Cade Cemetery

Freestone County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Jimmy Epperson

Cemeteries of Texas Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop


Directions: On FM 246, 1 mile west of IH45, 2 miles west of Streetman (looks like itís in Navarro Co., but it is in Freestone Co.) 


Historical Marker


This burial ground originally served the pioneer Cade community, which was established near this site in the 1870ís. Named for Cade Hayes, an early area resident, the settlement included the surrounding farmland of southern Navarro County and northern Freestone County.      The cemetery was first used in 1876 when a Mrs. Nelson, the widowed sister of Cade settler Andrew Smith, was buried here. Ansel Coleman (D.1883) and his wife Alice (d.1910) who are interred here deeded the property to trustees of the local Missionary Baptist Church in 1883 for the establishment of the burial ground and for the construction of a church building and a Masonic Hall. The earliest marked grave is that of John Watson (b.1882), who died in 1884. Cade began to decline in population in the early 1900ís when construction of a Trinity and Brazos rail line bypassed the area. After the church closed in 1932 the burial ground was neglected until a group of local women formed a cemetery association in 1947.An early project of the organization was the addition of a frame chapel for the site. Reorganized in 1966, the association holds an annual luncheon and business meeting the first Sunday of each June.



Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
Birch Fannie Oliver Weaver Waters 1901 Sep 08 1978 -
Coleman Alice - 1910 -
Coleman Ansel - 1883 H/o Alice
Ferguson - - - -
Holt - - - -
Nelson Mrs - 1876 -
Watson John 1882 1884 -