Frankford Cemetery

 Frankford, Collin County,

Texas Cemeteries of Texas Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop

Information provided by the State of Texas Atlas Site Location: N/A Marker : In the early days of settlement, this area served as a stop for cattle drives and for travelers on the Preston Road. Later the community of Frankford, the site of a post office until the early 1900s, was located nearby. This community cemetery was used as early as 1862, when area pioneer Eliga M. Yaeger was interred here. The earliest marked grave is that of John T. Coit (1829-1872), a lawyer who moved here from South Carolina. During the Civil War he raised a regiment in the Dallas area and served as a colonel. Originally buried on a bluff of the Trinity River, he was later reinterred at this site. Another early burial was that of Margaret McKamy (1786-1873), who came to Texas with her son William C. McKamy, later a prominent area landowner. Also buried here are Sidney Noell, founder of the early town of Noell Junction, now Addison (1 mile southwest), and Addison Robertson, for whom it was later named. Since the 1870s the cemetery has been associated with the White Rock Masonic Lodge No. 234, started at Walnut Grove in 1858. A lodge hall, built here in 1872, also served as a church and school. Lodge members serve on the Cemetery Association Board. (1981)