Johnson B. Johnson Cemetery

Freestone County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Cathy Canterbury

Cemeteries of Texas Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop


Directions: Take north Hwy 75. At the Fairfield City Limit sign go 4.2 miles and you will see the sign to the Johnson cemetery. Take a left and go 6/10 of a mile to the triangular intersection. (At this intersection is a white building on the left that was used as Grange meeting hall place.) Take a right and go 7/10 of a mile and the cemetery is on the right inside a pasture. It is enclosed in a wrought iron fence. I45 is straight ahead.

State Historical Marker 1971


Home Site and Burial Place of General “Joseph Burton Johnson”

Planter, Soldier, Civic Leader. Born in Georgia. Commissioned a Captain in the U.S. Army in Florida in 1837; a Major in 1846. He came to Freestone County in 1854. For headquarters on his 10,550-acre plantation, built (1860) at this site a 12 room stone mansions. He served as Brigadier General of Texas state. Troops in the Civil War. A County Commissioner, First Master of Texas State Grange; A Royal Arch Mason. He made gifts to worthy causes and to minorities. He married Patience Ponder; had 5 children. Descendants include Lawyers, Merchants, Doctors, Law Officers, Printers and Teachers.


Last Name

First Name

Birth date

Death Date



Joe B. Sr

Apr 07 1815

Jan 18 1874



Joe B. Jr

Dec 02 1849

Jul 04 1874




May 16 1821

Nov 18 18??