Henry Cemetery (B)

Cherokee County, Cemeteries of TX

Transcribed by Donna Shreeve

Near Gallatin in CHEROKEE CO TX. Henry cemetery has graves for both African-Americans and Caucasians. This listing is only the African American portion.

Row 1 (Beginning on far east side of Cemetery)

Quarlls, Aaron HEN-01 ....-.... (stone sunken) Texas, Pvt., CO A, 531 Engineers, WW I

Row 2

Whitaker, Billy R. HEN-02 Dec-22-1968 Dec-07-1997 'Son/Grandson'

Hampton, Melvina HEN-02 Mar-13-1895 Apr-28-1993

Kennedy, Andrew HEN-02 Mar-04-1878 Oct-25-1949 with Charlotte

Kennedy, Charlotte HEN-02 Feb-19-1872 .... with Andrew

Kennedy, A.W. 'Wade' HEN-02 Dec-19-1910 May-12-1987 with Ionia

Kennedy, Ionia HEN-02 Nov-25-1916 .... with A.W.

McCrimmon, Alice HEN-02 May-09-1886 May-30-1946

Phillips, Dilcy HEN-02 Mar-02-1898 Oct-24-1929

Hendricks, Ranie Lue HEN-02 Nov-30-1915 May-03-1969

Row 3

Unknown, .aria. HEN-03 (stone covered with earth)

Harris, Alvin HEN-03 1924-1933

Whitaker, Jacqueline HEN-03 Feb-23-1936 Nov-01-1999

Row 4

Lamb, Jessie Mae HEN-04 1926-1989 TM

Hayes, Jarrett B. HEN-04 Mar-30-1916 Oct-09-1974 'Father'

King, Irene Brown HEN-04 May-08-1888 Jul-06-1971 'Mama Rene'

Thompson, Cinderella Mrs. HEN-04 Jan-13-1913 Jun-15-2000

Kennedy, Austin HEN-04 Mar-10-1873 Aug-04-1926 'Father'

Kennedy, dau HEN-04 d. Jun-..-1886 'dau of A.C. & Mattie Kennedy'

Kennedy, infant HEN-04 b&d May-..-1898 'son of A.C. & Mattie Kennedy'

Base only stone missing

Kennedy, Mattie HEN-04 May-02-1876 Oct-22-1943 'Mother'

Mitchell, George HEN-04 (no dates) 'Uncle'

Mitchell, Sister Jimmie HEN-04 1914-1930

Mitchell, Silas HEN-04 1884-1940

Row 5

Base only stone missing

Unknown, Unkn HEN-05 d. Jun-06-18.6 Broken stone; 'age 25 yrs.'

Grant, Harry HEN-05 Jan-31-1899 Jul-25-1900

Broken stone unreadable

Bell, Florence HEN-05 Jan-14-1889 d. 1909 dau of C.& H. Bell

Bell, unknown HEN-05 Dec-07-1909 Aug-30-1910 '... of G.& M. Bell'

Row 6

Thompson, Russell Melvin HEN-06 Oct-11-1908 Sep-12-1938

Thompson, Melvin HEN-06 Mar-13-1867 May-12-1940 with Cody

Thompson, Cody HEN-06 Jan-12-1870 May-24-1941 with Melvin

Broken stone - several pieces, unable to read

Sandstone marker - unable to read

Lamb, Mae Lee HEN-06 1923-1952 with James R.

Lamb, James R. HEN-06 1882-1961 with Mae Lee

Lamb, Olivia HEN-06 1900-1926 with Vivian

Lamb, Vivian HEN-06 1926-1927 with Olivia

Lamb, J.B. HEN-06 d. Oct-06-1975 'age 84yrs 3mos 6dys'

Brown, Leon HEN-06 Jul-03-1927 Feb-20-1992 'Daddy/Husband'

Row 7

Johnson, Unknown HEN-07 d. Feb-18-1904 (stone broken)

Johnson, P.A. (or F.A.) HEN-07 Feb-25-1882 ...-13-1999

Missing marker

Iter, Eli HEN-07 1876-1877 with Ivan

Iter, Ivan HEN-07 1878-1879 with Eli

Unknown, Unkn HEN-07 b. 1861 Broken marker; (unable to read)

Lamb, Mary Ann HEN-07 Aug-12-1858 Jun-19-1958 'Grandma'

Lamb, Solomon HEN-07 Feb-24-1882 Sep-20-1903 father of J.B. Lamb

Lamb, unknown HEN-07 ...-12-1886 Feb-20-1903

Lamb, Dollie Creoler HEN-07 1921-1922

Lamb, Lonnie HEN-07 1898-1926 with Rosievelt

Lamb, Rosievelt HEN-07 1916-1925

Thompson, Texana Lamb HEN-07 Jan-11-1888 Mar-19-1954 'Aunt Dobe'

Thompson, Mattie Lamb HEN-07 May-25-1906 Jan-26-1978

Williams, Curtis 'Shag' Jr HEN-07 Feb-18-1931 Jun-04-1997

Smith, Rena Lamb HEN-07 Sep-03-1899 Dec-30-1999