Cherokee County, Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed March 1, 2002 by Donna Shreeve.

Located on SH 110 at New Summerfield, south on 110 at the city limits. This cemetery is quite old and has a great number of unidentified concrete markers. These markers were placed in the 1980’s to identify the site of a grave. According to a cemetery association board member from that era, an area under a group of trees on the south side of the cemetery, had at one time been fenced off. This was known as the area where the "old maids" were all buried. The names in this cemetery are a roster of Who’s Who in the New Summerfield Nursery business. Surveyed March 1, 2002 by Donna Shreeve.

Section I (MC1)– North of entry gate

Row 1 – South to North

Gartman, Milford Freddie MC1-01 Oct-12-1914 Jan-06-1992 ‘CM3 US Navy WWII’; with Annie

Gartman, Annie M. MC1-01 Sep-01-1937 .... with Freddie

Gilliam, Wayne Ottis MC1-01 Mar-26-1900 Mar-25-1976 ‘Daddy’; with Sudie Bell

Gilliam, Sudie Bell MC1-01 Feb-03-1910 Jun-16-1982 ‘Mother’ ‘m. Jun-11-1925’, with Wayne

Gilliam, Billy Gene MC1-01 Jul-20-1929 Jul-29-2001

Gilliam, Julian E. MC1-01 Mar-02-1926 .... with Sherma

Gilliam, Sherma F. MC1-01 May-25-1936 .... with Julian

Open space

Wallace, Sidney Elton MC1-01 Sep-13-1903 May-17-1990; with Winnie Mae

Wallace, Winnie Mae MC1-01 Sep-09-1905 Nov-18-1975 ‘m. Sep-19-1920’; with Sidney


Cameron, Edwin Lee MC1-01 Apr-24-1930 Apr-04-1995, with Lila–PIC

Cameron, Lila Pearl MC1-01 Mar-16-1938 .... with Edwin – PIC

Cameron, Estle Lee MC1-01 Sep-09-1910 Aug-27-1975 ‘Daddy’; with Opria; PIC

Cameron, Opria Tipton MC1-01 Feb 27-1913 .... ‘Mother’; with Estle -PIV

Ready, Rufus R. MC1-01 Apr-05-1908 Sep-30-1995

Underwood, Larry MC1-01 Jul-22-1938 Mar-16-1997 ‘m. Jul-12-1958’; with Janet; rock covered

Underwood, Janet MC1-01 May-04-1939 .... with Larry – rock covered

Underwood, Grady H. MC1-01 Nov–17-1907 Apr-08-1979 ‘Daddy’; with Odelle; rock covered

Underwood, Odelle J. MC1-01 Aug-29-1906 Sep-29-1993 ‘Mother’; with Grady; rock covered

Wright, David Carrol MC1-01 Aug-23-1977 Aug-24-1977 ‘infant twin of David K. & Laura’; with Don

Wright, Don Carl MC1-01 Aug-23-1977 Aug-25-1977 ‘infant twin of David K. & Laura’; with David

Wright, A.C., Jr. MC1-01 Jul-14-1930 .... with Lynette

Wright, Lynette MC1-01 Jun-18-1933 .... ‘m. Oct-13-1951’; with A.C.

Wright, Dennis Keith MC1-01 Oct-03-1952 Dec-27-1970

Waldrup, William C. MC1-01 Nov-24-1937 .... ME

Row 2 – North to South

Open space from North fence

Underwood, John Thomas MC1-02 Jul-02-1924 Feb-07-1976 with Nellie Bea

Underwood, Nellie Bea MC1-02 ....-.... with John Thomas

Cox, Doug MC1-02 Jun-21-1938 .... with Jane

Cox, Jane, MC1-02 May-04-1939 .... 'm. Jan-07-1957; with Doug

Durrett, Huey Gene MC1-02 Feb-07-1950 Jun-19-1993

Smith, Nolan MC1-02 Sep-06-1920 .... with Juanece

Smith, Juanece Underwood MC1-02 Jul-26-1928 .... with Nolan

Open space

Parsons, Alvis MC1-02 Jan-07-1919 Apr-11-2001 ‘Daddy’; with Audrey

Parsons, Audrey E. MC1-02 Aug-04-1921 .... ‘Mama’ ‘m. Aug-10-1940’; with Alvis

Brown, Gilbert W. MC1-02 Feb-10-1896 Dec-24-1985 with Eda

Brown, Eda M. MC1-02 Aug-22-1900 Oct-01-1990 with Gilbert

Brazier, Billy Paul MC1-02 Oct-02-1924 Oct-14-2001 with Nedra

Brazier, Nedra Cameron MC1-02 Nov-27-1927 .... ‘m. Jan-27-1943’; with Billy Paul

Bui, Van Su MC1-02 Mar-23-1953 May-03-1978 with Judy T.

Bui, Judy T. MC1-02 Jan-26-1956....-; with Van Su

Tipton, Dewey M. MC1-02 Mar-19-1920 Nov-30-1985 with Rossie

Tipton, Rossie L. MC1-02 Sep-29-1922 .... ‘m. Sep-09-1939’; with Dewey

Tipton, Albert T. MC1-02 1894-1973 ‘Father’; with Bertie; PIC

Tipton, Bertie B. MC1-02 1896-1971 ‘Mother’; with Albert; PIC

Garner, Marvin II MC1-02 Jun-13-1908 Feb-14-1980; with Hazel; PIC

Garner, Hazel TiptonMC1-02 Oct-26-1914 .... with Marvin; PIC

Brown plot

Tipton, Carl Minon MC1-02 Jun-19-1918 May-23-1987 ‘Maj USA WWII Korea’; with Alice

Tipton, Alice Stella MC1-02 Apr-15-1924 .... ‘m. Mar-21-1940’; with Carl

Haddon plot

Open space

Suggs, Ernest C. MC1-02 1900-1970; with Dine

Suggs, Dine MC1-02 1900-.... with Ernest

Large Pine Tree

Row 3 – South to North

Limbaugh, Thomas Paul MC1-03 Aug-18-1952 Sep-10-1952

Jacob, Clifford A. MC1-03 Sep-26-1903 Dec-24-1976 with Eunice

Jacob, Eunice MC1-03 Jun-01-1908 Nov-11-1999 with Clifford

Binger, Clara MC1-03 Dec-21-1888 Sep-28-1971

Socia, Amy Lynn MC1-03 1979-1979

Socia, Robert G. MC1-03 Dec-07-1944 Jul-04-1983 with Beverly

Socia, Beverly A. MC1-03 Dec-05-1946 .... with Robert

Cameron, Howard G. MC1-03 Nov-30-1922 Jun-25-1984 ‘Cpl USA WWII’

Cameron, Melvin A. ‘Mack’ MC1-03 Feb-10-1943 May-19-1997

Tipton plot

Coslett plot

Tipton plot

Winrod, Ida Rose MC1-03 Nov-23-1915 Mar-21-1972 ‘Sister’; PIC

Chandler, Elmer E. MC1-03 Jul-20-1903 Sep-20-1984 with Jettie; PIC

Chandler, Jettie L. MC1-03 Mar-23-1907 .... ‘Wife/Mother/Daughter’; with Elmer; PIC

Riddle, Carolyn Tipton MC1-03 Aug-21-1949 Aug-05-1986 PIC

Tipton, Oliver Weldon MC1-03 Jul-04-1916 Dec-27-1989 ‘Pfc. US Army WWII’

Open space

Teer, Elliott MC1-03 Aug-08-1913 Oct-03-1977 with Evelyn

Teer, Evelyn MC1-03 Sep-18-1918 Jun-17-1993 with Elliott

Few spaces

Gray, Joy Sapp MC1-03 Sep-10-1935 .... ‘m. Dec-05-1953’; with Estle

Gray, Estle Winfred MC1-03 Aug-10-1931 Aug-25-2001 ‘USAF Korea’; with Joy

Gray, Tommie A. MC1-03 Dec-26-1906 Sep-27-1991 with Nellie

Gray, Nellie Kennedy MC1-03 Jan-26-1913 .... with Tommie

Open space to North fence

Row 4 – North to South – Open space from North fence

Open space

McCown, Fred Lacy MC1-04 May-28-1897 Jul-28-1982 with Thelma

McCown, Thelma Darby MC1-04 Dec-02-1899 Oct-05-1988 ‘m. Apr-28-1918’; with Fred

Williamson, Moran A. MC1-04 Dec-23-1907 Jun-30-1992 with Eunice; ME

Williamson, Eunice MC1-04 Aug-12-1913 Apr-28-1996 with Moran

Burchfield, Ruby P. MC1-04 Sep-30-1907 Jun-09-1986

Rodrigue, Rida MC1-04 Jun-25-1945 Sep-21-2001

Kitzman, G.F. MC1-04 May-27-1912 Sep-08-1997 with Alma

Kitzman, Alma H. MC1-04 Jan-31-1917 Apr-09-1989 with G.F.

Chupp, Grady M. MC1-04 May-19-1923 .... with Mary Frances

Chupp, Mary Frances MC1-04 Dec-25-1923 Jan-13-1993 ‘m. Sep-25-1943’; with Grady

Open spaces to end of row

Lord, Raymond Thomas MC1-04 Oct-29-1929 Dec-13-1987 ‘Pfc USA Korea’; with Doris

Lord, Doris L. MC1-04 Aug-14-1936 Dec-07-1998; with Raymond

Jackson, Mary Beth MC1-04 Oct-15-1926 Mar-12-1977

Row 5 – South to North

Roberson, Velma Inez MC1-05 Dec-17-1938 .... ‘Granny’ ‘m; Jun-01-1974’; with R.B.

Roberson, R.B. Jr. MC1-05 Sep-18-1924 Sep-09-1997 ‘Gramps; S1 USN WWII’; with Velma

Roberson, Mattie MC1-05 1905-1993 with Robert

Roberson, Robert MC1-05 1901-1984 with Mattie

Bolyard, Willard Lorain MC1-05 Aug-06-1953 Mar-11-1979 ‘LCPL USMC’

Bolyard, Harold L. MC1-05 Jul-10-1923 Nov-14-1992 ‘Pfc USA WWII’; with Alice

Bolyard, Alice M. MC1-05 Sep-16-1933 .... ‘m. Jan-24-1949’; with Harold

Open space

Stanley, Tiffani MC1-05 May-01-1973 Nov-01-1994 PIC

Cowan, Troy Leon MC1-05 Aug-18-1920 Nov-24-1998 with Annie

Cowan, Annie Pearl MC1-05 Jan-16-1919 .... ‘m. Oct-11-1943’; with Troy

Dixon, Herbert Logan MC1-05 Oct-31-1912 Jan-20-1993 with Louise

Dixon, Louise C. MC1-05 Mar-23-1918 .... ‘m. Mar-08-1956’; with Herbert

Open space

Tipton, Frances M. Benthall-MC1-05 Dec-21-1924 Dec-27-1993 ‘m. Jun-17-1939’; with William

Tipton, William D. ‘Dell’ Jr. MC1-05 Jun-12-1914 May-18-1993; with Frances

Tipton, Minnie G. MC1-05 Feb-27-1906 Dec-21-1998 ‘m. May-16-1923’; with Douglas

Tipton, Douglas D. MC1-05 Nov-28-1902 Jul-16-1986; with Minnie

Open space to fence

Row 6 – North to South

Thomas, John Blair MC1-06 Dec-01-1932 Mar-23-1996; with Loyce; PIC

Thomas, Loyce Audrey MC1-06 Jan-19-1927 .... with John; PIC

Cunningham, Charles Fields MC1-06 Jul-25-1920 Sep-19-1992 with Wanda

Cunningham, Wanda Casey MC1-06 Apr-05-1926 .... with Charles

Darby, Armen Elmo MC1-06 Aug-06-1910 .... with Dorthy

Darby, Dorthy Casey MC1-06 Jun-26-1913 Jan-14-1999 with Armen

Horn, James Glynn MC1-06 Oct-09-1927 .... with Annie Jo

Horn, Annie Jo Casey MC1-06 Nov-12-1928 .... with James

Wiggins, Thomas A. MC1-06 Feb-18-1930 .... with Betty

Wiggins, Betty Casey MC1-06 Sep-04-1933 .... with Thomas

Wiggins, Charles Thomas MC1-06 Jan-18-1962 ....

