Franklin Co., Cemeteries of TX

November 24, 2003




Cypress Cemetery, Franklin Co., TX

  Ms. Gloria B. Mayfield,

  The web site,  , may use this survey, provided that the survey is made available to all researchers free of charge. 

  From Dallas, TX, the Mount Vernon exit is about 100 miles NE on I30.  At that intersection with Texas HW 37, go south toward Winnsboro about 10 miles, where a highway sign directs travelers to the west to Cypress Cemetery. 

All data is from the markers except for some genealogical notes added in parentheses following listings for some relatives.  In addition to the burials listed here, a  1987 survey made  by J.W. Birdsong noted 239 graves that were unmarked and two with unreadable markers.

 Genealogical information is always a “work in progress” and corrections or additions will be appreciated. 

  James G. (Jim) Birdsong

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