Cannon Family Cemetery

Grayson County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted  by:  Susan Hawkins

    This Cemetery is completely destroyed today belonged to the Samuel F. Canon Family.
    It was located about 500 ft. NW of the corner of Jack England Rd. and County Line Road (on the Grayson-Fannin Co. line) South of Whitewright. It was at the top of a small rise, which you can still see as of Spring of 1999. A cement company has purchased the land and it may not be visible in the future. Right now it is a plowed field due north of Jack Englands house (soon to be moved.)
    Approximately a thousand feet due NW of this intersection

    The Cemetery was witnessed by many early residents. It had a metal fence around it as late as WWII when it was taken down for the war effort. All of the graves where known to be of or related to the Canon family who lived there till they sold to the T. L. Cowart family. It has been owned by several people. There was a consensus that there were about 12 stones, mostly infants. All the stones were standing when the fence was removed. shortly they started to be caught and pushed over by farm machinery as the field was plowed. Lost one by one.
        An eye witness to it , now deceased, told me of the last two stones that were there. He and his son had been hired to plow the field and clear those last two stones. It was a mother and infant surname Canon. The stones to the cemetery were used as fill on road work on hwy 160 west of there.

                                               Susan Hawkins