Lyday Cemetery

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Lyday Cemetery is located on HWY 904 on the east side of the road about one and a half miles south of the intersection of 904 and 1550. This is one of the early cemeteries and has many unmarked graves. Both slaves and settlers are buried there. It was near what was called Lyday’s Fort, a settler’s fort and the only bridge around these parts at that time was Lyday’s crossing (of the Sulphur River) was nearby.

Fort Lyday Historical Marker

Early Texas pioneer Isaac Lyday built a fort in this area soon after settling here in 1836. The compound consisted of living quarters, storerooms, and a large community well. As many as eighty families gathered inside the fort during Indian attacks. Due to an increase in Indian raids, the settlement was almost abandoned until Texas Ranger Captain William B. Stout came in 1838 to organize a Ranger force. Lyday was elected captain of the company and served until 1839. Fort Lyday continued to shelter settlers until Indian trouble subsided after the Civil War.

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments

Babel **



Mar –- 1918

Unmarked Grave


David E.

Feb 01 1856

Sep 15 1857





Feb 22 1871

Age: 3 weeks  S/o S.S. & M.J.


Isaac F.

Dec 26 1808

Aug 20 1852

S/o T. & L.J.


Lad J.

Aug 15 1813

Nov 08 1859



Buck Babel died in Erath County, Texas. He was brought back and buried in "Old Ft. Lyday Cemetery". This information from Fannin County paper obituary.