Cherokee County, Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed March 13th, 2002 by Donna Shreeve.

Submitted by Gaylon White

This cemetery is located northeast of Hwy 69N out of Jacksonville, TX, on SH 135 about 5.4 miles, to FM 2064. Turn right on FM 2064 for .7 mile to the Tecula Cemetery sign and turn left. The cemetery is up the hill about .3 mile. This cemetery has a driveway a few feet into the center of the cemetery, from the west side. It has many uneven rows. Surveyed March 13th, 2002 by Donna Shreeve.

Starting at the northeast corner of the cemetery is:

Row 1 – North to South

Blake, Elbert O. TEC-01 Oct-02-1913 Dec-28-1977 with Gladys

Blake, Gladys N. TEC-01 Sep-02-1911 .... ‘m. Nov-07-1934’; with Elbert

Blake, Mary Ida TEC-01 Nov-23-1888 Feb-02-1976

Blake, J.J. TEC-01 Oct-22-1873 Jul-15-1956

Gillespie, Emma TEC-01 1892-1964

Gillispie, J.E. TEC-01 Aug-14-1860 Jan-13-1954 ‘Dad’; with Lula

Gillispie, Lula S. TEC-01 Feb-04-1860 Oct-13-1941 with J.E.

Farrow, W.C. TEC-01 Aug-22-1902 Jun-09-1971 ‘Dad’; with Ella

Farrow, Ella S. TEC-01 Jul-15-1897 Nov-20-1984 ‘Mother’; with W.C.

Farrow, Carlton Laverne TEC-01 Sep-20-1923 Dec-31-1923

Farrow, Daniel Abinadi TEC-01 Jun-24-1977 Jun-26-1977 with Carie (twin)

Farrow, Carie Charice TEC-01 Jun-24-1977 Jun-25-1977 with Daniel (twin)

Open Space

Ray, Odell TEC-01 Dec-01-1943 Oct-25-1987 ‘Odie’; with Letha

Ray, Letha Ann TEC-01 Feb-05-1946 .... ‘m. Apr-16-1965’; with Odell

Cavazos, Chad Daniel TEC-01 Sep-24-1986 Apr-20-2001 ‘Son’

Row 2 - South to North

Davenport, Kaye Pope TEC-02 Nov-13-1943 Mar-27-1991 ‘Mother’

Pope, L.D. TEC-02 Dec-15-1915 Dec-24-1979 ‘Pvt USMC WWII’; with Wanda

Pope, Wanda H. TEC-02 Jun-30-1919 .... with L.D.

Bolton, Buddy Lee TEC-02 Mar-23-1912 Sep-15-1972 with Essie

Bolton, Essie Bee TEC-02 Aug-28-1921 .... ‘m. Dec-21-1937’; with Buddy

Open space

Pierce, Leonard C. TEC-02 1887-1936 with Clara

Pierce, Clara S. TEC-02 1885-1964 with Leonard

Open to North end

Row 3 – North to South

Pierce, Charles E. TEC-03 Jun-02-1936 Jul-16-1999 with Jo Ann

Pierce, Jo Ann TEC-03 Jun-25-1935 .... ‘m. May-19-1955’; with Charles

Pierce, Benjamin Riley TEC-03 Nov-07-1909 Oct-30-1975 with Geneva

Pierce, Geneva Dee TEC-03 May-27-1913 .... with Benjamin

Pierce, W.E. TEC-03 Feb-08-1889 Feb-23-1955 ‘Charlie’; with Berta

Pierce, Berta Mae TEC-03 Oct-20-1891 May-06-1965 with W.E.

Hensley, Lizzie M. TEC-03 May-16-1892 Jun-19-1909 with Geloris

Hensley, Geloris TEC-03 Feb-24-1909 Jul-26-1909 ‘Baby’; with Lizzie

Pierce, Riley TEC-03 Nov-14-1865 Jul-25-1943 with Ella

Pierce, Ella TEC-03 Dec-22-1864 Dec-24-1908 with Riley

Pierce, R.J. TEC-03 1833 ‘Dick’ (only date)

Open Space

Evans, Marilyn A. TEC-03 Sep-24-1933 Mar-24-1997 with Elton

Evans, Elton Ray TEC-03 Feb-09-1934 .... with Marilyn

Anderson, Russell A. TEC-03 1910-2001 with Kitty

Anderson, Kitty M. TEC-03 1913-1979 with Russell

Taylor, Roy S. TEC-03 Aug-05-1900 Feb-25-1971

Munger, Marvin O. TEC-03 Apr-21-1912 Feb-13-1986 ‘Cpt USA WWII & Korea’

Nash, Johnny Calvin TEC-03 Aug-04-1940 Mar-27-1998 ‘Son & Husband’

Row 4 – South to North

Open space from South

Thompson, Tennille Hope TEC-04 Nov-18-1976 Apr-17-1995

Cook, Chelsea Lyn TEC 04 Oct-18-1987 Apr-10-1988

Open space

Cook, Douglas C. Jan-31-1933 Feb-07-2000 ‘Sgt USA Korea’

Open space

Greenwood, Annus N. TEC-04 Feb-11-1911 Sep-01-1974 with Mina

Greenwood, Mina M. TEC-04 Mar-28-1911 Aug-10-1978 ‘m. Feb-20-1931’; with Annus

Open Space

Taylor, Leonard E. TEC-04 May-18-1908 Mar-24-1951 ‘TX Pfc Deml WWII’

Taylor, Jim TEC-04 Apr-14-1905 Feb-28-1969

Row 5 – North to South

McMoyle, Annie Lee Adams TEC-05 Aug-21-1889 Mar-16-1971 ‘Mother’

Dehart, Morris E. TEC-05 1938-1953

Ardry, Nellie Perkins TEC-05 Oct-28-1915 Mar-08-1995

Lanier, Joe Mack TEC-05 Feb-19-1917 .... with Mary

Lanier, Mary Lucille Taylor TEC-05 Mar-23-1916 Jul-17-1984 with Joe Mack

Lanier, Joe Earl TEC-05 May-16-1944 ....

