Center Hill  Cemetery

Cooke County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Jack Ware

Located: .6 of a mile north of 2896 on Center Hill Road. At deadend, cemetery is about 100 yards east of roadway. (Take 371 exit off Hwy 82 to 2896 - Center Hill 1st exit)

Original Survey: 29August1978 - Michele Kneupper
Latest Survey: 7July2000 - Jack Ware
(** means marker not found but was found in 1978)

Ballard, Ruby E. 24May1897 - 24December1900

Ballard, Ollie R. 5December1898 - 4January1901

Beaver, Infant Born & Died 1850**

Beaver, Hors L. 13September1914 - 16May1915

Brown, Dessie R. 28April1927 - 21October1928 (original)

Brown, William S. 16February1909 - 4December1939 (original)

Brown, Rosa E. 24December1889 - 15May1979
Brown, J. E. Sr. 1March1882 - 3August1960
Brown, Dessie R. 28April1927 - 21October1928
Brown, William S. 16February1909 - 4December1939
(All 4 Browns Grouped Together On Same Marker)

Brown, J. M. 4October1864 - 22June1912
Age 47 years, 8 months and 18 days

Charles, Martha J. 11February1844 - 21December1896
Wife of F.A. Charles

Cofer, John A. Died 1June1898 Age 67 years

Couch, Willie S. 3March1872 - 14May1905
son of F. M. & A. E. Couch

Cox, Roy Lee 25March1904 - 3July1904

Davidson, Florence 11December1880 - 8March1918

Davis, J. Grady 18January1889 - 24August1893
Son of L. F. & L. G. Davis

Elkins, Ira May 1910 - 1913

Elkins, Irene Ima 1912 - 1913

Elkins, William Homer 1908 - 1913

Evans, Geneva Stinson 21October1921 - 4August1986

Gimlin, Emily F. 26September1854 - 10March1914
Wife of J. A. Gimlin

Hughes, Infant 29November1903 - 5December1903
Son of John and Caroline Hughes

Hughes, Victor R. 6February1905 - 12February1905
Son of John and Caroline Hughes

Humphrey, George M. 10August1847 - 26September1894

Jetton, Harriett 1February1835 - 21August1892

Jetton, Lilly May 8October1892 - 15January1896

Kemp, R. 15August1820 - 1June1897
Kemp, Cyntha 5July1829 - 29January1893

McCallister, Bertha 7January1904 - 8January1911

Miller, John D. 1853 - 1940
Miller, Hannah E. 8January1856 - 28May1908

Nunn, Johnne Newton 12August1878 - 25September1889

Patterson, Reedy 22April1846 - 25April1905
Patterson, Nancy Caroline 27April1843 - 9March1910

Pike, Luther W. Born & Died 8November1935

Plumlee, Maudina 7July1933 - 23August1933

Plumlee, Edith Layton 1907 - 1935
(Under Her Data Appears "Infant Son Billy")

Pope, Infant Died 1 October 1940

Roberson, W. E. 17July1884 - 23March1911

Shepherd, Dayton 18January1901 - 2April1908
Son of E. B. & Zora Shepherd

Shepherd, Reag 16April1903 - 28February1906
Son of E. B. & Zora Shepherd

Stanley, Arnol C. 17June1852 - 6February1924
Stanley, Malinda C. 27March1863 - 16August1927

Stanley, Bessie 17September1890 - 25February1891

Stanley, Clinton B. 1930 - 1940 (original)
Stanley, Clinton B. 30April1930 - 4June1940

Stanley, Claud 1886 - 1948 (original)
Stanley, Claude H. 1886 - 1948
Stanley, Sylvia May 1887 - 1977
Married 27November1904

Stanley, Edny Pearl 3April1889 - 27April1890
Daughter of P. J. & N. J. Stanley

Stanley, Eldon F. 1909 - 1977
Stanley, Sylvia D. Born 1913 Married 5July1936

Stanley, Johnie Born & Died 12September1911
Son of P. J. & N. J. Stanley

Stanley, Nannie J. 14October1871 - 25March1914
Wife of P. J. Stanley

Stanley, Tonita 4April1920 - 12August1933

Stanley, Willie S. 3March1872 - 14May1905
Son of A. C. & M. C. Stanley

Stewart, J. D. no dates

Stinson, Lois J. Stanley 27September1902 - 2December1921
Wife of Ike M. Stinson

Womack, C. W. 1867 - 1926

Womack, W. A. 11February1868 - 31May1928**

Wright, Willie Earl Died 12March1939