Open space

Roper, Rufus Thomas MC1-06 Feb-11-1931 Apr-15-1998 wood cross w/grapevine wreath

Open space to entry way

Row 7 – South to North – short row

Corbin, Joseph David MC1-07 Oct-20-1928 .... with Vesta

Corbin, Vesta Ann MC1-07 Oct-07-1930 .... ‘m. Nov-07-1948’; with Joseph

Open space

Edwards, Hollis Christine MC1-07 Dec-25-1907 May-31-1987 ‘Nanny’; PIC

Rider, Betty Pearl MC1-07 Nov-30-1883 Oct-28-1975 OES; PIC

Row 8 – North to South (middle of row)

Ellis, Ruby G. Powell MC1-08 Jun-19-1918 May-17-1991

Open space

Lawson, Edfard ‘Skinny’ MC1-08 Jan-29-1932 Aug-16-1988 with Bernadine

Lawson, Bernadine Lanora MC1-08 Oct-04-1942 Nov-05-1998 with Edfard

Limbaugh, Floy Elzar MC1-08 Apr-17-1916 Aug-24-1988 with Erma

Limbaugh, Erma Dean MC1-08 Aug-18-1918 .... with Floy

Entry road from the North

Row 9 – South to North

Pope, Dorothy Mae MC1-09 Oct-03-1947 Jan-23-1996 with Chuck

Pope, Chuck MC1-09 Oct-09-1943 .... with Dorothy

Pope, Laverne Hurr MC1-09 Oct-20-1943 Oct-22-1990

Hurr, Raymond William MC1-09 Mar-31-1903 Jun-28-1978

Benthall, Howell Loyd MC1-09 Dec-19-1929 Dec-11-1979 ‘SFC USA WWII Korea Vietnam’

Benthall, Aubrey V. MC1-09 1897-1978 with Addie

Benthall, Addie A. MC1-09 1900-1984 with Aubrey

Tipton, W.R. MC1-09 Nov-20-1919 Aug-16-1974 ‘Father’; with Marie

Tipton, Marie Murray MC1-09 Apr-06-1924 .... ‘Mother’ ‘m. Apr 05, 1943’; with W.R.

Row 10 – North to South

Open space from North fence

Bonner plot

Bonner, Stacey Lynn MC1-10 Jul-21-1974 Jul-19-2001

Bonner plot

Ebanez, Janie Maria MC1-10 Jul-08-1994 Oct-19-1994

Reyes, Valentine J. MC1-10 Feb-14-1910 Sep-08-1978 with Antonia; PIC

Reyes, Antonia R. MC1-10 Nov-27-1907 Apr-20-1977 ‘m. Oct-05-1930’; with Valentine; PIC

Moore, Nora Kingelin MC1-10 Oct-02-1897 Jun-03-1976

Open space

Row 11 – North to South

Open space

Bonner, Morris Elmer MC1-11 Aug-04-1914 Dec-28-1996 with Mary

Bonner, Mary Nellvonne MC1-11 Dec-05-1936 Sep-26-1993 with Morris

Bonner, Charlie MC1-11 Oct-13-1923 Oct-17-1999 ‘PVT USA WWII Purple Heart’; with Pat Kay

Bonner, Pat Kay MC1-11 Nov-10-1933 Jun-10-1995 with Charlie

Bonner, Melton MC1-11 Mar-06-1949 .... with Billie

Bonner, Billie MC1-11 Jul-12-1930 .... with Melton

Reyes, Antonio R. MC1-11 Jan-17-1933 Jun-05-1991 with Sofia

Reyes, Sofia T. MC1-11 Sep-30-1933 .... ‘m. Apr-28-1952’; with Antonio

Unknown–metal marker

Clark, R.P. MC1-11 1928-.... with Carrie

Clark, Clara Dowling MC1-11 1907-1981 with R.P.

Hammett, Robbie Gene MC1-11 Oct-10-1934 .... with Monyene

Hammett, Monyene Dickson MC1-11 Oct-28-1935 .... ‘m. May-14-1955’; with Robbie

Row 12 – South to North

Dickson, Elzie MC1-12 Mar-07-1909 Mar-10-1979; with Blanche

Dickson, Blanche MC1-12 Jul-31-1911 .... with Elzie

Dickson, Robert L. MC1-12 Oct-31-1938 ....

Row 13 – South to North

Brock, William C. MC1-13 Aug-02-1932 .... with Nellie

Brock, Nellie J. MC1-13 Jan-30-1931 Aug-27-1999 with William

Unknown, Unknown MC1-13 ....-.... TFM

Bunn, Doyle E. MC1-13 Nov-27-1928 Jul-12-1987 with Annie

Bunn, Annie Lou MC1-13 Oct 16-1930 .... ‘m. Oct-24-1954’; with Doyle

Open space to far north end

Isom, Christin Clavis Gene MC1-13 Sep-24-1982 ....

Row 14 – South to North

Garrett, Joe M. MC1-14 1915-1988 with Bertha

Garrett, Bertha MC1-14 1914-1974 with Joe

Open space to north

Moore, Tobe MC1-14 May-15-1923 Jun-08-1999

Open space to north fence

Row 15 – South to North

Davis, John Richard ‘Dick’ MC1-15 Jan-26-1898 Jan-09-1993 ‘Daddy’ with Eura Lee

Davis, Eura Lee MC1-15 Jan-31-1898 May-28-1983 ‘Mama’ ‘m. Dec-07-1919’; with Dick

Davis, Lewis W. MC1-15 May-27-1902 Feb-19-1995 with Grace

Davis, Grace MC1-15 Aug-23-1903 May-11-1995 ‘m. Oct-29-1929’; with Lewis

Davis plot

End of row

Row 16 – South to North

Davis, John Boyd MC1-16 Oct-15-1919 Aug-22-1992 ‘US Air Corp WWII’; with Leona

Davis, Leona Baker MC1-16 Nov-22-1922 .... with John

Davis, Roy Arthur MC1-16 Sep-15-1917 Aug-25-1971

Davis, Nathaniel A. MC1-16 Jul-31-1896 Apr-13-1968 ‘Daddy’; with Jenny

Davis, Jenny May MC1-16 Jul-10-1898 Mar-03-1971 ‘Mother’; with Nathaniel

David, Robert James MC1-16 Nov-01-1928 Apr-24-2000

Roper, Ben MC1-16 Jul-24-1893 .... ‘Papa’; with Sadie

Roper, Sadie MC1-16 Feb-21-1898 Sep-21-1972 with Ben

Roper, Vernon M. MC1-16 Jun–18-1923 Oct-20-1970 ‘TX Pfc 9206 Tech Svc Unit WWII’; PIC

Roper, Aubrey Franklin MC1-16 Apr-04-1919 Jun-30-1975 ‘SSgt USA WWII’; with Opal

Roper, Opal MC1-16 Mar-14-1921 May-22-1981 with Aubrey

Clifton, Letcher Wiley MC1-16 Dec-06-1908 Jun-09-1978 with Earla

Clifton, Earla Ione MC1-16 Feb-22-1916 .... ‘m. Oct-24-1943’; with Letcher

Open space

Alonzo, Anselmo Sr MC1-16 Apr-21-1929 Apr-06-1998 with Idolino

Alonzo, Idolino MC1-16 Dec-15-1929 .... ‘m. Jan-29-1950’; with Anselmo

Alonzo, Pete MC1-16 Oct-23-1950 Apr-03-1998 with Diane

Alonzo, Diane MC1-16 Aug-03-1952 .... with Pete

Row 17 – North to South; against back fence

Work, Loris MC1-17 Aug-19-1922 Dec-17-1996 with Iva Mae; rock covered

Work, Iva Mae MC1-17 Feb-12-1916 Aug-05-1998 with Loris; rock covered

Dunford, Lucy E. MC1-17 Jan-11-1915 Jun-25-1997 rock covered

Eckenrod, Elzennia Mae MC1-17 Jun-04-1944 Jun-13-1986 rock covered

Unknown-TFM – unreadable

Lawson, Alonzo D. MC1-17 Sep-01-1906 .... with Azle

Lawson, Azle Bonner MC1-17 Dec-05-1900 .... with Alonzo

Alonzo, Roberto MC1-17 May-11-1953 Aug-19-1982 ‘Son’; PIC

Alonzo, Dario MC1-17 Sep-15-1895 Oct-23-1972

Hafer, Beatrice Case MC1-17 Dec-14-1916 .... ‘Wife & Mother’

Case, Roy S. MC1-17 1890-1970 ‘Daddy’; with Pearl

Case, Pearl T. MC1-17 1906-1997 ‘Mother’; with Roy

Murray, James B. MC1-17 1896-1970 ‘Dad’; with Nena

Murray, Nena B. MC1-17 1894-1982 with James

Couch, Emma MC1-17 Apr-30-1896 Oct-02-1977

Clardy, John MC1-17 Jan-13-1906 Jan-16-1974 ‘TX Pvt USA WWII’; with Mary

Clardy, Mary Frances MC1-17 Jul-30-1921 Dec-19-1967 with John

Altman, Bertie B. MC1-17 Mar-29-1888 Mar-29-1967 ‘Dad’; with Regina; PIC

Altman, Regina P. MC1-17 Jun-27-1887 Oct-02-1967 ‘Mom’; with Bertie; PIC

Cox, Gilbert Owen Sr MC1-17 Oct-10-1909 Aug-19-1984 with Frances; PIC

Cox, Frances Altman MC1-17 Oct-20-1912 Sep-30-1991 with Gilbert; PIC

Cox, Gilbert Owen Jr MC1-17 Aug-21-1934 Apr-19-1992

Section II (MC2) – South side of cemetery from entry gate to South fence

Row 1 – North to South – from entry gate

Open space to southeast corner

Underwood, Henry E. MC2-01 Jun-23-1894 Mar-01-1981 ‘Father’; with Ada

Underwood, Ada MC2-01 Sep-29-1899 Oct-26-1987 ‘Mother’; with Henry

Underwood, Susan E. MC2-01 1870-1957

Underwood, John Franklin MC2-01 Feb-15-1899 Sep-14-1983

Gamon, Tola Beatrice MC2-01 Jan-29-1903 Aug-26-1985 with Jack

Gamon, Jack MC2-01 May-02-1895 Feb-26-1985 ‘Cpl USA WWI’; with Tola

Gamon, Lee D. MC2-01 Nov-12-1923 Jun-06-1957 ‘Cpl USA WWII’

Dotson, D. Adolph MC2-01 Jun–18-1922 May-09-2000 with Katherine; PIC

Dotson, Katherine M. MC2-01 Jan-02-1923 .... ‘m. Mar-08-1943’; with Adolph; PIC

Row 2 – South to North, end at entry gate

"AD" plot

Open space

Cox, Claude MC2-02 Feb-06-1914 .... with Zora

Cox, Zora Belle Gray MC2-02 Jul-10-1922 .... ‘m. Jul-09-1938’; with Claude

Autrey, Doyce MC2-02 Oct-13-1922 Jun-28-1997 with Pauline

Autrey, Pauline MC2-02 Nov-21-1925 Jun-02-2000 ‘m. Jun-14-1941'; with Doyce

Hill, O.G. MC2-02 Oct-24-1911 Sep-05-1978 with Rossie

Hill, Rossie D. MC2-02 Jul-31-1908 Apr-01-1989 with O.G.

