Old Liberty Cemetery Index
Collin Co. Cemeteries of TX

Photos and Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay & Patricia Nall

December 2008

From McKinney, Texas, take US380 east to Farmersville.  Turn north onto State Hwy 78.  About mile turn east (right) onto McKinney St/BUS 78 into town.  From Main St, town square, turn North (left).  Go approximately 1 mile to FM2194. Turn East (right). Go approximately mile to CR657. Turn north (left) onto CR657 about 2 miles to CR659. Turn west (left); the road will a sharp curve to the right (North).  From this curve, go about mile.  The cemetery is located on the left side of the road.  If you reach CR 616, you have gone past the cemetery.

Burial Order

Addison, G.W. - Franklin, L.A. - Love, Ervin
Addison, Sarah J. - Griffin, John F. - Love, R.G.
Andrews, Dewitt - Groves, Amos - Love, Robert C.
Andrews, John N. - Groves, Ernie E. - McGee, G. W.
Andrews, Nancy E. - Groves, Etta - McKinney, Ella M.
Barker, Mary - Hardy, Albert - Moore, A. K.
Brick Base - Hardy, Lela - Moore, Arrena
Broken Stones w/ letters - Hardy, Robert A. - Moore, C
Bumpass, Mrs. L.W. - Hooks, Mary M. - Moore, Della
Burlison, Ethel Adell - Hooks, Willie L. - Moore, J
Cain, R.A. - Hooper, A. Wayne C. - Moore, Tommie
Clay ------ - Hooper, Boney H. - Morgan, Sefronia
Connally, Geo. B. - Hooper, Ellie - Pitcock, Hassie
Connally, Mrs. Sarah C - Hooper, Elvira Deaton - Robinson, Frankie
Curtis, M.A. - Hooper, Georgia - Robinson, James Bo
Darland, Goldie May - Hooper, L.N. - Robinson, Laura F.
DeShazo, Mary R. - Hooper, Lora Francis - Robinson, Thos. H.
DeShazo, R.T. - Hooper, M.G. - S.B.H.
Dobson, Infant - Hooper, Mava Beatrice - Smith, Almer
Dobson, J.D. - Hooper, Niner - Smith, L.M.
Dobson, L.R. - Hooper, Ola Novilla - Smith, Wm. T.
Dobson, Martha E. - Hooper, S.A. - Terrell, Endemia E.
Dobson, Walter G. - Houser, Mealie E. - Terrell, Endemia E.
Douglas, Annie Bell - Houser, Robert E. - Terrell, H. A.
Douglas, Edward Harrison - Houser, Walter E. - Terrell, T. F.
Douglas, Ernest - Howell, A.B. - Terrell, Timothy A.
Douglas, Infant - Howell, Infant - W.E.D.
Douglas, J.H. - Howell, Rhoda M. - W.H.F.
Douglas, James H. - Illegible stone - Wood, Betty
Douglas, Katie Pearl - J.A.T. - Wood, Hugh
Douglas, Mamie C. - Kilsby, children of John W. & S.A. - Woods, Capitola
Douglas, Nancy L. - Kilsby, Authur W. - Wright
Fleming, Ellen Lossie - Kilsby, Ernest A. - Wright, Samuel J.
Fleming, Georgia E. - Kilsby, Pearl C. - -
Fleming, Joseph T. - Kilsby, Sarah Ann - -
Fleming, Pearle - - - -
Fleming, Vera - - - -