Grace Hill Cemetery

Longview, Gregg Co. Cemeteries of Tx

Submitted by Maribeth Buce, Longview, TX (March 2003)

I found this in Grace Hill Cemetery in Longview, TX  today on the grave of a soldier who died in WW II.   It just seemed finding it on the day our President has give an ultimatum to Saddam was just so appropriate. 

This is exactly as it reads:

Citation of Honor - United States Army Air Forces

 Flight Officer
  Newton W. Due Jr.
               Who gave his life in the performance of his duty.  He lived
               to bear his Country's Arm's, he died to save it's honor, his      
               Sacrifice will help to keep aglow the flaming torch that lights
               our lives that millions yet unborn may know the priceless Joy  of Liberty.
                         Jan. 25, 1925                                   April 24, 1944

May God Bless Our Troops!!!!

Maribeth Buce, Longview, TX

Family infomation by Betty Arnold Henderson

Charles Roland "Bogie" Eason
29 October 1914 - 27 August 1997 (father of Charlene Eason who is buried a few yards south at the feet of her grandmother, Ida Lee Eason)

John Roy Eason
29 April 1911 - 02 December 1974
Lorene (Martin) Eason (w/o John Roy Eason)
31 August 1912 - 29 July 2005

A. V. Henderson
25 May 1907 - 09 Mar 1986
Stella Mae (Eason) Henderson (wife of A. V. Henderson)
17 October 1916 - 12 October 1998

Hiram Emerson Felts
20 October 1875 - 13 March 1947
Sara Agnes (Keele) Felts (w/o Hiram Emerson Felts)
06 October 1882 - 06 February 1964

Clifford Felts (s/o Hiram and Agnes Felts)
13 August 1904 - 10 June 1930

Ira Gladney "Bud" Felts (s/o Hiram and Agnes Felts)
21 January 1921 - 27 August 1972

Jimmy Donald Felts (s/o Ira "Bud" Felts)
09 August 1944 - 11 January 1961