Gray, J. Sidney MC2-02 Mar-11-1920 Feb-04-1957 PIC

Unknown-concrete marker

Thedford, Ophia H. MC2-02 1916-1957 with Nathan; WC

Thedford, Nathan T. MC2-02 1908-1958 with Ophia; WOW

"A" plot

Shoe, William F. MC2-02 Dec-27-1906 Apr-10-1979 ‘CSP USN WWII’

Hagerman, Douglas R. MC2-02 May-13-1909 Aug-13-1974 ‘MSgt USAF’

Turner, Walter Ray MC2-02 Jul-27-1937 Feb-16-1972 ‘TX A3c USAF’

Turner, Linda Gail MC2-02 Jun-25-1962 Jun-28-1962 with Terry Lynn

Turner, Terry Lynn MC2-02 Jun-25-1962 Jun-26-1962 with Linda Gail

Ford, Effie D. MC2-02 1898-1961

Aldrich, Joe E. Sr MC2-02 Mar-31-1915 May-17-1989 ‘SSgt USAF WWII Korea; Father’; with Nannie

Aldrich, Nannie Belle MC2-02 Jan-08-1921 May-25-1991 ‘Mother’; with Joe

Couch, Clara May MC2-02 Aug-14-1924 Jul-26-1925

Couch, William F. MC2-02 Mar-01-1897 Jan-05-1979 ‘Daddy’; with Velma

Couch, Velma Clardy MC2-02 Feb-15-1901 Nov-09-1987 ‘Mama’; with William

Morgan, Lula MC2-02 1893-1962 ‘Mama’; with Richard

Morgan, Richard W. MC2-02 1888-1988 with Lula

Davis, Ruby Morgan MC2-02 Oct-20-1926 Oct-10-1998 ‘Daughter’

Magee, Lawrence Edward MC2-02 May-04-1893 Nov-23-1975 ME

Magee, Fannie Viola MC2-02 Jun-30-1890 Mar-20-1968

Magee, William J. MC2-02 Mar-18-1888 May-14-1969 ME

Sowell, Oscar C. MC2-02 Oct-17-1908 Dec-16-1979 with Mattie ME

Sowell, Mattie B. MC2-02 Apr-19-1914 .... with Oscar; OES

Smeley, Virgil MC2-02 Jul-12-1922 Jun-20-1998 ‘SSgt USA WWII’

Dufresne, Nelwyn Richardson MC2-02 Apr-28-1926 Mar-06-1977

Richardson, John G. MC2-02 Jul-10-1900 Mar-30-1973 ‘Dad’; with Wilma; PIC

Richardson, Wilma O. MC2-02 Sep-25-1902 Sep-23-1972 ‘Mom m. Apr-02-1921'; with John; PIC

McCown, Claude A. MC2-02 Oct-05-1894 Apr-18-1974

McCown, Claude Alvin MC2-02 Jan-20-1921 Oct-13-1999 ‘WT1 USN WWII’

McCown, Lena Lester MC2-02 Mar-18-1899 Mar-17-1988

McLeod, Tipton H. MC2-02 Oct-08-1926 .... with Opal

McLeod, Opal O. MC2-02 Mar-29-1927 Jun-11-1976 with Tipton

Carpenter, Charles Winfred Sr MC2-02 May-17-1938 Dec-16-1985 PIC

Carpenter, Alfred R. MC2-02 Jul-19-1927 Aug-10-1987 with Dorothy

Carpenter, Dorothy E. MC2-02 Nov-15-1928 .... ‘m. Feb-24-1945’; with Alfred

McMeans, Paschal A. MC2-02 Aug-23-1914 Feb-26-2001 with Emma

McMeans, Emma Jean MC2-02 Apr-25-1919 .... ‘m. Feb-06-1939'; with Paschal

McLeod, E.L. MC2-02 Jul-08-1921 .... with Hilda

McLeod, Hilda MC2-02 Feb-20-1927 .... with E.L.

Rawlinson, Joe Frank MC2-02 Jun-04-1958 Dec-19-1995 ‘Son/Brother/Uncle’

Arnold, Meagan Nicole MC2-02 Jul-15-1994 Dec-26-1994

Rawlinson, Randy Lynn MC2-02 Mar-22-1957 Jun-04-1989

Row 3 – North to South

Taylor, Earl Davis MC2-03 Jun-28-1927 Dec-08-1985 ‘Cpl USA WWII’; with Elizabeth & Earl A.

Taylor, Elizabeth MC2-03 Mar-28-1906 Mar-13-1999 with Earl Davis & Earl A.

Taylor, Earl A. MC2-03 Jan-24-1900 Jan-14-1989 with Elizabeth & Earl Davis

Lacy, Raymond MC2-03 Feb-11-1905 Jan-17-1997 with Alma; ME

Lacy, Alma S. MC2-03 Sep-09-1904 Feb-10-1998 with Raymond; OES

Lacy, Alton MC2-03 Nov-25-1902 Jul-09-1975 with Basil; ME

Lacy, Basil Birdsong MC2-03 Sep-15-1902 Jul-04-1994 with Alton

Rawlinson, Roy Earl MC2-03 Nov-11-1919 .... with Claudie

Rawlinson, Claudie Dee MC2-03 Aug-28-1934 Jan-27-1996 ‘Mother’; with Roy

Cornelison, Audrey ‘Autry’ MC2-03 Oct-01-1929 Aug-02-1984 with Sandy; ME

Cornelison, Sammy Ruth ‘Sandy’ MC2-03 Jul-03-1932 .... with Autry

Sweatt, Armano MC2-03 Sep-24-1904 Nov-01-1988 ‘Mom’

Cornelison, Audra MC2-03 Feb-28-1910 Jun-13-1977 with Nadine; ME

Cornelison, Nadine MC2-03 Jul-28-1908 Mar-18-1986 with Audra

Carpenter, Reta Sue MC2-03 Nov-06-1944 Dec-15-1993

Carpenter, Jerry Bob MC2-03 Aug-07-1941 Nov-31-1974

Carpenter, Pearl MC2-03 Mar-03-1907 Nov-11-1971 with Dee

Carpenter, Dee MC2-03 Oct-03-1905 Aug-10-1984 with Pearl

Carpenter, Barney MC2-03 Nov-02-1901 Sep-01-1983 ‘Father’

Carpenter, Ernest S. MC2-03 Jan-20-1903 Jun-16-1975 with Lottie

Carpenter, Lottie M. MC2-03 Jan-11-1908 Aug-26-2001 ‘m. Jul-04-1926’; with Ernest

Unknown–sandstone marker

Magee, Walter ‘Bud’ MC2-03 Jun-12-1911 Jul-06-1983 ‘Daddy’; with Amy; rock covered

Magee, Amy Katherine MC2-03 Oct-9-1914 Mar-15-1961 ‘m. Jul-27-1937 Mother’; with Walter

Unknown, Unknown MC2-03 ....-.... concrete marker

Unknown, Unknown MC2-03 ....-.... concrete marker

Murphy, Allen K. MC2-03 Feb-22-1961 Feb-22-1961 ‘infant son’

Murphy, Rex R. MC2-03 Feb-12-1916 Oct-03-1994 ‘Sgt USA WWII’; with Oweta

Murphy, Oweta MC2-03 Jan-16-1919 .... with Rex

Magee, Tony MC2-03 Dec-08-1946 only date

Magee, Truman MC2-03 Sept-10-1920 .... with Willie

Magee, Willie Mae MC2-03 Sep-13-1921 .... ‘m. Feb-17-1940'; with Truman

Wallace, Roy M. MC2-03 Sep-21-1929 .... ME

Wallace, Evelyn Cosper MC2-03 Aug-10-1926 .... OES

Gamon, Reed MC2-03 1900-1972

Cowan, Earl MC2-03 May-20-1911 Jan-18-1976 ‘Daddy’; with Ezelle

Cowan, Ezelle MC2-03 Feb-28-1910 .... ‘m. Apr-14-1934’; with Earl

Cowan, John E. MC2-03 Aug-10-1888 Jul-24-1976 with Mary

Cowan, Mary G. MC2-03 Feb-17-1889 Oct-19-1965 with John

Holcomb, Mollie Cowan MC2-03 1869-1955 ‘Mother’

Cowan, Libbie Mayfield MC2-03 Apr-09-1896 Oct-21-1978 ‘m. Dec-18-1916'; with Walter

Cowan, Walter Britton MC2-03 Mar-20-1896 Jul-15-1974 with Libbie

Magee, Chester E. MC2-03 May-19-1908 May-28-1968 ‘Daddy’

Magee, LaDonna Beth MC2-03 Jul-11-1953 Jul-12-1953

Liles, Elmer E. MC2-03 Dec-07-1903 Aug-07-1970 with Lessie

Lilles, Lessie A. MC2-03 May-08-1910 Mar-19-1988 with Elmer

Liles, Johnny Ray MC2-03 Feb-22-1941 Nov-11-1950 PIC

Waldrup, Dewey Spurgeon MC2-03 Mar-24-1930 Jul-10-1996 ‘Father & Son’

Open space

"AD" plot

Row 4 – South to North, very uneven rows

Open space

Jay, Ross D. MC2-04 Aug-27-1900 Aug-02-1977

Jay, Charles Victor MC2-04 Oct-21-1902 Dec-30-1986 ‘PFC USA WWII’

Wallace, Woodie MC2-04 Jun-29-1914 Jun-12-1995 with Grace; uneven row

Wallace, Grace MC2-04 Mar-05-1918 Sep-20-2000 ‘m. Jul-04-1936 with Woodie; uneven row

