Daugherty Cemetery

Fannin County, Cemeteries of TX

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This cemetery is located north of Hwy 82 and just east of the Ward Creek due west of Honey Grove. Located five miles north of Windom.

James Daugherty came to Texas about 1836 with a few other families including his son-in-law, Mr. Thomas, and settled at Kentuckytown now the southwest corner of Fannin County. They had much Indian trouble and had to go to Fort Inglish for protection. When cold weather came late in the fall of 1838, James Daugherty, his son Andrew, his son-in-law Mr. Thomas, and his grandson returned to Kentuckytown to butcher his hogs for the winterís meat. As they returned to Fort Inglish they made camp for the night in a cabin on Bois díArc Creek. Mr. Thomas was cooking their meal on the fireplace. Andrew and the Thomas boy went for water at a spring on the bank of the creek when the Indians attacked them. James Daugherty took his gun and went to help the boys. James Daugherty and his grandson were killed. Andrew made it back to the cabin carrying an Indian arrow through his elbow. Thomas fought the Indians and held the cabin. After dark, he and Andrew slipped into the darkness and made their way to the fort. The next day a group of men returned to the cabin and found the bodies of Daugherty and his grandson. They were the second ones to be buried at Fort Inglish Cemetery.

Charles Daugherty, son of James Daugherty, married Mary "Polly" Ann Pettigrew in Fannin County, Texas in 1842. Polly Annís mother, Elizabeth (McCombs) Pettigrew, objected to this marriage. For that reason Charles Daugherty took his bride to Arkansas where they lived and their sons were born. Charles was killed by outlaws in Arkansas. Charles brother, Andrew, had made his home with Charles and Polly Ann, his arm withered away after being shot with the Indian arrow. After Charlesí death, Polly Ann wanted to make peace with her family. She left Andrew Daugherty and her son in Arkansas with a slave, rode horseback to Texas to her motherís home. She was forgiven and her brother went to Arkansas for Andrew Daugherty and Polly Annís son. Andrew Daugherty lived with Polly Ann until her sons were married. Charles Daugherty had received a land grant of 320 acres from the Republic of Texas. His sons, James and Jason, settled on this land. The cemetery is located on Jasonís farm four and one-half miles north of Windom. Jason married Mariah Antoinenett Cravens, and daughter of Gershom and Zerelda. There are only members of Polly Ann Daughertyís family buried in the graveyard.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments


Mary E.

Apr 23 1848

Mar 01 1888

W/o J.A.


Ida E.

Mar 16 1874

Aug 04 1874

D/o J.A. & M.E.



Apr 24 1899

May 20 1900

D/o C.C. & B.A.


Mary A. "Polly" Pettigrew

Jul 26 1814

Jul 27 1886

W/o C.



Feb 16 1877

Feb 16 1877

S/o Jason & Mariah


Mariah A. Cravens

Jun 29 1854

Mar 16 1877

W/o Jason


Henry A.

Jul 30 1880

Jul 14 1883

S/o J. & M.


May E.

Dec 07 1881

Feb 03 1883

D/o J. & M.


James Edward

Dec 29 1896

Oct 26 1897

S/o J.S. & C.A.

Seven Unmarked


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