sr.
Elizabeth August 22, 1858
Louisa M. Aug 14, 1864
Margaret A.  Apr 4, 1876

On the south side of the stone is inscribed:

Lucinda Wife of R. Taylor Born nov. 10, 1846 Died May 6, 1868
Infant of R. & L. Taylor Sept. 21, 1861
Rosina E. Daughter of R. & L. Taylor Born March 19, 1964 Died Feb. 3, 1865

On the west side of the stone is inscribed:

Children of Wm & Eliz. Taylor
Elizabeth A.
Mahala Infant daughter of W & M.A. Taylor
Catharine F. Tillery Daughter of M.A. Taylor

Small marker located at SE corner of square reads:

Buried in this corner of square of land: 

1 Mexican on Pearce Yeager's Place  and 1 Black