Unknown-concrete marker

Wallace, Lonnie MC2-04 Jul-05-1887 Sep-15-1943 with Mattie

Wallace, Mattie MC2-04 May-06-1884 Jan-27-1977 with Lonnie

Casey, Roland H. MC2-04 1891-1962 ‘Father’; with Annie

Casey, Annie T. MC2-04 1895-1978 with Roland

Casey, Elmer Godfrey MC2-04 Mar-27-1917 Dec-14-1968 ‘TX TEC3 115 Sig Svc Co WWII’; with Guella

Casey, Guella M. MC2-04 Jun-15-1918 .... ‘Mother’; with Elmer

Tennison, Jewel MC2-04 Mar-06-1899 Jun-07-1982 ‘Mother’; uneven row

Lacy, Jasper L. MC2-04 1865-1947 with Montie; uneven row

Lacy, Montie MC2-04 1870-1947 with Jasper; uneven row

Open space

Gibbs, James P. MC2-04 Jan-31-1922 Jan-26-1993 ‘USN WWII’; with Rubie; ME

Gibbs, Rubie O. MC2-04 Oct-22-1924 .... with James

Skinner, Woodie MC2-04 Feb-05-1917 May-05-2000 with Patsy

Skinner, Patsy L. MC2-04 Sep-26-1924 Nov-04-1982 ‘m. May-05-1941 with Woodie

Graham, Gus A. MC2-04 Jul-04-1910 Apr-03-1964 uneven row

Graham, Pearl MC2-04 Dec-14-1913 Jun-04-1971 uneven row

McLeod, Hubert G. MC2-04 Feb-14-1918 Aug-31-1999 with Marguerite

McLeod, Marguerite MC2-04 Dec-14-1920 .... ‘m. Jun-10-1939'; with Hubert

McLeod, Gene MC2-04 1940-1954 PIC

McLeod, Earl L. MC2-04 Mar-06-1887 May-12-1951 with Flossie; PIC

McLeod, Flossie MC2-04 Mar-04-1892 Sep-20-1980 with Earl; PIC

Wilkins, Mary T. MC2-04 Sep-08-1886 Jan-26-1957 ‘Mom’; with John; PIC

Wilkins, John H. MC2-04 Nov-30-1886 Apr-23-1967 with Mary; PIC

Wilkins, Roy Clifton MC2-04 Jul-16-1908 May-15-1965

Carpenter, Harold G. MC2-04 1938-1958 PIC

Carpenter, James Franklin MC2-04 1932-1958 ‘Daddy’; PIC

Wallace, Allen Cameron MC2-04 1906-1965

Wallace, Sybil McCown MC2-04 1907-1988 ‘Mother’

Birdwell, Freddie Gene MC2-04 Jun-12-1937 Jan-25-1967 ‘Dad’; with Dorothy; PIC

Birdwell, Dorothy Tipton MC2-04 Nov-15-1939 Jan-16-1997 with Freddie; PIC

Birdwell, Freddie Gene Jr MC2-04 Jan-07-1961 Mar-08-1978

Stewart, Hollie Jean MC2-04 Jun-02-1976 Sep-03-2001

Carpenter, Fred MC2-04 Feb-02-1917 Jun-20-1994 ‘F1 USN WWII’

Jenkins, Idella MC2-04 1907-1986 ‘m. Jul-26-1923’; with Dewitt

Jenkins, Dewitt MC2-04 1901-1967 with Idella

Open spaces to Entry

Row 5 – North to South

Darby, Ken Lloyd MC2-05 Dec-15-1949- Mar-28-1965

Anderson, George MC2-05 Mar-08-1905 Apr-29-1964 with Frances; ME

Anderson, Frances MC2-05 Aug-01-1911 Mar-21-1984 with George

Open space

Wardell, John A. MC2-05 Feb-25-1916 Jul-12-1983 ‘MSgt USA WWII’

McMeans, Burley MC2-05 Dec-22-1886 Sep-18-1946 with Anna

McMeans, Anna Mae MC2-05 Mar-07-1890 Jan-18-1987 with Burley

McMeans, Lenita Ann MC2-05 Feb-28-1933 Mar-08-1933 ‘dau of Mr & Mrs L.B. McMeans’

Graham, Rebecca Ann MC2-05 ....-.... ‘infant dau of Mr & Mrs G.A. Graham’

Graham, Harold L. MC2-05 1934-1936

Graham, Sharon L. MC2-05 1932-1933

Gibbs, Monroe R. MC2-05 May-01-1871 Jan-10-1930 with Martha

Gibbs, Martha D. MC2-05 Dec-19-1882 Apr-06-1965 with Monroe

White, Verna Dean MC2-05 Jun-09-1909 Nov-20-1992

Gibbs, Della Ann MC2-05 Mar-27-1941 only date

Gibbs, William Powell MC2-05 1910-1965

Culbertson, Hazel Tipton MC2-05 Jan-15-1913 ....

Culbertson, Leonard B. MC2-05 Sep-03-1895 Nov-10-1974 ‘PHM2 USN’

Caveness, Edward E. MC2-05 Oct-03-1927 Jul-24-1943

Caveness, Edward E. ‘Bob’ MC2-05 Jan-03-1902 Jul-15-1989 with Jewell

Caveness, Jewell MC2-05 Sep-25-1900 Apr-29-1995 with Edward

Sessions, Infant MC2-05 Apr-03-1945 only date ‘Son of Mr & Mrs Doyle Sessions’

Sessions, Doyle MC2-05 Jul-31-1909 Nov-21-1979 with Reba

Sessions, Reba MC2-05 May-12-1918 Dec-19-1996 with Doyle

Gill, Will MC2-05 Feb-06-1873 Sep-04-1949 with Mertis

Gill, Mertis MC2-05 Sep-07-1883 Apr-19-1951 with Will

Allen, Mack MC2-05 Jun-10-1910 Jan-20-1984 with Ruby; ME

Allen, Ruby G. MC2-05 Mar-08-1915 Feb-17-1978

Jay, Ellie M. MC2-05 Aug-30-1880 Mar-17-1969

Jay, Joel Dallas MC2-05 Sep-05-1876 Apr-14-1946


Row 6 – South to North

Clark, Kim Sue MC2-06 Jan-09-1971 Dec-08-2000 TFM

Unknown - Two metal markers

Clark, Walter R. Jr MC2-06 Nov-08-1932 Dec-16-1998 ‘CPL USA Korea; Daddy’; with Evelyn

Clark, Evelyn MC2-06 Jul-07-1932 May-17-1985 ‘Mother’; with Walter

Unknown – Two metal markers

Gill, William Roscoe MC2-06 Sep-08-1916 Apr-06-1978 with Emma

Gill, Emma Ahnolia MC2-06 May-20-1921 .... ‘m. Jan-18-1941’; with William

Brown, Marcus Andrew MC2-06 Jun-09-1958 only date

Tipton, Mable Dona MC2-06 Mar-02-1882 Feb-10-1968 with William

Tipton, William Dellis MC2-06 Oct-22-1878 Aug-19-1976 with Mable

Webb, Rubye Tipton MC2-06 Jan-15-1898 Nov-04-1971

Tilley, Opal Tipton MC2-06 Jan-14-1899 Jan-17-1990

Open space

Shuptrine, Pauline O. MC2-06 Aug-07-1912 Nov-05-1979 ‘Mother’

Mack, Monroe T. MC2-06 Jun-11-1852 Nov-09-1924 with Laura

Mack, Laura O. MC2-06 Aug-04-1863 Jul-12-1931 with Monroe

Mack, John Thomas MC2-06 Dec-19-1882 Nov-17-1957

Davis, Pansy Jane MC2-06 Sep-03-1918 Mar-15-1995

Davis, Phillip Michael MC2-06 Jun-30-1942 ....

Newsom, Isaac Lockheart MC2-06 Feb-03-1817 Sep-10-1908 ME

Russell, Guy MC2-06 Oct-29-1890 Dec-04-1979 ‘PVT USA WWI’; with Faye

Russell, Faye MC2-06 Aug-20-1905 Jul-27-1996 ‘m. Jun-14-1930’; with Guy

Hamilton, Rebecca Kindness MC2-06 1859-1942

Hamilton, Harvey MC2-06 1854-1921

Hamilton, George MC2-06 Dec-31-1899 Feb-12-1936 ‘Father’; with Willie

Hamilton, Willie Ford MC2-06 Oct-06-1899 Jun-07-1972 ‘Mother’; with George

Hamilton, Jasper H. MC2-06 1922-1949

Powell, Jarrett L. MC2-06 Sep-24-1909 Jun-17-1981 with Ann

Powell, Ann B. MC2-06 Oct-23-1918 Sep-13-1983 with Jarrett

Rodgers, Elmer Pearl MC2-06 Apr-13-1917 Feb-13-1923

Joiner, Col. Robert E. MC2-06 Dec-07-1939 .... ‘US Army’; with Karen

Joiner, Karen Cone MC2-06 Aug-28-1941 Jun-22-1992; DAR

Davis, Nelda Limbaugh MC2-06 Oct-09-1938 Apr-20-2001 ‘wife of Roger’

Wilson, Mack W. MC2-06 May-30-1907 Jan-20-1947 with Grace

Wilson, Grace Bowers MC2-06 Mar-23-1906 .... with Mack

Row 7 – North to South

Open space from road

Unknown – stone marker

Moore, Ola MC2-07 Dec-23-1875 Dec-01-1942 ‘Mother’; with Will

Moore, Will MC2-07 Feb-14-1865 Dec-26-1943 with Ola

Beaird, Viola MC2-07 1901-1924

Open space to far south end

Unknown - concrete marker

Open space

Yarbrough, Louise MC2-07 May-11-1922 Jul-13-1994

Clark, Walter R. Sr MC2-07 Feb-23-1903 Feb-08-1977 ‘Big Daddy’

Unknown – stone marker

Clark, William Andrew MC2-07 Mar-12-1880 Mar-24-1952 ‘Papa’

Unknown – TFM

Row 8 – South to North – short row

Clark, Wilson MC2-08 1919-1944

Unknown – marble marker

Clarke, Earle MC2-08 Sep-23-1905 Mar-10-1906 ‘Son of W.A. & L.A. Clarke’

Clarke, Hubert B. MC2-08 Apr-08-1909 Oct-19-1910 ‘Son of W.A. & L.A. Clarke’

