Pleasant Grove Cemetery

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Photos and information by Gary Webb

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Historical Marker: Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Malissa (Dodson) Sides became the first person to be buried on this site in
March 1891. Believed to have been half Native American, Mrs. Sides and her
Cherokee half sister Ellen Murphy survived the U.S. Government relocation of
the tribe during their youth. The pair came to Colllin County from Indian
Territory with Malissa's husband Henry L. Sides.

In October 1891, Charter Methodist Church members Franklin J. and Nancy (Van Hues) Rominger donated an acre of land including Mrs. Sides' gravesite to the trustees of the Pleasant Grove Methodist Episcopal Church, south, to be used as a public burial ground. The Romingers, Henry Sides and Ellen Murphy are all interred in the cemetery, as are descendants of these and other pioneer families.

For many years cemetery trustees raised funds and maintained the grounds through stew suppers and annual decoration days. A 1996 count revealed more than 1,000 graves, most with markers of some kind. The graves of 141 infants in the old north section bear witnesss to the harsh conditions of pioneer life; 7 Confederate and 52 other veterans of U.S. and International conflicts are interred here. Pleasant Grove Cemetery continues to serve the area.

The Pleasant Grove Cemetery is  in the community of Climax, Texas and is located on F.M. 2756 about 5 miles northeast of Princeton

McComic, Mary Elizabeth, Mar. 11, 1828, Jul. 8, 1910, wife of David McComic
Loncley, Selden F., Nov. 6, 1879, Feb. 29, 1908
Rodgers, J. W. Harrison, 1880, 1946, Husband
Rodgers, Martha Emma, 1887, 1938, Wife
Sides, J. R., Jul. 23, 1860, Nov. 1, 1919, Aged 59 yrs, 3 mths, 8 days, The life I lived saved my soul, (FLT)