Crepe Myrtle tree

Open Space

Large Tree

Moore, Elmer Ray TEC-05 Aug-11-1902 Nov-13-1983 with Regina

Moore, Regina Marie TEC-05 Dec-16-1907 Apr-12-1999 ‘m. Sep-20-1924; with Elmer

Row 6 - South to North

Haynes, Omri TEC-06 (no dates) ‘Cpl 4 Tenn. Inf. Sp. Am. War’

Open Space

Clark, Thomas Ray TEC-06 Jul-20-1905 .... with Thelma

Clark, Thelma TEC-06 Oct-10-1910 Mar-11-1980 with Thomas

Smith, Clarence E. TEC-06 Jun-27-1917 Oct-17-1997 with Rachael; TFM

Smith, Rachael P. TEC-06 Nov-20-1908 Nov-15-1982 with Clarence

Johnson, John Nunum TEC-06 1845-1923

Ross, Shannon D. TEC-06 Dec-20-1941 Oct-22-2000 with Helen

Ross, Helen Jane TEC-06 Nov-16-1943 .... with Shannon

McAnally, David M. TEC-06 May-22-1959 Apr-21-1998 ‘Big Dave’; with Deborah

McAnally, Deborah Hall TEC-06 Sep-26-1959 .... ‘m. Sep-02-1978’; with David

Stockton, Omen TEC-06 Sep-10-1896 Oct-21-1897

Stockton, Ammie TEC-06 Apr-24-1900 Sep-20-1908

Stockton, A.T. TEC-06 Oct-20-1908 Aug-31-1992

Stockton, Elijah A. TEC-06 Sep-25-1862 Feb-03-1910 WOW

Stockton, Lula TEC-06 Jun-27-1873 Sep-16-1957 ‘wife of E.W. Stockton’

Open Space

McMoyle, Jim Lee TEC-06 May-20-1949 May-29-1949

McMoyle, Alfred William TEC-06 Jan-18-1919 Mar-06-1994 ‘Daddy; Pfc USA WWII’

McMoyle, Roy Fred TEC-06 Jul-30-1955 Mar-05-1997 ‘Brother’

Row 7 – North to South

Open space

Bratcher, Guendoliene J. TEC-07 Jan-25-1915 Nov-12-1996 ‘Mother’

Northcutt, J.L. TEC-07 May-09-1885 Feb-13-1922

Stockton, Infant TEC-07 Oct-10-1894 Oct-15-1895 ‘Babe of E.C. & L.A. Stockton’

Stockton, Amanda TEC-07 Jan-06-1825 Jan-07-1895 ‘wife of E.C. Stockton’

Stockton, H.E. TEC-07 Oct-10-1894 Jan-09-1919 WOW

Stockton, Elias C. TEC-07 Feb-14-1858 Feb-02-1939 with Adelia

Stockton, Adelia TEC-07 Nov-06-1865 Feb-23-1938 with Elias

Ross, Cora S. TEC-07 Feb-10-1889 Aug-16-1981 ‘m. Mar-20-1907; with L. ‘Dock’

Ross, L. TEC-07 Dec-16-1882 Jan-28-1966 ‘Dock’; with Cora

Ross, Valerie TEC-07 Mar-30-1915 ....

Lake, Josephine Ross TEC-07 Mar-29-1918 ....

Bowden, Jesse G. TEC-07 Jul-19-1906 Aug-12-1975 with Virginia

Bowden, Virginia Ross TEC-07 Aug-27-1912 Jun-04-1990 with Jesse

McElyea, Charlie D. TEC-07 Apr-02-1909 Oct-16-1978 ‘Daddy’; with Cleo

McElyea, Cleo Ross TEC-07 Feb-11-1909 Mar-19-1992 ‘m. Sep-10-1927; Mother’; with Charlie

Open to South end

Row 8 – South to North

Open Space

Moore, Guydon TEC-08 Apr-30-1916 .... ‘Mother’; with Lewis

Moore, Lewis TEC-08 Jan-12-1911 Oct-30-1990 ‘Daddy’; with Guydon

Hodges, Georgia Ann TEC-08 Oct-08-1880 Oct-10-1918 ‘Mama’

Cox, Maxine Hodges TEC-08 Jul-06-1909 Jan-28-1987 ‘Nona’

Walker, Benny TEC-08 Jan-29-1922 .... with Louise

Walker, Louise TEC-08 Jun-20-1920 Apr-06-1991 with Benny

Roberts, Leslie B. TEC-08 1925-1955

Roberts, James L. TEC-08 1895-1954 with Nell

Roberts, Nell J. TEC-08 1898-1972 with James

Griffin, A.T. TEC-08 May-09-1914 Aug-13-1989 ‘Pfc USA WWII’; with Dorothy

Griffin, Dorothy E. TEC-08 May-17-1913 Jul-02-1985 with A.T.