Unknown - Ten concrete markers

Row 9 – South to North

Loughmiller, William L. MC2-09 1855-1929 with Elizabeth

Loughmiller, Elizabeth MC2-09 1861-1913 with William

Unknown – Two concrete markers

Stelle, Elizabeth MC2-09 no dates; marble marker

Unknown - concrete marker

Unknown - sandstone marker

Unknown - Eleven concrete markers

Tipton, John H. MC2-09 May-29-1885 Mar-24-1965 ‘Father’; with Texia; PIC

Tipton, Texia M. MC2-09 Nov-08-1891 Jun-16-1976 ‘Mother’; PIC

Tipton, Travis MC2-09 Mar-20-1911 Mar-23-1911

Tipton, Wilmer MC2-09 Feb-14-1917 Feb-25-1917

Tipton, Elven Lee MC2-09 May-20-1922 May-25-1922

Thomason, W.B. MC2-09 1863-1938

Thomason, John H. MC2-09 Mar-04-1868 Jul-31-1951 with Sarah

Thomason, Sarah E. MC2-09 Sep-15-1878 .... with John

Thomason, Hilry Hubbard MC2-09 May-12-1879 Nov-15-1959

Sheffield, Newell Eldred MC2-09 Jan-30-1931 Feb-13-1931

Sheffield, Laura Lee MC2-09 Mar-28-1894 Sep 04-1950 with Thomas

Sheffield, Thomas R. MC2-09 Dec-21-1886 Aug-25-1973 with Laura

Haws, Bert J. MC2-09 Sep-11-1915 Aug-28-1979 with Ruby

Haws, Ruby Fern MC2-09 Nov-12-1915 .... with Bert

Powell, Barry Joe MC2-09 Feb-12-1955 Aug-18-1998

Young, Aldia C. MC2-09 Jun-29-1908 Sep-06-1989

Hedge, M.L. Sonny MC2-09 Sep-25-1940 Jun-16-1990

Limbaugh, Coy Lyles MC2-09 Apr-17-1916 Sep-14-1976 with Ovis

Limbaugh, Ovis Marie Tipton MC2-09 Feb-17-1918 Jan-11-1980 with Coy

Limbaugh, David Liles MC2-09 Sep-11-1948 Jun-26-1987 ‘Son of Coy & Ovis’; with Thomas

Limbaugh, Thomas Paul MC2-09 Aug-18-1952 Sep-10-1952 ‘Son of Coy & Ovis’; with David

Row 10 – North to South – starts in middle of cemetery

Williams, Sheila Ann Stallings MC2-10 Nov-26-1962 Dec-11-1991 TFM

Stallings, Preston F. MC2-10 1890-1953 with Katie

Stallings, Katie C. MC2-10 1899-1997 with Preston

Stallings, Lonzie W. MC2-10 Sep-24-1930 May-08-1954 ‘TX A3C USAF’

Unknown – concrete marker

Open space

Unknown - Eleven concrete markers

Privett, Mary Ann MC2-10 Dec-24-1855 Aug-25-1856 with Martha & Dr. J.C.

Privett, Martha E. MC2-10 Feb-24-1853 Jun-10-1856 with Mary & Dr. J.C.

Privett, J.C. Dr. MC2-10 Sep-13-1826 Feb-12-1857 with Martha & Mary

Row 11 North to South

Johnson, Boyd F. MC2-11 Nov-13-1919 May-14-1986 with Dorothy

Johnson, Dorothy V. MC2-11 Nov-12-1928 .... with Boyd

Johnson, Foy MC2-11 1908-1971

White, Granville S. MC2-11 Nov-02-1856 Sep-17-1937

Bowers, Dollie MC2-11 Oct-08-1887 Dec-31-1967 Isaiah

Bowers, Isaiah MC2-11 Jun-12-1879 May-06-1926 with Dollie

Jolly, George W. MC2-11 Mar-17-1916 Jul-07-1993 with Agnes

Jolly, Agnes Bowers MC2-11 Feb-27-1914 Sep-30-1991 with George

Thompson, Willie E. MC2-11 Oct-06-1906 Nov-11-1981 with Minnie; rock covered

Thompson, Minnie P. MC2-11 Dec-22-1906 Oct-20-1993 with Willie; rock covered

Bishop, Bea MC2-11 1898-1990

Haws, Gussie MC2-11 Sep-30-1896 Jan-06-1953 ‘Mother’; with Sebe; OES PIC

Haws, Sebe MC2-11 Jun-22-1889 Mar-16-1962 with Gussie; WOW PIC

Gandy, Theodore A. MC2-11 1869-1946 PIC

Gandy, Ada E. MC2-11 1874-1955 PIC

Heath, Coy Weaver MC2-11 Feb-24-1907 Dec-28-1988 with Bonnie

Heath, Bonnie MC2-11 Sep-10-1911 .... with Coy

Heath, Davey Lee MC2-11 Jan-04-1930 Jul-02-1931

Open space

Morgan, Evelyn Ruth MC2-11 May-20-1922 Dec-22-1989 ‘CPL USA WWII’

Morgan, Johnny Van MC2-11 Dec-25-1946 Jun-19-1959

Morgan, Andrew Jackson MC2-11 1910-1986 ‘USA WWII’

Unknown - Twelve concrete markers

Chambers, William C. MC2-11 Oct-12-1912 May-12-1978 with Dorothy

Chambers, Dorothy M. MC2-11 Jul-23-1925 Mar-10-1971 with William

Row 12 – South to North

Loftis, M.E. Mrs. MC2-12 (no dates) age 86 yrs 6 mo; ‘Mother’

Loftis, Rev. W.J. MC2-12 Nov-20-1845 Apr-05-1911 ME

Unknown - Five concrete markers

End of row

Row 13 – South to North

Brown, Earl MC2-13 Oct-21-1916 Jan-19-1986 with Mildred; ME

Brown, Mildred MC2-13 .... Apr-15-1992 ‘m. Jun-24-1939'; with Earl

Brown, Jerry W. MC2-13 Aug-11-1940 .... with Marie; ME

Brown, Marie E. MC2-13 May-06-1938 .... ‘m. Jul-1971’; with Jerry

Unknown – Two concrete markers

Tennison, Boyce Edward MC2-13 Jun-28-1934 Aug-17-1989 with Mary; ME

Tennison, Mary Earlene Cowan MC2-13 May-14-1937 .... with Boyce; RN

Unknown – Three concrete markers

Unknown – Two metal markers

Unknown – concrete marker

Murphey, Rupert MC2-13 1909-1978 ‘Daddy’

Murphey, Neva MC2-13 1915-1956 ‘Mother’

Open space

Upchurch, Minnie MC2-13 1882-1968 with Jesse

Upchurch, Jesse Stacey MC2-13 1854-1942 with Minnie

Haws, B.T. MC2-13 Oct-16-1918 Oct-19-1993 with Tommye; PIC

Haws, Tommye MC2-13 Mar-01-1918 Jul-22-1993 with B.T.; PIC

Cone, Jimmie H. MC2-13 Nov-07-1907 Jul-18-1981 with Cecile

Cone, Cecile T. MC2-13 Aug-14-1909 .... with Jimmie

Johnson, N.A.F. ‘Poleon’ MC2-13 1881-1965 with Lillian

Johnson, Lillian I. MC2-13 1888-1987 'Mama’; with Poleon

Johnson, Howard Leslie MC2-13 Sep-27-1927 Mar-06-1928

Wiggins, Ruth Ann MC2-13 1851-1932

Tipton, Alex G. MC2-13 Oct-06-1865 Apr-24-1941 with Lula

Tipton, Lula T. MC2-13 Sep-29-1865 Sep-10-1952 with Alex

Tipton, Dallas MC2-13 Jan-01-1884 Apr-27-1951 with Mary

Tipton, Mary Lee MC2-13 Feb-02-1889 May-28-1976 with Dallas

Edwards, Infant MC2-13 Dec-17-1945 only date; ‘Son of Mr & Mrs F.O. Edwards’

Edwards, Velma Lacy MC2-13 Dec-12-1907 Oct-31-1967

Edwards, F.O. ‘Red’ MC2-13 Sep-05-1908 Jul-29-1979

Tipton, Elmer D. MC2-13 Sep-15-1919 Jun-06-1973 ‘TX TEC4 USA WWII’

Tipton, Edwin T. MC2-13 May-05-1927 May-06-1970

Row 14 – North to South

Davis, Alexander D. Sr MC2-14 Aug-29-1895 Aug-03-1985 with Octavie

Davis, Octavie M. MC2-14 Dec-04-1900 Aug-06-1990 with Alexander

Davis, A.D., Jr. MC2-14 Sep-21-1924 Sep-22-1957 ‘TX YN2 USN WWII Korea’; PIC

Tipton, Ira Magee MC2-14 1898-1955 ‘Father; TX PFC USA WWI’

Tipton, Jewell C. MC2-14 1900-1967 ‘Mother’

Heath, Thomas P. MC2-14 Nov-13-1879 Aug-29-1967 with Gertha

Heath, Gertha L. MC2-14 Jul-01-1882 Aug-14-1942 with Thomas

Tipton, Velma Morris MC2-14 Feb-28-1886 May-06-1967

Morris, James J. MC2-14 Nov-30-1850 Mar-26-1928 with Jane

Morris, Jane M. MC2-14 Jun-01-1853 Mar-18-1928 with James

Morris, Ivan H. MC2-14 Dec-28-1892 Mar-25-1983 with Sibbie

Morris, Sibbie E. MC2-14 Dec-26-1890 Jan-14-1978 ‘m. Dec-21-1919’; with Ivan

Nicholson, Hubert B. MC2-14 Apr-26-1888 Apr-18-1968 with Maggie

Nicholson, Maggie B. MC2-14 Mar-17-1893 Apr-16-1970 with Hubert

Fuller, William C. MC2-14 1851-1928 ‘Father’; with Dee

Fuller, Dee M. MC2-14 1861-1940 ‘Mother’; with William

Tennison, Ethel MC2-14 Jun-24-.... Aug-28-1981 with Clyde

Tennison, Clyde MC2-14 Feb-08 .... Feb-18-1990 with Ethel

Womack, James L. MC2-14 1877-1945 with Zellah

Womack, Zellah R. MC2-14 1878-1966 with James

Thompson, Martin A. MC2-14 1890-1961 ‘Pa-Pa; Son of B. Franklin & Sara Thompson’; with Rosie

Thompson, Rosie M. MC2-14 1889-1948 ‘Mama Rosa; dau of Thomas J.& Rachel Womack’; with Martin

Tipton, Clavis Carson MC2-14 Mar-20-1911 Nov-25-1971 ‘Son of John H.& Texia Moore’; with Ruby

Tipton, Ruby Odessa MC2-14 Dec-26-1911 .... ‘Mother; dau of Martin A.& Rosa; with Clavis

Cameron, Alton O. MC2-14 Mar-04-1906 Dec-21-1992 with Lois

Cameron, Lois L. MC2-14 Jul-16-1906 Sep-09-1990 with Alton

Womack, Clatice MC2-14 1903-1963 ‘Daddy’; with Jessie

Womack, Jessie MC2-14 1907-1978 ‘Mother’; with Clatice

Wells, Fred P. MC2-14 Mar-06-1917 Apr-19-1981 ‘Daddy’; with Florence

Wells, Florence L. MC2-14 Feb-22-1921 Jun-05-1995 ‘Mama’; with Fred

Bird, Laura MC2-14 1867-1943

Partlow, Lula Bird MC2-14 1890-1942

Bird, Joy A. MC2-14 Aug-25-1948 .... ‘Nanny’; with Richard

Bird, Richard D. MC2-14 Dec-19-1944 .... ‘Paw-Paw’; with Joy

Bird, Jeffrey Dewayne MC2-14 Oct-11-1971 only date

Bird, James Clayton MC2-14 Mar-19-1898 Mar-11-1949 with Evie

Bird, Evie M. Moose MC2-14 Feb-02-1903 Nov-23-1994 with James

Bird, Gerald Thomas MC2-14 Apr-01-1933 Jan-23-1936 ‘Son of Mr & Mrs J.C. Bird’

Bird, Harold Keith Jr MC2-14 Aug-12-1954 Oct-31-1989

Tennison, M. Glenn MC2-14 Sep-28-1920 May-17-1989 ‘Dad; PVT USA WWII’; with Gladys

Tennison, Gladys MC2-14 May-19-1922 .... ‘Mom’; with Glenn

Tennison, Clara MC2-14 Jun-18-1892 Aug-06-1925 ‘Dad’; with Frank

Tennison, Frank MC2-14 Aug-22-1889 Jan-16-1967 with Clara

Tennison, Virgil K. MC2-14 Sep-13-1951 Dec-16-1954

Tennison, Marlin F. MC2-14 Jun-11-1918 Feb-04-1975 with Mary

Tennison, Mary L. MC2-14 Sep-13-1922 Jul-05-1968 with Marlin

Tennison, Billy Frank MC2-14 Jun-11-1953 Aug-17-1996 ‘Son/Brother/Uncle/Daddy’

Tennison, Boyd MC2-14 Apr-17-1914 Sep-27-1996 ‘Father’; with Ima

Tennison, Ima MC2-14 Jun-07-1917 Jul-13-1997 ‘Mother; m. Jul-26-1933'; with Boyd

Weesner, T.J. MC2-14 Jan-02-1923 .... ‘Dad’; with Faye

Weesner, Faye Tennison MC2-14 Feb-28-1924 Mar-23-1988 ‘Mom’; with T.J.

