Clark-Giboney Cemetery

Navasota, Grimes Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Ray Villarreal, Jr  Eagle Project, Boy Scouts of America
Names of all the Scouts and their parents pictured

(left to right) front row Clayton Phillips, Eric Lerma, Ray Villarreal, Jr., Frankie Lerma, Arthur Amick, Stephen Gordon, Ryan Ramlal, back row Garrett Lewis, Evan Mills, Ray Villarreal Sr., Bryan Walker, Henry Lewis, Roger Mills, not pictured Jared Bullock, Debbie Villarreal 

Eagle Project, Boy Scouts of America



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O. Ethel Blackburn    July 16 1881   March 11 1962

Mrs. O.A. Clark 1860 1935

  J. R. Clark  Confederate Veteran, Alabama Born June 9, 1839  Died Nov 14, 1903   Although he sleeps his memory doth live and cheering com fourth his mourners give He followed virtue his truest guide Lived as a Christian as a Christian died.

Horace Mc Gee May 7, 1907 Oct 28 ,1908 Come ye blessed

In loving REMEMBRANCE of our mother OLIVE CATHERINE WOOD  Born Sept 18, 1824 Died May 19 1873

Martha Custis Daughter of John & Martha CustisTurner Born Feb 24, 1850 Died May 2, 1863 Oh cease dear parent, cease your weeping Above the spot where I am sleeping, My time was short, and blest be He that called me to eternity.

In memory of Mr. John Giboney. Died Dec 31st 1857 AGED 46 Years 1 mo. & 14 ds. 

  Rufus EDGAR Son of  W. & A. Marx Born  June 9, 1858 Died  Aug 22,1864

  There is rest In memory of  Susan MATHDA Late consort of  W.S. Gibson Born  Feb 10, 1853 Died  April 18, 1873 Lo where this silent marble weeps,  a friend, a wife, a mother sleeps. A heart within whose narrow cell  The peaceful virtues loved to dwell.

Clara Bell Daughter of B.H. & Carrie McGinty, Born Nov 26, 1888 Died Oct 24, 1899 How many hopes lie buried here! Beautiful, lovely, she was but given, A fair bud to earth to blossom in heaven.

  J. T. CABEEN Born Oct 19, 1871  Died Feb 23, 1898 Death has been there and borne away.  A brother from our side. Just in the morning of his day  In youth and love, he died

  Mary C. Cabeen Born Mar 17, 1838  Died Jan 25, 1898

D. B. Cabeen (Masonic Lodge Emblem) Confederate Veteran, Co. H, 21 Texas Calvary Born Jan 28, 1834 Died June 25, 1892

  George Elmer Cabeen Born Dec 27, 1877 Died April 25, 1888 Dearest Child, thou hast left us. And thy loss we deeply feel. Tis the Lord that hath bereft us of one we loved so well.

  T. D. Binford (Masonic Lodge Emblem) Born in Virginia Feb 1813 Died Nov 20, 1888 Blessed be the pure in heart for they shall see GOD.