Red Cemetery

Wortham, Freestone County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Cathy Canterbury

Surveyed by: Gale F. and Sharon Red

Location:  Between Wortham and Kirvin.  North of FM 27.

Directions: From Hwy 14 in Wortham proceed east on FM 27 for 2.7 miles, then go left (north) on gravel road for 1.7 miles, then turn left (west) up grassy lane about 100 yards to cemetery gate.

NOTE: The survey was begun in the S.E. corner, then went row by row from south to north working our way toward the back of the cemetery. Mary Mathison Price's 1980 survey was used as the basis to begin this one.
Oldest Marked Grave: Aug 15, 1877 Cora McCullough

USGS topographical map:

Name of Deceased DOB On Stone DOD on Stone Other information-inscriptions in quotes, other in parentheses 

Burney, Samuel W. 1848  1922  (Metal burial marker gone, grave now unmarked.)

Burney, Mrs. Mollie 1861 1897 (Metal burial marker gone, grave now unmarked.)

Brooks, Omega 04/02/1867  09/02/1904  "Mother" - (Alpha Omega Brooks- w/o Samuel A. Brooks, d/o Allen Mathison)

Brooks, Infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Brooks 08/31/1904  08/31/1904 

Bowman , Roderick N.  06/22/1884  01/04/1891  "s/o R.M. & Mary Bowman" "Weep not Father & Mother for I am waiting in glory for thee"

Bowman, Gracie N.  11/27/1889  04/26/1914  "d/o R.M. & Mary Bowman" "Gone but not forgotten"

Casey, James Clyde  11/26/1910  09/08/1920  (This grave is by itself within a small wire fence.)

Chapman, Albert M.  01/27/1894  08/16/1896  "s/o M. & M.E. Chapman" - "Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"

Chapman, Russell  09/04/1897  09/31/1898  "s/o M. & A.M. Chapman" - "One less to love on earth, one more to lament in Heaven"

Chapman, Mordica  11/08/1860  10/31/1898 "Meet again in Heaven" - (h/o Mary Elizabeth Chapman)

Chapman, Mary Elizabeth 10/29/1872  08/03/1894  "Wife of M. Chapman"

Chapman, Ollie Lee 08/07/1890  11/18/1891  "Daughter of M.E. & M. Chapman- Gone in her young years afar from life's cares"

Chapman, Lee Nora 02/05/1892  11/20/1907  "Daughter of M. & M.E. Chapman"

Chapman, Thomas Morris   (Unmarked grave identified by Mrs. Beatrice Rosser as Being the grave of her grandfather.)

Chapman, Mrs. Lordnas 04/13/1869  07/30/1925 "Wife of T.M. Chapman" - (Mrs. Rosser's grandmother)

Chapman, Aaron   (Unmarked grave identified by Mrs. Rosser as an infant son of her grandparents (above).)

Debnan, Grover C. 05/08/1886  04/07/1887 "Son of C.A. & N.D. Debnan"

Dunn, Dora A.P.  11/02/1857  06/05/1890  "w/o W.G. Dunn"

Dunn, A.J. (unmarked grave with a portion of a stone with Masonic emblem, but no dates) [born abt 1843; s/o James]

Dunn, Alford W.  06/04/1878  08/28/1880  "s/o A.J. & M.V. Dunn - Jesus loves the pure & holy"

Johnson, William E. 02/25/1874  06/25/1881  (s/o Letisha Red and James H.)

Johnson, James H.  01/03/1836  05/05/1879  (h/o Letisha Red)

Lansford, W.J.H.  01/15/1862  01/23/1889   

Mathison, Daniel R.  1860  1906 

Mathison, Roderick   12/25/1883 "Aged 72 years - Our father and mother are gone, they lie beneath the sod, Dear parents tho we miss you much, we know you rest with God."

McCullough, John W.  11/24/1880  12/28/1901  "Son of Ben & Seney McCullough"
McCullough, Seney 03/25/1849  12/20/1891  "w/o B. McCullough, born in Scott Co., Miss. A loved one is gone from our circle , on earth, we shall Meet her no more. She has gone to her home in heaven And all her affliction is over" (maiden name Smith & sister of Lucinda Smith Red)

McCullough, Lula  05/24/1869  09/08/1888  "d/o B. & S. McCullough - Farewell, I'm memory. It will be sweet to meet on that blest shore, all sorrows Past all pain forever o'er."

