Nall Cemetery (partial)

Valley View, Cooke County, Cemeteries of Texas

Located northeast of Valley View on FM 2071 and  is located on private property.  Other surnames buried in cemetery are SELLARS, DAVIS, ROBINSON, SKINNER, WHEELOCK

The James R. Nall family moved to Texas on April 11, 1884 and they built a 9-room, 2-story home on the old Denton road where they lived until their deaths

Nall Family Marker

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Nall Dixie Texanna Sellars - - d/ o William Sellars & Elizabeth McCrory,  w/o James Richard Nall
Nall J.(ames)R(ichard). May 14 1852 May 03 1912 h/o T.A. s/o Williamson "William" Nall & Isabell Laughlin  Nall (born in Clarksville, TN,  married Dixie Texanna Sellars on Dec 30, 1875 in Mayfield, KY
Nall Artie Myrtle May 8 1891 Sep 27 1895 d/o TA & JR
Nall T.A. Feb 25 1859 Nov 02 1937 w/o J.R., daughter of William Sellars & Elizabeth McCrory