City Sexton Building

Old City Cemetery

4002 Ave. K

Galveston, TX

1905-1915 about 1980

" Office that William Henry Smith Worked from as City sexton."

These photos are of the Sexton's office located on  40th and Ave K in Old City Cemetery.  The more recent one is about 20  years old and the other one is probably from between 1905 and 1915.  Pictured is William Henry Smith,  the  Sexton/ Superintendent of cemeteries at the turn of the century.  My  wife and I  just found out that this William Henry Smith was  my wife's grandfather.  The  irony of it all , is now it is 100  years later and I have the same job that he did.   

I hope you found this information useful  and interesting,  I know I always do.

 John D. Armstrong
 Superintendent of Parks and Recreation
 City of Galveston, Texas
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