Barnes, John Elsworth TEC-08 May-14-1932 Sep-22-1988 TFM

Griffin, John Franklin TEC-08 Apr-04-1977 Jan-12-1993

S, E.A. TEC-08 (no dates) E.A.S. on cement marker

Morgan, Weldon G. TEC-08 Dec-01-1920 .... with Lillian

Morgan, Lillian Adams TEC-08 Apr-26-1922 Aug-26-1991 ‘m. May-25-1943’; with Weldon

Allen, Avis Louise TEC-08 Apr-17-1924 Jul-10-1956 ‘Mother’

Adams, Charlie Burton TEC-08 Jan-31-1894 Jun-19-1930 ‘TX Pvt 165 Depot Brig’; with Thelma

Adams, Thelma TEC-08 Aug-04-1902 Feb-18-1996 ‘Mama’; with Charlie

Row 9 – North to South

Keyton, Beulah M. TEC-09 Feb-08-1892 Aug-15-1960 with Arthur

Keyton, Arthur F. TEC-09 Feb-10-1885 Nov-05-1916 with Beulah

Keyton, Katherine TEC-09 Apr-10-1913 Aug-23-1962

Standford, Frankie Jane Keyton TEC-09 Feb-16-1916 Dec-02-1973

Adams, William T. TEC-09 Jun-28-1903 Mar-02-1981

Stockton, Nancy Ellen TEC-09 Jul-31-1869 May-03-1935 ‘wife of Geo. Stockton’ (between rows)

Stockton, William Rube TEC-09 May-25-1891 Feb-14-1933 (between rows)

Row 10 – North to South

Adams, George B. TEC-10 Jul-12-1901 Nov-20-1911 'son of C.D.& A.J.'

Adams, Ambie J. TEC-10 Nov-28-1867 Feb-01-1930 with Charlie

Adams, Charlie D. TEC-10 Dec-16-1860 Feb-28-1929 with Ambie

Adams, Melvin R. TEC-10 May-06-1910 Mar-07-1962

Adams, Frank F. TEC-10 Jan-07-1898 Mar-27-1965 ‘TX Pvt Btry C 605 Coast Arty’

Alexander, Clettis N. TEC-10 1911-1912 ‘infant dau of Mr & Mrs T.F. Alexander’

Grimes, Josephine TEC-10 Dec-10-1853 May-12-1935 with George W.

Grimes, George W. TEC-10 Apr-16-1848 Feb-24-1924 with Josephine

Grimes, George H. TEC-10 Nov-08-1889 Aug-23-1902

Alexander, Adrian Glenn TEC-10 Mar-23-1915 Mar-13-1937

Troutman, James L. TEC-10 1896-....

Troutman, Orean L. TEC-10 1895-1968

Rozell, Daniel N. TEC-10 1898-1969 with Dorothy

Rozell, Dorothy TEC-10 1913 .... with Daniel

Rozell, Charles H. TEC-10 Apr-18-1900 Apr-29-1975

Open Space

Pierce, Ludie Lois TEC-10 1911-1971

Moore, James M. TEC-10 Mar-17-1876 Mar-20-1942 with Minnon

Moore, Minnon E. TEC-10 Jul-10-1882 Oct-23-1965 with James

Taylor, Opal Moore TEC-10 Jul-11-1904 Jul-28-1970

Pierce, Leonard TEC-10 Jan-15-1925 Apr-19-1979 ‘Lloyd’

Guhl, John Franklin TEC-10 May-01-1873 Feb-27-1955 TFM

Unknown, Unknown TEC-10 – TFM

Row 11 – South to North

Davis, William Charles TEC-11 Jun-14-1940 Jun-14-1940

Davis, Charles H. TEC-11 Jun-29-1916 Aug-25-1997 with Madge

Davis. Madge T. TEC-11 Feb-11-1910 Jul-07-1994 with Charles

Unknown, Unknown TEC-11– TFM

Pounders, Lenzie Lee TEC-11 Aug-20-1911 .... ‘Mother’; with Floyd

Pounders, Floyd Lee TEC-11 May-17-1903 Oct-01-1983 ‘Father’; with Lenzie

Gattis, Edward W. TEC-11 Jun-18-1930 Apr-30-1974 ‘Pfc USAF’

Gattis, C.J. TEC-11 .... Oct-28-1928 aged abt. 91 yrs.

Gattis, Mary Mrs. TEC-11 Aug-31-1847 in Morgan Co. Ala. Apr-30-1910

Gattis, George S. TEC-11 May-18-1912 Feb-21-1973

Gattis, James Monroe TEC-11 Sep-25-1940 Feb-19-2000

Gattis, Arnet Martin TEC-11 Sep-21-1898 Nov-02-1971 with Bertha

Gattis, Bertha Arizona TEC-11 Jan-10-1900 Nov-13-1987 with Arnet

Gattis, Charles M. TEC-11 Nov-11-1871 Feb-22-1959 with Mary

Gattis, Mary G. TEC-11 Jan-19-1873 Jan-04-1949 with Charles

Gattis, Raymond W. TEC-11 Apr-25-1906 Jun-16-1907 ‘son of C.M. & M.G. Gattis’

Gattis, Alpha Viola TEC-11 Jul-13-1903 Jan-31-1908 ‘dau of C.M. & M.G. Gattis’

King, Iva Dee TEC-11 Oct-27-1905 Jul-05-1906 with Ima Bell (twin)

King, Ima Bell TEC-11 Oct-27-1905 Jul-25-1906 with Iva Dee (twin)

King, James M. TEC-11 1874-1955; with Fannie

King, Fannie TEC-11 1876-1955; with James

Fallis, O.C. TEC-11 Oct-02-1903 Feb-23-1979 with Beatrice

Fallis, Beatrice King TEC-11 Jul-22-1909 .... ‘m. Apr-11-1937’; with O.C.