Row 15 – South to North

Tennison, M.L. MC2-15 Apr-03-1852 Sep-23-1892

Tennison, M.S. MC2-15 Sep-17-1854 Jul-12-1879 with Eva,2 Inf,Malissa,Thomas,ER & TH

Tennison, Eva A. MC2-15 Jan-07-1879 Jul-08-1879 with MS,2 Inf,Malissa,Thomas, ER & TH

Tennison, Infant MC2-15 Oct-27-1877 with MS,Eva,Inf,Malissa,Thomas,ER & TH

Tennison, Malissa MC2-15 May-24-1824 Dec-26-1862 with 2 Inf,Thomas,MS,TH,Eva & ER

Tennison, Thomas MC2-15 Apr-26-1809 Dec-08-1964 with 2 Inf,Malissa,MS,Eva,TH & ER

Tennison, Infant MC2-15 Jan 03-1858 with Thomas,Malissa,Inf,MS,Eva,TH & ER

Tennison, E.R. MC2-15 Oct-06-1859 Sep-21-1862 with Malissa,2 Inf,Thomas,TH,Eva & MS

Tennison, T.H. MC2-15 Feb-13-1848 Jul-15-1867 with Malissa,2 Inf,Thomas,ER,Eva & MS

Tennison, William Reuben Dr. MC2-15 Mar-18-1854 Nov-12-1936; Historical Marker

Historical Marker – Born in a log cabin in rural east Cherokee County, William Reuben Tennison earned a degree from St. Louis Medical School in 1878. He returned home to open an office in the home of his father, Mathew Tennison. For the next fifty-eight years he provided health care for the people of Cherokee county, often treating indigent patients without payment. He continued to treat patients until shortly before his death. Recorded 1988

Bird, Harold, Sr. MC2-15 Sep-30-1930 Aug-18-1992 ‘Blue’; with Lola

Bird, Lola Shreve MC2-15 Sep-19-1926 .... with Harold

End of Row

Row 16 North to South

Walley, Joshua Nortan MC2-16 Aug-23-1984 Aug-23-1984

Walley, Cody Chane MC2-16 May-30-1989 only date

Open space

Jones, James F. MC2-16 1879-1948 ‘Father’; with Annie

Jones, Annie Izora MC2-16 1884-1959 ‘Mother’; with James

Carnes, Robert F. MC2-16 Oct-19-1911 Nov-29-1999 with Sidney

Carnes, Sidney M. MC2-16 May-20-1916 Jul-16-1995 ‘m. Mar-06-1937’; with Robert

Limbaugh, Arnold S. MC2-16 Sep–01-1929 Dec-06-1958 ‘TX A1c 3920 Air Base Gp AF Korea’

Gibson, Lee Att MC2-16 Oct-03-1894 Mar-22-1976 ‘Cpl USA WWII’; with Ruby

Gibson, Ruby T. MC2-16 Feb-09-1898 Feb-04-1992

Open space

Dalby, Ida May MC2-16 Jun-12-1874 Jan-12-1910

Prater, L.C. MC2-16 1884-1957 ‘Father’; with Myrtle

Prater, Myrtle MC2-16 1889-1954 ‘ Mother’; with L.C.

Haws, Fannie MC2-16 1884-1945

Gill, J.M. MC2-16 1866-1934

Gill, J.J. MC2-16 Dec-15-1834 May-18-1926

Unknown - brick marker

Unknown - concrete marker

Unknown - concrete marker – between rows

Tennison, E.V. MC2-16 Jan-24-1857 Jan-29-1924 with W.R., Mary, Mathew & Eliza; ME

Tennison, Mary Jane MC2-16 Nov-27-1828 Apr-12-1891 with W.R., E.V., Mathew & Eliza

Tennison, Mathew MC2-16 Oct-10-1810 Feb-24-1903 with W.R., E.V., Mary & Eliza

Tennison, Eliza Jane Gill MC2-16 Sep-25-1850 Aug-16-1876 with W.R., E.V, Mary & Mathew

Unknown - Three concrete markers

End of Row

Row 17 – South to North

Darby, Infant MC2-17 1935 only date; ‘Son of Mr. & Mrs. Joe T. Darby’

Darby, William James MC2-17 Jul-31-1859 May-15-1937

Darby, Helen Cordia MC2-17 Nov-12-1874 Mar-24-1935

Unknown - Four concrete markers

Heath, Thomas Jefferson MC2-17 Jan-22-1867 Jun 03-1959 ‘Father’; with Ella Mae

Heath, Ella Mae MC2-17 Oct-05-1870 Feb-21-1961 ‘Mother’; with Thomas

Heath, Infant MC2-17 Mar-07-1894 only date; ‘Son of Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Heath’

Darby, Infant MC2-17 no date ‘Son of J.G. & C.J. Darby’

Darby, Lucy Neva MC2-17 May-25-1872 Mar-21-1891

Darby, Mollie Isabelle MC2-17 Aug-29-1874 Apr-12-1891

Darby, Julius Lee MC2-17 Jan-24-1876 Apr-17-1891

Darby, Julius G. MC2-17 Aug-10-1850 Jan-04-1929 ‘Father’; with Josephine

Darby, C. Josephine MC2-17 May-18-1854 Jun-19-1922 ‘Mother’; with Julius

McNair, Fannie Darby MC2-17 Mar-14-1884 Jun-26-1959

Darby, Iri Blanche MC2-17 Nov-27-1918 Sep-18-1919 ‘dau of G.H. & Cora Darby’

Darby, Infant MC2-17 Jul-09-1920 ‘dau of Mr&Mrs G.H. Darby, Twin sis of Cora Helen Tipton’

Darby, Cora Etta MC2-17 Jan-15-1895 Jul-10-1920 ‘Mother; age 25'; with George

Darby, George Henry MC2-17 Oct-31-1877 Jul-12-1930 ‘Daddy’ age 53 with Cora Etta

Tipton, Cora Helen MC2-17 Jul-09-1920 Feb-19-1989 with ‘Dick’

Tipton, Carl ‘Dick’ MC2-17 Jan-07-1908 May-02-1975 with Cora Helen

Tipton, George Carl MC2-17 Dec-22-1939 Jul-17-1994 ‘m. Feb-24-1958’; with Judy

Tipton, Judy Stewart MC2-17 Apr-21-1942 .... with George; engraved PIC

Chupp, Reba MC2-17 Mar-19-1895 Jan-10-1983 with Otis; rock covered

Chupp, Otis M. MC2-17 Jul-06-1893 Jul-19-1945 with Reba; rock covered

Chupp, Ruby T. MC2-17 Sep-27-1930 Nov-26-1930 rock covered

Limbaugh, E.B. MC2-17 Nov-14-1933 Feb-10-1040

Limbaugh, B.S. MC2-17 Jun-23-1889 Apr 10-1942

Limbaugh, Eula Mae MC2-17 Oct-26-1894 Aug-24-1987

Limbaugh, Hollis D. MC2-17 Apr-04-1909 Aug-22-1966 ‘TX S2 USNR WWII’; with Opal

Limbaugh, Opal B. MC2-17 Aug-02-1913 Aug-22-1994 with Hollis

Tipton, Howell MC2-17 Sep-11-1932 Nov-19-1940

Tipton, Eugene MC2-17 Apr-17-1937 Aug-24-1948

Tipton, Ralph MC2-17 Dec-15-1944 Nov-04-1946

Walley, A.N., Jr. MC2-17 Sep-22-1919 Aug-11-1994 ‘1st Lt USMC WWII’; with Hess

Walley, Hess MC2-17 Sep-29-1921 .... ‘m. Jun-08-1946’; with A.N.

Walley, Nortan MC2-17 1893-1956 ‘Daddy’; with Jewel; ME

Walley, Jewel MC2-17 1901-1997 ‘Mama’; with Nortan

Walley, Roy E. MC2-17 1923-.... with Mary Lou

Walley, Mary Lou MC2-17 1927-1963 with Roy

Walley, Joe Dave MC2-17 1961-1963

Walley, Lisa Sue MC2-17 May-16-1971 May-30-1971 ‘Daughter’

Row 18 – North to South

Heath, Lee MC2-18 Apr-20-1900 May-12-1964 with Manda; PIC

Heath, Manda MC2-18 Aug-18-1902 Oct-28-1993 with Lee; PIC

Heath, C.Ray MC2-18 Jul-03-1902 Jun-24-1996 with Martha; ME

Heath, Martha F. MC2-18 Aug-18-1902 Jan-31-1994 ‘m. Jul-08-1933’; with Ray

Cunningham, Vera F. MC2-18 Mar-18-1895 Oct-29-1980

Cunningham, Charles K. MC2-18 Nov-24-1894 Oct-18-1967 ‘BN Sgt Mat HQ Det 13 MG-BN WWI’

Watt, Burton MC2-18 May-25-1907 Nov-06-1982

Tipton, Alvie G. MC2-18 Sep-25-1902 May-05-1959 with Velma

Tipton, Velma Watt MC2-18 Jul-17-1904 Jun-19-1994 ‘m. Dec-29-1922’; with Alvie

Mann, R. Gerald MC2-18 Mar-22-1937 Jul-30-1997 with Jean

Mann, Jean Tipton MC2-18 Oct-20-1926 .... with Gerald

Payne, Calvin Dean MC2-18 Jul-06-1940 only date

Payne, Andrew Glenn MC2-18 Feb-20-1935 Jul-11-1937

Payne, Rubye F. MC2-18 Sep-28-1904 Mar-19-1986 with Annie

Payne, Annie MC2-18 Dec-15-1913 .... with Rubye

Prater, Carlton D. MC2-18 1912-1984 ‘Daddy’; with Nevia

Prater, Nevia A. MC2-18 1921-1964 ‘m. Nov-27-1941’; with Carlton

Hendry, John Leman MC2-18 Nov-25-1937 May-15-1988

Hendry, Neva W. Gray MC2-18 Oct-05-1914 Jul-02-1982

Fisher, Alda Irene MC2-18 Apr-23-1920 ....

