Charlie Odell Cave Obit

Collin Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Edwyna Wackrow 

Charlie Odell Cave (2 1/2 year old son of Levi Tolbert Cave, grandson of James Franklin Cave and great grandson of Betsy Cave Brazeal)  Born July 7 1900 in Collin County and died Dec 12, 1902. I found his obituary in a Collin County paper in the Library there but I didn't write the date on my copy.  It was in the Democrate.    I have been told that his father carved a chair from a tree by his grave because his mother spent so much time at the cemetery. 
Obituary or news article.  It had lots of big headlines. Odell, the little son of Mr. and Mrs J.T, Cave who reside one mile west of Altoga, was burned to death last Friday evening.  The parents were out of the room and the little boy was standing in front of the stove, which was one of the kind that had a large round opening at the bottom.  It is supposed the draft in the stove was turned on and the suction drew the child's clothing into the fire.  The parents heard its screams, rushed into the room and found it enveloped in flames, the front part of its clothing being burnt off.  Two physicians were summoned immediately but death was inevitable and they could only, to some extent, alleviate the terrible suffering.  The accident occurred at five o'clock and death came at twelve at night.  The funeral took place next morning in Orenduff cemetery five miles north of McKinney.  The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Cave, among them the Democrat deeply sympathize with them in their great sorrow.