Clark Cemetery

Cooke County, Cemeteries of Texas

Original Survey: H.P. Clark 18 March 1978
Latest Survey: Jack Ware   7 Sept 2000
{* means marker was found in 1978 but not in 2000.}

Directions: Take CR 220 1 mile east off of 219(3496). At intersection of 220 and Clark Road take dirt road NORTH between fence lines to cemetery.

Caldwell, Mary A. 12July1845-21April1879
Wife of ?.M. Caldwell

Clark, Mahuldah M. 14April1820-1883 aged 63years 1 month 10 days
Clark, Miles H. 26November1873-22June1874

Clark, Nathaniel M. 26June1816-13October1862 - Murdered By A Mob
'His lasts words were: Prepare yourself to live and to die.
I hope to meet you all in a future world. God bless you all.'

Clark, Thomas L. 28November1877-14June1879*
[only footmarker was found:T.L.C.]

Clark, Victoria 3August1854-5December1903*
[only footmarker was found:V.C.]
Clark, W.L. 27March1849-23March1907

Clark, James L. 26June1843-2December1932
Clark, Mary A. 17November1845-24June1913

Clark, Mary M. 'Jimmie' 16August1874-21December1905

Freeman, William A. died 22December1876 Aged 24 years
Freeman, Mary E. died 12April1879 Aged 25 years 1 month 10 days
[Huge plot marker has Freeman on one side and Vale on the other]

Hatcher, U.C. 5November1822-January1872
Wife of John Hatcher

Insel, Mary A. 1839-16January1911*

Pearson, Hanna C.M. 26July1880-25April1908
Wife of G.S. Pearson

Pillner, Albert 14December1893-9March1898
[Born and Died are written in German on marker]

Reinhardt, Yancy C. 22January1896-10January1897
Son of J.R. & E.C. Reinhardt

Reinhardt, Harvey B. 5November1897-14October1903
Son of J.R. & E.C. Reinhardt

Slaughter, Nancy L. 29November1822-17January1871
Wife of R.R. Slaughter

Smith, L.P. 13June1836-17April1873

Vale, Willena Clark 7 December 1875-1 October 1908

Waggoner, Jody R. 26September1883-3August1888
Son of G.C. & C.A. Waggoner

Waggoner, Infant Born & Died 26August1882
Son of G.C. & C.A. Waggoner