Mutzbauer, Henry Peter MC2-18 Feb-08-1908 Oct-07-1976

Bailey, Johnie Mayfield MC2-18 Sep-28-1895 Jan-25-1974 ‘Mama’

Westbrook, Evelyn MC2-18 Jan-31-1917 .... ‘Mother’

Gray, Paulina Melvina MC2-18 Dec-01-1874 Feb-14-1952 ‘Mother’; with Bennie

Gray, Bennie Marie MC2-18 Feb-01-1912 Apr-28-1964 with Paulina

Gray, John Wesley MC2-18 Dec-08-1868 Jun-19-1951 ‘Daddy’

Darby, Infant MC2-18 Sep-08-1910 only date; ‘dau of Mr & Mrs Ben Darby

Darby, Nettie E. MC2-18 Feb-12-1890 Mar-08-1990 ‘Mother’; with Ben

Darby, Ben R. MC2-18 Dec-05-1885 Jul-15-1963 ‘Father’; with Nettie

Darby, Guy MC2-18 Sep-09-1888 Nov-09-1972 ‘Papa; m. Aug-15-1909’; with Ninnie

Darby, Ninnie MC2-18 Mar-20-1887 Jul 04-1966 ‘Mama’; with Guy

Darby, Chester D. MC2-18 May-05-1922 only date

Darby, Infant MC2-18 Oct-28-1907 only date; ‘son of Mr. & Mrs. D.T. Darby’

Darby, Charlie MC2-18 Jul-07-1879 Dec-26-1970 with Minnie

Darby, Minnie MC2-18 Dec-20-1886 Jun-14-1971 with Charlie

Open space

Unknown - concrete marker

Darby, Espy H. MC2-18 Mar-14-1853 Jul-12-1898

Darby, Alma E. MC2-18 1903-1905 ‘dau of V.M. & Mary Darby’

Unknown - Three concrete marker

Sellers, Pearlie M. MC2-18 Sep-29-1894 Feb-01-1897 ‘ dau of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Sellers’

Darby, John Lacy MC2-18 Sep-06-1874 Aug-16-1933 with Mary; PIC

Darby, Mary E. Stalling MC2-18 Jul-08-1878 Dec-09-1949 ‘wife of John Darby’; with John; PIC missing

Summers, Mary Kate MC2-18 1913-1957

Row 19 – South to North

Stallings, Daniel Murray MC2-19 Dec-27-1971 Dec-17-2001

Stallings, Henry D. MC2-19 Oct-25-1919 .... with Ella Mae

Stallings, Ella Mae MC2-19 Aug-11-1924 .... with Henry

Stallings, John H. MC2-19 Aug-27-1886 Nov-19-1962 with Bevie

Stallings, Bevie L. MC2-19 Jan-18-1893 Jun-12-1956 with John

Unknown – Three concrete markers

Dotson, Luther MC2-19 1874-1975 with Della

Dotson, Della MC2-19 1884-1934 with Luther

Dotson, Josiah MC2-19 Apr-04-1831 Oct-01-1900

Dotson, Amanda MC2-19 Sep-09-1833 Jan-01-1904 ‘wife of Josiah Dotson’

Dotson, J.C. MC2-19 Dec-29-1861 Aug-12-1904

Dotson, Lilly O. MC2-19 Dec-20-1865 Jul-26-1928

Walley, Sallie W. MC2-19 Nov-11-1872 Aug-19-1930 ‘Mother’; with J. Coda

Walley, J.Coda MC2-19 Feb-20-1891 May-27-1936 ‘Son’; with Sallie

Gray, Will MC2-19 1878-1903

Gray, Inez MC2-19 1884-1904

Gray, Robert N. MC2-19 Oct-07-1845 Oct-22-1916 ‘MS Pvt Co E 26 Regt Miss Inf-CSA’

Gray, Ruthy McKinney MC2-19 1843 Mar-25-1925 born in Miss.

Gray, John H. MC2-19 Sep-06-1896 Aug-..-1939 ‘Pvt Air Service’

Gray, Walter W. MC2-19 Nov-23-1899 Jan-17-1941

Gray, Alex ‘A.L.’ MC2-19 Dec-22-1872 Jul-18-1951 ‘Father’; with Rosa

Gray, Rosa Ella MC2-19 Jun-26-1876 Feb-29-1956 ‘Mother’; with Alex

Dickson, Homer Lee MC2-19 Apr-14-1889 Oct-30-1978 with Martha

Dickson, Martha Jane MC2-19 Apr-23-1900 Aug-10-1992 with Homer

Dickson, John E. MC2-19 Jan-22-1891 Jan-20-1971 ‘TX Pvt USA WWI’

Brown, Lola M. MC2-19 Sep-07-1913 Apr-11-1996 with Clyde

Brown, Clyde MC2-19 May-30-1911 .... with Lola

Brown, Martin H. MC2-19 1878-1962 ‘Father’; with Claudia

Brown, Claudia MC2-19 1884-1971 with Martin

Brown, Billy MC2-19 May-30-1922 Sep-19-1927

Fitch, Lyndell MC2-19 May-28-1940 May-29-1940 ‘Baby’

Fitch, Audrey MC2-19 May-28-1919 Apr-18-1999 with Y.D.

Fitch, Y.D. MC2-19 May-28-1919 Apr-18-1999 ‘Pfc USA WWII’; with Audrey

Open to end of row at road

Row 20 – North to South

Fields, James Albert MC2-20 Nov-17-1909 Nov-07-1967 ‘TX PTR1 USNR WWII’

Greene, Nellie R. MC2-20 Jan-05-1908 May-03-1995

Roebuck, John C. MC2-20 1879-1966 with Icie

Roebuck, Icie MC2-20 1874-1957 with John

Cunningham, Joseph Leverett MC2-20 Feb-09-1899 Dec-28-1967 with Drusilla

Cunningham, Drusilla Louise MC2-20 .... Jan-19-1997 with Joseph

Davis, Infant MC2-20 Aug-26-1931 only date; ‘dau of Mr. & Mrs. S.L. Davis’

Davis, Infant MC2-20 May-13-1929 ‘dau of Mr. & Mrs. S.L. Davis’

Davis, Silas L. Doc MC2-20 Apr-19-1909 Dec-11-1995 with Beatrice

Davis, Beatrice MC2-20 Nov-08-1908 Jun-07-1992 with Silas

End of row

Row 21 – North to South

Bennett, Charles Wayne MC2-21 Jul-14-1936 Sep-26-1997

Bennett, Jammie S. MC2-21 May-02-1896 Apr-25-1969 with Verlie; ME

Bennett, Verlie MC2-21 Mar-31-1900 Sep-12-1984 with Jammie

Bennett, Joe Eldred MC2-21 Mar-23-1932 Mar-22-1990

Brown, Maxie MC2-21 Nov-14-1926 .... ‘Wife of W.C. Brown’

Brown, Eddie Murl MC2-21 Jun-14-1928 Nov-18-1986 ‘Wife/Mother’; with Winston

Brown, Winston Charles MC2-21 Jan-27-1996 Nov-24-1991 ‘SSgt USA WWII’; with Eddie Murl

Open space

Carney plot

Carney, Donald Lee MC2-21 Dec-27-1955 Feb-06-2001

Wood, John R. ‘Jack’ MC2-21 Nov-22-1940 Mar-31-2000 with Betty

Wood, Betty Carney MC2-21 Sep-07-1942 .... ‘m. May-29-1971’; with John

Carney, W.L. ‘Pat’ MC2-21 Jul-22-1916 Apr-01-1982 with Ima

Carney, Ima Louise MC2-21 Dec-16-1918 .... ‘m. Dec-25-1937’; with W.L.

Davis, John W. MC2-21 Jan-28-1871 Feb-10-1928 with Susan

Davis, Susan E. MC2-21 Feb-22-1876 Mar-23-1967 with John

Benoit, Jewel Davis MC2-21 Oct-13-1912 Dec-30-1997

Glover plot

Wood plot

Ellis, Mona MC2-21 Aug-03-1889 Jun-25-1925 ‘Mother’

Ellis, Margaret Ann MC2-21 Jan-07-1858 Mar-02-1923

Ellis, J.C. MC2-21 Dec-18-1858 Nov-28-1919

Tipton, Laura A. MC2-21 Mar-11-1865 Jun-16-1957 ‘Mother; Wife of Isaac W.’

Tipton, Isaac W. MC2-21 Feb-14-1864 Feb-06-1928 memorial only, buried in El Paso, TX

Tipton, Madge MC2-21 1882-1903

Dotson, Weldon MC2-21 Aug-05-1911 Sep-01-1969 with Lucille

Dotson, Lucille MC2-21 Oct-24-1912 .... ‘m. Apr-07-1936’; with Weldon

Gill, Tom MC2-21 Mar-29-1916 Feb-04-1991 ‘Cpl USA WWII’

Gill, G. Frank MC2-21 May-24-1878 May-04-1957 with Effie

Gill, Effie MC2-21 Jan-13-1890 May-23-1977 ‘Mother’; with Frank

Gill, Mrs. Bonnie MC2-21 Jan-09-1891 Mar-07-1969

Gill, Marvin MC2-21 Dec-26-1886 Mar-17-1976 ‘Pvt USA WWI'

Unknown - concrete marker

Row 22 – South to North

Gill, Henry K. MC2-22 Oct-29-1924 Feb-05-1989 ‘Tec 4 USA WWII; Father’; with Elizabeth

Gill, Elizabeth MC2-22 Feb-28-1927 .... ‘Mother’; with Henry

Isaaks, Troy MC2-22 Oct-22-1909 Jan-29-1989 with Eunice

Isaaks, Eunice MC2-22 May-13-1903 May-03-1985 with Troy

Isaaks, Baby MC2-22 Sep-06-1934 only date

Garrett, Wilmeth F. MC2-22 Feb-19-1884 Apr-20-1968 ‘Papa’; with Mary

Garrett, Mary Eliza MC2-22 Jan-17-1872 Sep-08-1909 ‘Mama’; with Wilmeth

Dotson, Hazel MC2-22 Feb-09-10-1919 ‘dau of Mr. & Mrs. Finus Dotson’