Harris, Ila M. TEC-11 1903-1992 with James

Harris, James W. TEC-11 1892-1969 with Ila

Unknown, Infant TEC-11 ...-02-1900 – broken marker

Adams, Robert T. TEC-11 Sep-28-1907 Jun-19-1908 ‘son of C.D. & A.J. Adams’

Adams, Luther C. TEC-11 Jun-10-1905 Jul-13-1906 ‘son of C.D. & A.J. Adams’

Adams, Infant TEC-11 Jan-06-1900 ‘son of C.D. & A.J. Adams’

Row 12 – North to South

Starts in the middle of the cemetery

King, R. Ray TEC-12 Jan-11-1912 Nov-03-1913 ‘son of Joe N. & May King’

King, Roy Wilbern TEC-12 May-06-1914 Nov-07-1915 ‘son of Joe N. & May King’

King, Joe N. TEC-12 1886–1918 with Mae

King, Mae TEC-12 1889–1971 with Joe

Open space to end of row

Row 13 – South to North

Moore, Louis M. TEC-13 May-12-1896 Jan-24-1989 with Edna

Moore, Edna James TEC–13 Apr-10-1911 Dec-09-1933 with Louis

Finley, Josie L. TEC-13 Sep-13-1850 Mar-13-1913 ‘wife of W.H. Finley’; broken marker

Crawford, William TEC-13 Nov-02-1914 .... ‘Bill’

Crawford, Mary A. TEC-13 Oct-26-1891 May-16-1977 ‘Mama’

Jolley, Willie L. TEC-13 Feb-28-1870 Dec-17-1949 with Mattie

Jolley, Mattie TEC-13 Mar-04-1870 Nov-21-1951 with Willie ‘Father’

Fry, Andrew Jackson TEC-13 Oct-05-1863 Oct-18-1919

Fry, J.S. TEC-13 Oct-01-1887 Jan-05-1912

King, John C. TEC-13 Jun-30-1882 Aug-05-1943 with Nellie

King, Nellie TEC-13 Jul-12-1887 Jun-10-1973 with John

Moses, D. Waymon TEC-13 Mar-07-1932 Mar-22-2000 with Jennie

Moses, Jennie R. TEC-13 May-20-1933 .... ‘m. Aug-26-1985’; with D. Waymon

Open space to North end

Brown, Nancy Emley TEC-13 Mar-25-1900 Apr-13-1903

Scruggs, John W. TEC-13 Jun-15-1900 Jul-10-1974 with Mary

Scruggs, Mary E. TEC-13 Sep-20-1909 Jan-02-1974 with John

Scruggs, Claude W. TEC-13 Jun-20-1932 Oct-22-1996 ‘Father’; with Dorothy

Scruggs, Dorothy F. TEC-13 Jan-26-1932 ....‘Mother; m. Jan-12-1952’; with Claude

Fisher, Opal T. TEC-13 Mar-15-1907 Mar-05-1994 ‘Doc’; with Linnie

Fisher, Linnie V. TEC-13 Jun-20-1923 Jan-13-2000 with Opal; TFM also

Row 14 – North to South

Starts in the middle of the cemetery

Odom, Emmett TEC-14 Jun-07-1876 Jul-24-1955 ‘Father’

Odom, Emma TEC-14 Oct-25-1880 Oct-14-1916 ‘wife of Emmit Odom’

Odom, Van Aubrey TEC-14 Jul-30-1904 Feb-16-1924

Odom, Marlin C. TEC-14 Jun-19-1910 Jun-25-1972

Stockton, Richard B. TEC-14 1892–1950 with Mamie

Stockton, Mamie D. TEC-14 1898–1948 with Richard

Open space

Wilson, Kathy Lynn TEC-14 Mar-31-1967 Sep-09-1997

Wilson, Terry W. TEC-14 b&d Nov-19-1952 ‘Baby’

Wilson, Earnest L. TEC-14 Jan-28-1928 May-20-2001 with Martis

Wilson, Martis C. TEC-14 Jun-03-1935 .... with Earnest

Open space to end of row

Row 15 – South to North

Cook, Earnest Doyle TEC-15 Aug-26-1929 Apr-27-1991 TFM

Cook, Doyle Wayne TEC-15 Apr-15-1954 Dec-28-1987 TFM

Cook, Evelyn Plot TEC-15

Cook, Luther A TEC-15 Apr-10-1938 .... with Marlene

Cook, Marlene Zutz TEC-15 May-09-1937 Aug-13-1989 ‘m. Feb-24-1962’; with Luther

Cook, Travis D. TEC-15 Mar-15-1922 May-27-1963 ‘TX CM3 USNR WWII’

