Huckaby Cemetery

Freestone County, Cemeteries of Texas

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Directions: Located 3 miles E on Highway 84, turn left. Go down a very crooked road for 1 to 1.5 miles.  Marker will be on left about 100 yards off road. Enclosed with iron fence.

Graves at Fryer's Springs (now Wildwood).  Only has one tall stone marker with memorials for two people.  The graves are surrounded by an iron fence and are located between a two-story home and a trailer home on the west side of the main Wildwood Road.

Oldest Marked Grave: July 8, 1852


Huckaby,  James W.  born Oct 10, 1844  died July 8, 1852.

Huckaby,  John F. born Apr 10, 1834 died June 22, 1853.

These were two sons sons of John Fuller Huckaby and Elizabeth Permelia

According to P. D.
William Francis Daniel (8/25/1811-9/12/1872) and his first wife, Frances (Riddle) Daniel are buried in an unmarked graves near their old homestead at Fryer's Springs.  In 1976 he placed a memorial plaque for Frances at Fairfield cemetery.