Dickson, Lee MC2-22 Jan-30-1881 Mar-07-1952 ‘Father’; with Tola

Dickson, Tola MC2-22 May-06-1883 Nov-08-1952 ‘Mother’; with Lee

Barnett, Julia MC2-22 Oct-18-1906 Feb-19-1941

Ellis, Olin Kyle Jr MC2-22 Feb-08-1931 Oct-18-1951 PIC

Ellis, Olin Kyle MC2-22 Sep-09-1882 Mar-04-1965 ‘Daddy’; with Bonnie

Ellis, Bonnie C. MC2-22 Jul-09-1892 Jul-05-1981 with Olin

Banks, James M. MC2-22 Sep-23-1912 .... with June

Banks, June Ellis MC2-22 Nov-24-1913 .... ‘m. Jun-24-1938’; with James

Loughmiller, Kathryn Jeanette MC2-22 Mar-09-1932 .... ‘Mother; m. Jul-26-1952’; with Leonard

Loughmiller, Leonard MC2-22 Mar-17-1925 Nov-03-1997 ‘Father’; with Kathryn

Loughmiller, Ida MC2-22 Jan-02-1906 Mar-20-1984 ‘m. Oct-16-1920’; with Lester

Loughmiller, Lester MC2-22 Dec-31-1891 Jun-09-1945 with Ida

Loughmiller, Leeroy MC2-22 Sep-07-1922 Dec-01-1939

Dotson, Harrison MC2-22 Feb-02-1874 Mar-14-1962 with Callie

Dotson, Callie MC2-22 Sep-09-1868 Feb-09-1963 with Harrison

Dotson, Finus MC2-22 Mar-17-1896 Aug-27-1980 with Novice; PIC

Dotson, Novice MC2-22 Mar-28-1902 Nov-28-2000 with Finus; PIC

Dotson, John A MC2-22 Aug-13-1898 Aug-31-1962 with Beatrice

Dotson, Beatrice MC2-22 Aug-31-1919 .... with John

Liles, Earl Jr MC2-22 Oct-18-1924 Oct-02-1964 with Jean

Liles, Jean MC2-22 Feb-11-1927 .... with Earl

Open to end of row

Row 23 – North to South – starts at west end of entry road

Waldrup, Jerry Lynn MC2-23 Sep-24-1942 only date

Waldrup, Florine MC2-23 Apr-12-1919 .... ‘m. Jun-20-1936’; with Cloyd; OES

Waldrup, Cloyd MC2-23 Aug-19-1914 Aug-21-1989 with Florine; ME

Waldrup, Shirley Ann MC2-23 May-30-1941 Oct-15-1941 ‘Daughter’

Richardson, Sarah E. MC2-23 Aug-28-1876 Jul-03-1934 with J.H.

Richardson, J.H. MC2-23 Apr-17-1877 Jul-08-1934 with Sarah

Richardson, Mary E. MC2-23 Sep-15-1910 Mar-22-1987 with Floyd

Richardson, Floyd MC2-23 Feb-09-1910 Dec-18-2001 with Mary

Traylor, Derylen Thomas MC2-23 Oct-11-1935 Feb-18-1995 ‘Son/Husband/Father/Friend’

Traylor, John ‘Boe’ MC2-23 Jan-22-1942 Oct-19-1996 ‘Son/Husband/Brother/Friend’

Traylor, Marvin S. MC2-23 Feb-15-1903 Sep-04-1984 with Velma; ME

Traylor, Velma A. MC2-23 Dec-29-1912 Nov-27-1966 with Marvin

Traylor, Mack MC2-23 Aug-08-1905 May-05-1970

Pruitt, Sena D. MC2-23 Dec-17-1877 Oct-23-1951

Pruitt, John Wesley MC2-23 Jun-12-1845 Apr-15-1932 ‘Father’; with Ann

Pruitt, Ann Eliza Traylor MC2-23 Jan-13-1860 Jun-06-1932 ‘Mother’; with John

Tankersley, Arthur MC2-23 Mar-08-1877 Mar-29-1946 with Ella

Tankersley, Ella MC2-23 Apr-08-1884 Apr-15-1973 with Arthur

Dickson, Coy MC2-23 Jun-08-1904 Dec-28-1983 with Esther

Dickson, Esther MC2-23 Sep-12-1904 Jan-08-1981 with Coy

Dickson, Arthur MC2-23 Nov-25-1876 Dec-17-1954 ‘Daddy’; with Overa

Dickson, Overa MC2-23 Dec-03-1884 Dec-17-1954 ‘Mother’; with Arthur

Dickson, Lois MC2-23 Oct-12-1905 Feb-06-1926

Boss, Paul Clifton MC2-23 Mar-09-1922 Jun-05-1983 ‘Cpl USA WWII’

Boss, Obert M. MC2-23 Mar-16-1928 Nov-13-1946 ‘Son’

Boss, Douglas Clifton MC2-23 Feb-26-1891 Nov-12-1937 ‘TX S1C Bakers & Cooks Sch.’; with Annie

Boss, Annie F. MC2-23 Feb-24-1893 Aug-31-1967 ‘Mother’; with Douglas

Boss, Loris Wyndel MC2-23 Apr-05-1924 May-02-1931 ‘Son of Mr. & Mrs. D.C. Boss’

Boss, A.H. ‘Doug’ MC2-23 Apr-26-1860 Oct-16-1923 ‘Father’; with Alice

Boss, Alice MC2-23 Aug-27-1872 Jan-20-1949 ‘Mother’; with A.H.

Boss, Douglas Paul MC2-23 Jan-05-1952 Jul-24-1984 ‘son of Frances & Paul’

McCown, Annie MC2-23 Oct-20-1874 Oct-31-1976 ‘Mother’

McCown, S.G. MC2-23 Sep-22-1868 Jul-19-1947 ‘Father’

Darby, Joe Thomas MC2-23 Feb-28-1894 Jul-27-1953 ‘TX Pfc 34 Serv Co SigC WWI’; with Ethna

Darby, Ethna MC2-23 1906-1965 with Joe

Boon, Morris MC2-23 Dec-15-1899 Jun-01-1912 ‘Son of F.M. & Carrie Boon’

Row 24 – South to North

Kirkland, Calvin MC2-24 Jun-13-1907 ....‘m. Jun-09-1934; Father’; with Eloise

Kirkland, Eloise MC2-24 Dec-07-1904 Sep-30-1979 with Calvin

Tennison, Infants MC2-24 Feb-..-1917 ‘twin sons of Mr. & Mrs. Mack Tennison’

Duty, Infant MC2-24 Oct-..-1914 ‘Son of Mr. & Mrs. Mack Duty’

Dalby, Willie L. MC2-24 Jun-28-1902 Nov-15-1979 with Verna

Dalby, Verna Duty MC2-24 Jan-07-1907 Nov-20-1998 ‘m. Oct-31-1928’; with Willie

Duty, Jessie MC2-24 Jun-17-1895 Aug-31-1980

Duty, Mack MC2-24 May-18-1891 Apr-07-1960

Duty, J.W. MC2-24 Mar-06-1859 Mar-22-1923 ‘Father’; with Mary

Duty, Mary MC2-24 Sep-19-1870 May-21-1928 ‘Mother’; with J.W.

Dotson, Henry W. MC2-24 Nov-19-1878 May-01-1950 with Kittie; rock covered

Dotson, Kittie Bell MC2-24 Oct-22-1879 Sep-13-1976 with Henry; rock covered

Dotson, D.Troit MC2-24 Sep-08-1851 Jun-27-1936 with Eliza

Dotson, Eliza T. MC2-24 Mar-06-1851 Jun-14-1935 with D. Troit

Work, Clarence E. MC2-24 Aug-31-1920 Sep-27-1991 ‘Popa’; with Thelma

Work, Thelma P. MC2-24 Jun-06-1919 Jan-11-1989 ‘Big Moma; m. Sep-18-1938’; with Clarence

Butler, Wanda J. MC2-24 Nov-02-1939 .... ‘Mother’

Greenwood, Willie T. MC2-24 Nov-24-1870 Sep-09-1952 ‘Father’; with Mattie

Greenwood, Mattie V. MC2-24 Apr-20-1864 Feb-04-1931 ‘Mother’; with Willie

Greenwood, Arthur N. MC2-24 Nov-12-1889 Aug-27-1923 WOW

Smith, T.L., Jr. MC2-24 Apr-23-1921 May-04-1936 PIC

Smith, Dickie O. MC2-24 1901-1959 with Thaxter

Smith, Thaxter L. MC2-24 1889-1959 ‘Fadie’; with Dickie

Liles, Dorothy L. MC2-24 Apr-25-1910 Sep-19-1988 with Cecil

Liles, Cecil E. MC2-24 Sep-13-1901 Jun-28-1976 with Dorothy

Liles, Jerry MC2-24 Apr-18-1873 Oct-16-1951 ‘Father’; with Lula

Liles, Lula MC2-24 Apr-01-1879 Jan-06-1931 ‘Mother’; with Jerry

Collins, Irene Liles MC2-24 Aug-23-1898 Jul-12-1961

Leinback, L.J. Jr MC2-24 Nov-21-1919 .... with Lou

Leinbeck, Lou Ellen MC2-24 May-28-1922 Mar-09-1958 with L.J. Jr.

Work, Grady V. MC2-24 May-13-1935 Jun-16-1935

Work, Charlie J. MC2-24 Feb-11-1910 Feb-03-1980 with Ruby

Work, Ruby P. MC2-24 May-18-1912 Feb-10-1998 with Charlie

Corbin, Edd MC2-24 Oct-17-1875 Mar-26-1939 with Anna; ME

Corbin, Anna Pauline MC2-24 May-14-1875 May-19-1947 with Edd

B plot

Row 25 – North to South – last row against West fence

Parsons, Beverly Sue MC2-25 Feb-03-1951 Jul-24-1988 ‘Daughter’

Brown, Bevie Dotson MC2-25 1881-1969

Brown, James T. MC2-25 1880-1946

Farley, Belton MC2-25 Apr-09-1905 Sep-05-1996 with Marjory

Farley, Marjory MC2-25 Jul-18-1906 Dec-13-1987 with Belton

Arnwine, Sherrel MC2-25 Sep-10-1912 Dec-19-1955 with Ruth

Arnwine, Ruth Glynn MC2-25 Oct-13-1912 .... with Sherrill

Arnwine, Roy MC2-25 Apr-14-1907 Sep-12-1997 with Reba; TFM also

Arnwine, Reba R. Baum MC2-25 1903-1978 with Roy

Long, Ida V. Lake MC2-25 Apr-08-1898 May-25-1987

Lake, N.L. MC2-25 1872-1944 ‘Father’

Dotson, Harmon MC2-25 May-21-1899 Mar-17-1999 with Bessie; PIC

Dotson, Bessie MC2-25 Jan-24-1901 Aug-04-1975 with Harmon; PIC

Campbell, Harmon Wyatt MC2-25 Jul-12-1951 Nov-15-1967 PIC

Salmon, Robert Daniel MC2-25 Apr-08-1900 Jun-11-1985 ‘Bob’; with Joyce

Salmon, Joyce A. MC2-25 Apr-10-1910 Aug-25-1993 with Robert

Heath, F.R. Dutch MC2-25 Jul-10-1904 Apr-08-1984 ‘son of Thomas J&Ella Mae Darby’;with Mabel; PIC

Heath, Mabel McLeod MC2-25 Nov-08-1909 Jun-24-1990‘dau of Earl Lamar & Flossie Tipton’;with FR; DAR

Open to South fence