Cook, Randall S. TEC-15 b&d Oct-11-1962 ‘Twins’ with Rodney

Cook, Rodney J. TEC-15 b&d Oct-11-1962 ‘Twins’ with Randall

Cook, George P. TEC-15 1897–1962 with Fannie

Cook, Fannie I. TEC-15 1902–1975 with George

Pond, Ruben TEC-15 1857-1914 with Victoria

Pond, Victoria TEC-15 1868–1922 with Ruben

Pond, Aline TEC-15 1907–1922

Open space

Barnett, Esther S. TEC-15 Oct-07-1895 Feb-23-1904 ‘dau of G.W. & A.I. Barnett’

Barnett, Minnie E. TEC-15 Jul-27-1873 Jun-30-1925 ‘wife of Dr. G.W. Barnett’; WC

Open space to North end

Row 16 – North to South

Haws, Offie TEC-16 Oct-04-1896 Oct-28-1918

Haws, David H. TEC-16 Jul-09-1892 Nov-23-1917 WOW

Bullock, Barnett B. TEC-16 Mar-30-1909 Jan-03-1989 ‘USA WWII’

Bullock, C. Badis TEC-16 Sep-02-1911 Sep-04-1911 ‘son of J.A. & Nealy Bullock’

Bullock, Almer TEC-16 1873–1930 with Neely

Bullcok, Neely W. TEC-16 1880–1911 with Almer

Bolton, Archie M. TEC-16 Jun-02-1904 Jul-12-1979 ‘Daddy’; with Bernice

Bolton, Bernice TEC-16 Mar-30-1909 Dec-27-1986 ‘Mother’; with Archie

Open space

Corbin, Helen M. TEC-16 Sep-28-1921 Mar-02-1922

Corbin, Francis L. TEC-16 Oct-17-1925 Jul-01-1926

Cook, Mittie E. TEC-16 1859–1935 with Stephen

Cook, Stephen S. TEC-16 1853-1938 with Mittie

Open space

Harper, Raymond TEC-16 Jan-23-1917 Dec-03-1981 ‘Sgt USA WWII’; with Louise

Harper, Louise TEC-16 Aug-21-1926 .... with Raymond

Grimes, Arthur L. TEC-16 May-14-1896 May-06-1978 with Ethel

Grimes, Ethel F. TEC-16 Mar-17-1901 Jul-17-1989 ‘m. Apr-29-1918’; with Arthur

Grimes, Jerry R. TEC-16 Dec-08-1919 Mar-18-1999 with Marjorie

Grimes, Marjorie H. TEC-16 Apr-22-1922 .... with Jerry

Row 17 – South to North

Thomas, Linda Berry TEC-17 Jul-15-1958 .... ‘m. Jul-12-1980’; with Glenn

Thomas, B. Glenn TEC-17 Nov-24-1957 Sep-21-1999 with Linda

Open space

Koen, Lige Steve TEC-17 Feb-13-1897 Jan-14-1972 ‘Father’; with Vera

Koen, Vera Gertrude TEC-17 Apr-15-1905 Jul-11-1995 ‘Mother’; with Lige

Koen, George W. TEC-17 Oct-17-1898 Mar-01-1969 ‘Brother’

Koen, Eldred TEC-17 Sep-22-1926 Oct-11-1928

Open space to North end

Unknown, Unknown TEC-17 – TFM

Boswell, Sallie Francis TEC-17 Sep-13-1941 .... ‘m. Sep-22-1985’; with Foy

Boswell, Foy E. TEC-17 Jun-11 1924 Mar-28-2001 ‘Eddie’; with Sallie

Shirley, Glenn B. TEC-17 Oct-18-1901 Jul-28-1972 with Elizabeth (out of row)

Shirley, Elizabeth TEC-17 Apr-17-1901 Nov-18-1975 with Glenn (out of row)

Row 18 – North to South

Swinney, Roger C. TEC-18 Dec-25-1890 Dec-18-1960 with Ethel

Swinney, Ethel S., TEC-18 Dec-25-1902 Mar-22-1989 with Roger

Scruggs, Sophia E. TEC-18 1870-1936 with A.T.

Scruggs, A.T. Sr TEC-18 1866–1911 with Sophia

Thomason, Charlie M. TEC-18 Jun-03-1884 Jul-09-1938

Martin, Ades TEC-18 Oct-26-1921 Jul-24-1994 ‘Dedicated Father & Mechanic’; PIC

Martin, Ricky Eugene TEC-18 May-01-1955 Mar-11-1990 ‘Dedicated Employee of Baker Tank’; PIC

Martin, Wayne Edmund TEC-18 Feb-05-1960 Jan-27-1989 ‘Dedicated Employee of Baker Tank’; PIC

Martin, Dorothy L. TEC-18 Feb-24-1925 Mar-14-1971 ‘Mother’; with ......

