West Hill Cemetery

Grayson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Photo by Patricia Nall

Historical Marker and entrance marker by Carole Curry

 Obit info submitted by Jeanne McNutt

 Travel Hwy. 75N  Exit #58 at Sherman, Texas    At 2nd light, turn left onto 56W (Houston St.) - one-way street   Turn left (south) on Ricketts St.   Entrance at intersection of Ricketts St. & Lamar St. (contributed by Patricia Nall, October 2001)   (PN)

Historical Markers photo by Elaine Nall Bay    (ENB)

Last Name First Name Birth Day Comment
Dickson James Nelson 1890 1986 Historical Marker  (ENB)
Binkley Rev J. M. Binkley Feb 26 1833 Ja 13 1916 Historical Marker (ENB)
LaTellier Capt John Henry 1871 1913 Historical Marker  (ENB)
Loving Jessee P 1835 1919 Historical Maker  (ENB)
Moore Rev John Silliman 1840 1903 Historical Marker (ENB)
Nall Lida Nall Taylor Mar 06 1823 Oct 06 1945 w/o Dr. John T. Nall  (PN)
Nall John T.  Dr. Jul 10 1870 Jun 04 1912 h/o Lida   (PN)
Reynolds Rev J.H. - - Historial Marker (ENB)
Withrow Terry 04-12-1931 07-11-1999 obit  (JM)