Ursula Jane Brown Pullen Bios

Old Celina Cemetery

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Submitted by Robert L. Whiles

My great grandmother's grave marker reads: "Mother Pullen." She was born Ursula Jane Brown on March 2, 1938-39 in Spencer County, IN. Her parents are Cadmus Vincent Brown and Sarah Dadesman (variant spellings include Dodgeman/Davidson). Both Cadmus and Sarah are buried in the Sunset Cemetery in Spencer Co., IN. Ursula Jane Brown (Mother Pullen) was married to William Bennett Pullen Sr. on 30 December 1859 in Rockport, Spencer Co., IN. They had children: Alice, Mattie, Medora, Arthur Milner, Mary B., William Bennett Jr., Sarah Ellen, Frank Roth and Carrie K. Pullen. William Bennett Pullen Jr. is my grandfather. Ursula Jane Pullen divorced William Bennett Pullen Sr. in 1881 in Spencer Co., IN and on 19 September 1889 married Richard E. Milner in Rockport, Spencer Co., IN. It is not known what ever happen to William Bennett Pullen Sr. but the rest of these Pullens and Milner removed to Denton and Collin Counties of Texas sometime during the 1890s. Richard E. Milner along Ursula Jane and some of her Pullen off-springs appear on the 1900 Federal census in Denton Co., TX. I was told by my Uncle that some of the Pullen boys had run off Ursula's 2nd husband  Richard.  Apparently, Richard E. Milner returned to Spencer Co., IN as I have found a death record for him which indicates he died on 18 November 1901