Simpson, Victor P. TEC-18 1899-1969 with Merle

Simpson, Merle TEC-18 1907-.... with Victor

Alexander, Bobby Eugene TEC-18 Aug-27-1937 ‘son of Mr. & Mrs. John Alexander’

Alexander, John N. TEC-18 Jul-09-1911 May-12-1976 ‘Pvt USA WWII’

Alexander, Odie E. TEC-18 1905–1979 ‘USA WWII’

Faber, Callie L. TEC-18 Sep-03-1878 Dec-21-1936 with Henry

Faber, Henry Y. TEC-18 Jun-11-1872 Apr-05-1944 with Callie

Open space to South side

Scruggs, Infant TEC-18 (no dates) ‘dau of Mr.& Mrs. Clyde Scruggs’

Scruggs, Infant TEC-18 (no dates) ‘son of Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Scruggs’

Row 19 – South to North

Scruggs, Alvis Ray TEC-19 Jul-29-1920 .... with Naomi

Scruggs, Naomi Bonnie TEC-19 May-12-1925 Aug-18-1997 with Alvis

Mitchell Plots TEC-19

Smith, Clyde T. TEC-19 Apr-10-1915 Jun-08-1982 ‘Pvt USA WWII; Daddy’; with (no name)

Green, Walter E. TEC-19 Jun-25-1911 Jan-16-1957 ‘TX Pvt 811 AAA AW BN CAC WWII’

Green, John B. TEC-19 1888-1968 with Lee Anna

Green, Lee Anna TEC-19 1893-1954 with John

Mize, Elbert D. TEC-19 Jan-31-1913 Dec-09-1992 with Ima

Mize, Ima Love TEC-19 Aug-19-1902 Feb-20-1992 ‘m. Mar-25-1933’; with Elbert

Open space to end of row on North side

Row 20 – North to South

Martin, Effie Elizabeth Alexander TEC-20 Jan-13-1924 Oct-26-1943

Alexander, Almetta TEC-20 May-15-1917 Jul-06-1934

Alexander, Anna E. TEC-20 Nov-18-1874 Oct-05-1963 ‘his wife; Mother’; with William

Alexander, William N. TEC-20 Feb-23-1861 Nov-07-1928 ‘Father’; with Anna – WOW

Alexander, Roy E. TEC-20 Aug-01-1898 Apr-01-1966 ‘Father’; with Allie

Alexander, Allie TEC-20 Feb-17-1902 Dec-21-1970 ‘Mother’; with Roy

Alexander, Margret Louise TEC-20 Nov-23-1928 Nov-28-1928 ‘dau of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Alexander’

Alexander, Bonnie TEC-20 Oct-03-1903 Dec-11-1925 with Rosie

Alexander, Rosie TEC-20 Jan-18-1906 Dec-18-1924 with Bonnie

Edmondson, M.C. Mrs. TEC-20 Mar-05-1838 Sep-12-1918

Hall, Hollis G. TEC-20 Jan-03-1918 May-08-1995 with Bruce A.

Hall, Bruce A. TEC-20 Dec-23-1920 Jun-05-1990 ‘m. Jan-14-1940’; with Hollis

Freeze plot

Freeze, Janie E. Clark TEC-20 Nov-27-1917 Nov-30-2001

Freeze plot

Dudley, Helen M. TEC-20 Mar-28-1870 Mar-27-1937

Dudley, J.R. TEC-20 Sep-08-1864 Jan-12-1918 – WOW

Dudley, James M. TEC-20 Jan-..-1937 ‘infant son of R.D. & Nettalee Dudley’

Dudley, R.D. TEC-20 Apr-07-1914 Feb-14-1990 with Nettalee

Dudley, Nettalee Thompson TEC-20 Apr-08-1917 Aug-16-1994 with R.D.

Row 21 – North to South

Traylor, Ryan Scott TEC-21 May-09-1985 ‘infant son’

Ross, Marion TEC-21 Aug-28-1910 Oct-09-1992 with Juanita

Ross, Juanita Ruth TEC-21 Jul-20-1914 Jan-04-1985 ‘m. Mar-16-1935’; with Marion

Ross, Kittie TEC-21 Aug-25-1889 Dec-11-1915 ‘dau of G.L. & E.E. Ross’

Ross, G.L. TEC-21 May-23-1857 Apr-06-1921 with Emma – WOW

Ross, Emma TEC-21 Jul-22-1857 Apr-28-1925 ‘Mother’

Lake, John Deason TEC-21 Jun-20-1912 Sep-02-1941

Ross, Clint TEC-21 Mar-29-1880 Oct-12-1945

Bolton, L.M. TEC-21 Feb-18-1907 Mar-23-1981 ‘Luke’; with Wilma E.

Bolton, Wilma E. TEC-21 Dec-10-1911 May-22-1961 with L.M.

Clark, William Everett TEC-21 Jan-26-1885 Jul-28-1971 with Susie

Clark, Susie Ross TEC-21 Sep-01-1886 Jan-22-1968 ‘m. Jan-29-1911’; with William

Clark, Howard Olen TEC-21 Apr-17-1913 Jul-03-1976

Simpson, Michael Edwin TEC-21 Jan-24-1952 ....

Swinney, Ranson TEC-21 May-10-1872 Apr-22-1922 (old stone; new stone beside it)

Swinney, Ransom TEC-21 1872-1922 with Martha (new stone; duplicate)

Swinney, Martha E. TEC-21 1872–1953 with Ransom

Swinney, James Mervin TEC-21 May-07-1904 Dec-01-1976 ‘Pvt USA WWII’

Open space

Williams, Willie B. TEC-21 1890-1967 Helen M.

