Sullivan Cemetery

Farmersville, Collin Co. Cemeteries of TX

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Cemeteries of Collin County, Texas, by Joy Gough

The only record of this cemetery is in the McKinney DAILY COURIER GAZETTE newspaper dated 4/23/23.

Tom Reecer built a toll bridge northeast of Princeton across Sister Grove Creek where CR 466 crosses it today. A man named Sullivan that he knew in Missouri before he came to Texas decided to visit him. When Mr. Sullivan came here in 1865 there were few houses, so he lived in a tent on a small prairie about 2 miles downstream from the bridge. He died a short time later. Mr. Reecer and a man named Norman went to Farmersville for a coffin. The creeks were out of their banks. They swam Pilot Grove and Sister Grove Creeks with the coffin in order to reach Mr. Sullivan. They buried him near his tent on a little prairie.

In 1923 the land was owned by the Heard Brothers of McKinney. The article says it was near the east end of the Heard's Ranch on the north side of the public road some twenty or thirty yards. Today it is probably part of the U. S. Government land for Lake Lavon


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Sullivan Cemetery - Farmersville,
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