McCullough, A.J.  05/08/1871  08/15/1887  (s/o B. & S. McCullough)

McCullough, Cora D. 02/21/1876  08/15/1877  "d/o S. & B. McCullough" (d/o Seney
Smith and Ben McCullough) 

McCullough, Infant d/o B. & M. McCullough 01/11/1895 01/11/1895  "Dust thou art- to dust returneth"

McCullough, B.0 2/03/1848  02/02/1915  Benjamin McCullogh, C.S.A. veteran "Another link is broken in our household band, but a chain is forming in another land"

McCullough, Margaret  10/04/1851-8/13/1938 "Wife of B. McCullough" - (maiden name Mathison) 

Red, Frank Smith  03/06/1871  04/19/1937  "Father"  [h1/o Pearl E. Riley;   h2/o Ella Smith]

Red, Pearl E. 02/07/1875  04/16/1909  "Wife of F.S. Red - Only Sleeping" (Maiden name was Riley)

Red, Doris Evelyn  1915  1918  (Daughter of Rueben Sanders Red)

Red, A.  10/27/1830 12/03/1896  "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection" (s/o James E. Red, C.S.A. veteran, b/o Elisha) 

Red, Elisha  1812  02/05/1887  (s/o James E. Red, C.S.A. veteran, h/o Sarah Castles)

Red, Sarah   1814  (w/o Elisha Red, daughter of Thomas & Mary Castles) 

Riley, Bolen  09/28/1886  05/18/1956  "Our darling Bogie at Rest"  (Charles Bolen Riley- son of Benjamin Franklin Riley)

Riley, Sarah G.  1849  1937  "Mother" (w/o Benjamin Franklin Riley & m/o Pearl E. Red)

Red, Jesse A.  09/10/1884  10/09/1958  (Jesse Alson - 7th child of Alson John)

Red, George E.  08/03/1873  05/18/1953  (George Elisha- 1st child of Alson John, h/o Ada Byers)

Red, Nannie  04/23/1864  03/19/1941  (Nancy Mathison - d/o Roderick Mathison, 2 w/o Alson J. Red)

Red, Alson J.  05/09/1852  10/10/1913  (Alson John - 8th child of Elisha Red, h/o Nancy Mathison)

Red, Margaret V.  09/29/1857  06/17/1881  "w/o A.J. Red- Tho lost to sight- not to memory dear" (Margaret Virginia Wolfe -1st w/o A.J. Red) 

Red, Roxie A.  02/05/1875  08/03/1878  "d/o A.J. & M.V." Red (Roxanne -child #2)

Red, Mary J.  09/16/1876 06/22/1881  "d/o A.J. & M.V. Red"  "God gave, He took, He will restore.  He doth all things well." (Child #3)

Red, Robert L.  11/12/1878  06/19/1883  "Son of A.J. & M.V. Red"  "Gone like a flower blooming in June, fading in a day" (Robert Lee - child #4)

Red, Tom M.  01/16/1890  11/22/1940  (Thomas Milburn - child #13 of Elisha Red h/o 1. Josie Vernon Thornton, 2. Leenettie Maddox)

Red, Rachel  10/04/1851  02/27/1936  "w/o T.J. Red - Gone from our home but not from our hearts"  (Rachel Mathison; 2nd w/o Thomas James Red; d/o Rodrick Mathison and Elizabeth Johnson)

Red, T.J.  09/25/1838  10/06/1903  (Thomas James Red -1st child of Elisha Red, C.S.A. veteran, h/o Lucinda & Rachel)

Red, Eugene  08/27/1880  09/23/1880  "s/o T.J. & Rachel Red" (child #8) 

Red, Walter  07/07/1877  10/18/1880  "s/o T.J. & Lucinda Red" (Walter Sanders- child #7)

Red, Lucinda S.  12/01/1846  12/10/1878  "w/o T.J. Red - To earth a jewel less, To heaven an angel more." (Lucinda Smith; 1st w/o T.J. Red; d/o Francis Smith  and Elizabeth Webb)

Sanders, Maude 05/27/1894  09/11/1895 "Daughter of J.E. & S.E. Sanders"

Sanders, John E. 11/20/1900  08/09/1901  "Son of J.E. & S.E. Sanders"

Smith, J. B. 12/24/1856 11/30/1924 "Gone to a Bright Home where grief cannot come"

Tims, Jeannie P. 03/16/1869 12/26/1902 (There is a single marker with both names suggesting

Tims, Lovie P. 03/16/1869  12/26/1902 that they may have been twins, but it would be surprising if both died at same time also.) 

Tyner, W.G.  07/08/1923  01/31/1924  "Sleep on sweet Babe and take thy rest. God called thee home, he thought it best."

Tyner, Will S. 04/19/1880  06/12/1970  "Father"

Tyner, ILAR Mae  03/06/1906  07/08/1923  "w/o W.S. Tyner"

Tyner, M.C.  12/26/1846  09/15/1914  "He was faithful to every duty" 

Tyner, Mrs. M.C. (Thursa Ann McFarland) 02/02/1856  10/22/1927  "She was faithful to every duty" maiden name supplied by Don McFarland

Wall, Infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. M.M. Wall 08/10/1915  08/10/1915