Williams, Helen M. TEC-21 1907-1979 with Willie

Open space

Morgan, L.D. TEC-21 Feb-26-1927 Jul-20-1995 ‘S1 USN WWII’

Ruth, James Russell TEC-21 Sep-07-1925 Aug-01-1997 ‘USN A2c USAF WWII & Korea’

Row 22 – South to North

Dykes, Henson L. TEC-22 1898–1981

Dykes, Rena M. TEC-22 May-11-1907 Apr-05-1987

Dykes, Infant TEC-22 Apr-14-1935 ‘dau of Mr. & Mrs. H.L. Dykes’

Hopwood, Susie Morgan TEC-22 1894-1963

Morgan, John Henry TEC-22 1864-1937

Ewing, Robert M. TEC-22 d. 1947 age 66

Dudley, Ernest M. TEC-22 Mar-28-1911 Jan-05-1989 ‘Tec3 USA WWII’; with Ruby

Dudley, Ruby Thompson TEC-22 Aug-28-1922 .... with Ernest

Waddell, Herman Ray TEC-22 Aug-07-1932 .... with Oma

Waddell, Oma Dudley TEC-22 Aug-11-1912 Apr-20-1999 ‘m. Mar-18-1961’; with Herman

Mitchell, Sherri Gayle TEC-22 Jul-29-1953 Jul-16-1993

Open spaces to north side

Row 23 – North to South

Grimes, Nancy J. TEC-23 Aug-29-1888 May-12-1979 with Charles

Grimes, Charles E. TEC-23 Sep-09-1888 Feb-18-1966 with Nancy

Pierce, Madge Mrs. TEC-23 Sep-26-1917 Aug-13-2000 – TFM

Unknown, Unknown TEC-23 – TFM

Grimes, Helen Seymore TEC-23 Feb-22-1846 Apr-23-1923

White, Jess F. TEC-23 Aug-19-1885 Mar-25-1954 with Minnie

White, Minnie O. TEC-23 Jan-13-1892 Dec-18-1961 with Jess

White, Olen TEC-23 Aug-29-1935 Feb-07-1987

White, Travis TEC-23 May-05-1922 Mar-17-2001

White, Louis TEC-23 Jan-07-1921 Oct-27-1979 ‘Brother; Pvt USA WWII’

White, Leeonis TEC-23 May-11-1911 Aug-08-1980

Gilmore, Effie TEC-23 Oct-22-1901 Apr-10-1980 with Dalton

Gilmore, Dalton TEC-23 Dec-29-1897 May-28-1982 with Effie

Wallace, Barbara Ann TEC-23 Jul-07-1938 Oct-04-1942

Benthall, Ivey S. TEC-23 Sep-07-1915 Sep-09-1996

Open space

Kindle, Bobby L. TEC-23 Aug-03-1929 ....‘Father’; with Glenda

Kindle, Glenda Lake TEC-23 Nov-26-1936 .... ‘Mother’ ‘Mimi’; with Bobby

McAnally, Floyd TEC-23 Jan-24-1926 Feb-10-1993 ‘USA WWII’

Row 24 – South to North

Bonner, Oliver Lane TEC-24 d. Aug-..-1966 TFM

Bonner, William R. TEC-24 1868-1952

Bonner, Martin L. TEC-24 1905-1947

Bonner Ida Bell TEC-24 1871–1949

Bonner, Henry TEC-24 Nov-11-1898 Oct-19-1967

Open space past driveway

Bolton, Bernice V. TEC-24 Dec-06-1905 Jul-12-1975 ‘Pvt USA’; with Sadie

Bolton, Sadie E. TEC-24 Nov-11-1904 .... with Bernice

Reid, Mark Shane TEC-24 Apr-06-1969 May-31-1998 ‘Son & Father’

Edison, James B. TEC-24 1909-1960 ‘Bud’

Edison, Allie Mae TEC-24 Sep-07-1915 Dec-26-2001 TFM

Bolton, J.W. TEC-24 Apr-04-1922 Nov-04-1979 ‘TEC5 USA WWII’ ‘Daddy’; with Nellie

Bolton, Nellie TEC-24 Jun-17-1930 .... ‘Mother’; with J.W.

Bolton, W.J. TEC-24 1868-1944

Bolton, Maudie Belle TEC-24 1882-1959

Bobbitt, Lucille TEC-24 Sep-03-1918 Apr-07-1972

Row 25 – North to South

Todd, James P. TEC-25 1850-1923

Burton, Mary Bolton TEC-25 Nov-10-1939 ....

Bolton, Leo TEC-25 May-09-1915 .... with Carrie

Bolton, Carrie Belle TEC-25 Dec-12-1918 Jun-29-1992 with Leo

Open space

Traylor plot TEC-25

Bolton plots TEC-25

Lake, Chester R. TEC-25 Jan-01-1920 ....

Lake, Kermit M. TEC-25 Jun-26-1918 .... with Lula

Lake, Lula M. TEC-25 Apr-27-1932 Mar-29-1999 with Kermit

Lake, Orville Curtis TEC-25 Nov-15-1910 Sep-04-1982

McFadden, Inez Lake TEC-25 Jul-20-1916 ....

Row 26 – South to North

McAnally Delbert TEC-26 Mar-22-1930 Jul-15-1990 with Doris

McAnally, Doris J. Norton TEC-26 Mar-01-1930 .... with Delbert

Barnett, D.J. TEC-26 Oct-13-1916 Sep-20-1984 with Eva

Barnett, Eva L. TEC-26 Jul-19-1912 Apr-23-1984 with D.J.

