York Cemetery

Comal Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Janet Rodriguez

Three post where grave is located . the post have been burned These are lilies that are growing around several graves, no markers

These photos were taken Nov 12 2004 by Janet R. Blocker

He talked to one of the landowners and what he said is that it was the original York Creek Cemetery (not sure if that is the name of the cemetery). They moved all of the Caucasian people years ago and put them in the new York Creek cemetery and the graves that are left are ones that they couldn’t find the family members to get permission to move the bodies.

Antonio Soto
April 27 1893
Aug 27 1900
??  Leos
This one is in danger of washing away.  It sits on the edge of the York Creek
Marciano Leos



Abundra T. Villanueva   Oct 02 1909   22years old
Broken Vases
Genaro Montez