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Old Celina Cemetery

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Submitted by Robert L. Whiles

In regards to my grandparents marker at the Old Celina Cemetery in Collin Co, TX., the shared marker reads William B. Pullen b. May 5, 1870, D. Oct. 1835 and Martha S. (Fronie) Pullen b. May 6, 1886 and includes a marriage date of April 15, 1905 (McKinney, TX). In 1984, my Aunt Ople Pullen and I purchased this grave marker for my grandparents. On the cemetery listing for my grandmother Martha S. (Fronie) Pullen there is a reference made to "Roller." I will try and clarify this connection. My grandmother Martha was born in Tannyville, MO and was an offspring of William Jasper Black and Amelia Elizabeth Nance. In 1891 grandmother's father William was murdered in Christian Co., MO. On March 1, 1896, in Taney Co., MO, Amelia Elizabeth Nance Black was married to John William Roller. The family subsequently removed to Collin Co., TX sometime during the early 1900s. This family can be seen on the 1910, 1920 and 1930 Federal census in Collin Co., TX. So my grandmother Martha S. Pullen's maiden name was Black. Since her mother Amelia Elizabeth Nance was married to John William Roller, he then would be her step father by marriage. I realize there is a connection here with the Rollers, but it's not a blood connection as far as my grandmother Martha is concerned. Hope this will help clarify. Any questions, please let me know. Thanks for you help.