Murphree Family Cemetery

DeWitt Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Elsie Ottinger

The following data is copied by Elsie Ottinger with permission of Patsy Goebel from the Cemetery Records of DeWitt County Vol. Patsy and Karen McWhorter with the help of others surveyed many cemeteries starting in 1985. I have tried to accurately copy this data.

Located near Thomaston on private property. Surveyed by J.W. Gibbs, Eunice Gibbs, Belle Clegg and Patsy Goebel.  

Infant children of James Owen and Lulu Smith Murphree:

MURPHREE, Alex 27 Mar 1876 21 Aug 1876
MURPHREE, James Smith 08 Mar 1879 11 May 1879
MURPHREE, Margaretta 01 Jul 1877 11 May 1879
MURPHREE, Patton 16 Apr 1894 13 May 1894
MURPHREE, Virginia 16 Apr 1887 03 Jun 1889

MURPHREE, Judge David 04 Dec 1811 15 Jun 1866
MURPHREE, Margaretta Patton 26 Apr 1824 13 Nov 1863 --Wife of Judge David Murphree