Eidson, Albert, TEC-26 Mar-11-1930 May-24-1985

Eidson, Claude R. TEC-26 Apr-29-1905 Mar-17-1950 with Madge

Eidson, Madge O. TEC-26 Oct-31-1904 Oct-29-1987 with Claude

McAnally, Kenneth J. TEC-26 Jun-26-1936 Oct-27-1987 ‘USN Korea’

Eidson, Olen TEC-26 Nov-06-1925 with Orice (twin) & Claude

Eidson, Orice TEC-26 Nov-06-1925 Jul-04-1926 with Olen (twin) & Claude

Eidson, Claude Jr TEC-26 Apr-23-1942 with Olen & Orice

Unknown, Unknown TEC-26 – TFM

Open space

McNew, Elisah TEC-26 Oct-02-1871 Mar-18-1943 with James

McNew, James B. TEC-26 Feb-22-1861 Jul-18-1939 with Elisah

Open space to North side

Ray, Bobby D. TEC-26 Aug-14-1968 Aug-15-1968

Ray, Johnathon Tyler TEC-26 Mar-01-1990 Mar-27-1990 ‘Miller’

Traylor plot TEC-26

Traylor, Roy Cobble TEC-26 Dec-01-1939 .... with Peggy

Traylor, Peggy Bolton TEC-26 Nov-21-1946 .... ‘m. Jul-21-1961’; with Roy

Traylor plot TEC-26

Row 27 – North to South

Simmons, Wm. Carl TEC-27 Mar-31-1941 Feb-12-1997 with Hazel; GOL Donor; PIC

Simmons, Hazel Irene TEC-27 Oct-09-1944 .... ‘m. Apr-27-1960’; with William; PIC

Wilson, Charles Harry TEC-27 Oct-31-1906 Nov-30-1975 ‘Daddy’; with Myrtle; PIC

Wilson, Myrtle Beatrice TEC-27 Apr-23-1907 Jan-10-1997 ‘Mother; m. Jun-25-1925’;with Charles; PIC

Byers, Audrey Ellen TEC-27 Mar-21-1924 Oct-24-1992 with Obert

Byers, Obert Welmer TEC-27 Apr-08-1911 Nov-06-1995 with Audrey

Byers, Frances Irene TEC-27 Mar-01-1883 Aug-22-1965

Cortie, Mattie Mae TEC-27 Jan-17-1916 Jul-27-1969

Unknown, Unknown TEC-27 - TFM

Unknown, Unknown TEC-27 - TFM

Middleton, Henry Ed TEC-27 1870-1950 with Julia

Middleton, Julia Annie TEC-27 1860-1943 with Henry

Gordon, Elisha TEC-27 Aug-10-1937 ‘TX PVT 1CL HQ Troop 33 DIV’

Ferguson, Samuel Z. TEC-27 Dec-25-1859 Sep-01-1933 with Sallie

Ferguson, Sallie J. TEC-27 Feb-14-1869 Jan-18-1946 with Samuel

Open space

Hathcock, Ollie TEC-27 May-26-1891 Jun-08-1933

Hathcock, Rayford TEC-27 Nov-01-1881 Jan-29-1958

McAnally, Elbert TEC-27 Mar-22-1930 Dec-03-1933 ‘Son’

McAnally, Bart TEC-27 Sep-28-1876 Jul-08-1946 ‘Dad’; with Edna

McAnally, Edna Young TEC-27 May-08-1892 Oct-18-1981 ‘Maw’; with Bart

Harper, Edith TEC-27 Nov-19-1915 ‘Babe’

McAnally, Monroe A. TEC-27 Feb-06-1928 .... with Ann

McAnally, Ann Rucker TEC-27 Mar-09-1934 .... with Monroe

Row 28 – South to North

Open space across concrete drive

Unknown, Unknown TEC-28 – cement post marker

Rothrock, C.L. TEC-28 Nov-20-1892 Apr-07-1977 with Nina Mae

Rothrock, Nina Mae TEC-28 May-09-1899 Jul-15-1991

Rothrock, Everett Harrison TEC-28 Sep-14-1918 Jun-05-1994 ‘USN’

Wilson, Elbert Lee TEC-28 Dec-26-1931 Feb-07-1999 ‘Dad; USA Korea’; with Carol

Wilson, Carol Cooper TEC-28 Feb-02-1932 .... ‘Mom; m. Sep-17-1955’; with Elbert

Wilson, Preston C. TEC-28 May-17-1960 Feb-22-1982

Wilson plot TEC-28

Pierce, Cecil W. TEC-28 Sep-10-1912 May-29-1981

Pierce, Willie McMoyle TEC-28 Oct-31-1916 Dec-24-1997

Row 29 – North to south

Wilson plot TEC-29

Knox plot TEC-29

Eilers plot TEC-29

Eilers, Charles Lee TEC-29 Nov-23-1919 .... with Inez

Eilers, Inez White TEC-29 Aug-26-1926 Nov-20-2000 ‘m. Dec-23-1946’; with Charles

Eilers plot TEC-29

Open space to concrete drive

Yancey, Cecil F. TEC-29 Apr-14-1912 Sep-20-1984 with Mable

Yancey, Mable L. TEC-29 Nov-23-1914 .... ‘m. Mar-10-1934’; with Cecil

Yancey, Rastes Y. TEC-29 Aug-28-1907 Mar-12-1983 with Eva

Yancey, Eva Rena TEC-29 Jun-23-1909 May-20-1988 with Rastes

White, Melvin TEC-29 May-25-1913 Feb-24-1995 with Ora - ME

White, Ora TEC-29 Dec-19-1924 .... ‘m. May-09-1941’; with Melvin