Power Family Cemetery

DeWitt Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Elsie Ottinger

The following data is copied by Elsie Ottinger with permission of Patsy Goebel from the Cemetery Records of DeWitt County Vol. Patsy and Karen McWhorter with the help of others surveyed many cemeteries starting in 1985. I have tried to accurately copy this data.

Located on private property on the lower Mission Valley Road near Thomaston. An old iron fence surrounds this cemetery with a chain link fence around the iron fence. Inside of the fence is very grown up and some tombstones are broken. Surveyed by Bobby Goebel, Patsy Goebel and Ike Rabel.

ARUNDEL, Henry 25 Dec 1811 01 Jan 1878 --Born in Ireland

BURROW, Mattie Power 20 Sep 1878 03 Jun 1958--Wife of Thomas K. Burrow
BURROW, Thomas Kirby 18 Dec 1868 13 Dec 1958

CLEGG, Austin H. 25 Apr 1844 13 May 1895--Born in Van Buren, Arkansas
CLEGG, Dora 12 Jul 1844 19 Feb 1901 --Wife of Austin H. Clegg
CLEGG, Elizabeth Maria 02 Jul 1877 18 Jul 1878
CLEGG, Robert Hamilton 19 Nov 1881 06 Nov 1882

FIELD, Capt. John 31 Mar 1799 31 May 1873--Born in Culpepper Co., Virginia
FIELD, Mamie E. 30 Oct 1851 19 Oct 1887 --Wife of A.G. Field
FIELD, Mary Helen 22 Aug 1880 21 Aug 1882--Only child of A.G. and M.E. Field

HARDY, Elizabeth 15 Aug 1896 15 Mar 1907 --Born in Ireland
HARDY, J.T. 1830 15 Sep 1865--Born in Greenville, Alabama 

POWER, Blanche Fenner 29 Nov 1855 17 Dec 1896 --Wife of John H. Power
POWER, Eddie R. 18 Jul 1880 19 Jul 1882 --Son of J. Power
POWER, Edward 04 Aug 1846 07 Jul 1910
POWER, Edward Sterling 10 May 1892 18 May 1894--Son of Ed and P.I. Power
POWER, Field 12 Jun 1873 No date --Son of E. Power
POWER, Henry A. 13 Nov 1885 12 Jul 1890 --Son of Ed and P. Power
POWER, Jane Arundel Died 24 Nov 1892 --Age 71 Born in Ireland
POWER, John H. 22 Aug 1849 24 Dec 1902
POWER, John Richard 22 Jun 1875 No date --Son of E. Power
POWER, Katie May 01 May 1874 No date --Daughter of E. Power
POWER, Mary E. 30 Aug 1877 No date --Daughter of E. Power
POWER, Pattie Irvin Field 06 Jan 1852 10 Jan 1900--Wife of Edward Power
POWER, Richard 01 Nov 1809 27 Sep 1874 --Born in Ireland
POWER, Richard Jr. 16 Nov 1854 29 Dec 1892--Born in Mission Valley, Texas
POWER, Robert No dates
There is one grave marked "Minnie", no other information.

There is one unknown male buried near the gate that was traveling through
and froze to death near this location. No one knew him and there was no
one that came to look for him.