Evergreen Cemetery (P)

Galveston, Galveston Co. Cemeteries of TX


Photos submitted by Adrian Sinclair Balch (ASB)

Evergreen Cemetery is in the group of Seven Cemeteries located  on Broadway between "Broadway, or Ave J as it is also known" and Ave L, and 40th to 43rd St.  Evergreen Cemetery ( Formerly Cahill Cemetery )  is city operated and  has 2,522 Graves and consists of 1.8 acres.

Margaret A. KING Vedder b. 12 Jul 1830, d. 25 Oct 1901, buried on 26, 1901, in Episcopal Cemetery   ***moved to*** Cahill Yard which is now Evergreen Cemetery on October 10, 1903

Jacob Suydam VEDDER b. 8-12-1818, d. 6-1-1910

Peter Cortes Pauls 1894-1958

Kathrine Vedder Pauls 1894-1975

Anna Kathrine Key 3-31-1910  2-12-1911 age 10 months buried 2-18-1911  2nd photo

Charles Adams Vedder 1861-1925

Florence Schryver Vedder 1861-1934

Julia V. Key 1859-1919

Brewer W. Key 1859-1922