Wallisville Cemetery 
Wallisville, Chambers County, Texas
Cemeteries of Texas Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop

Information provided by the State of Texas Atlas Site

on Wallisville-Turtle Bayou Rd., 1 mi. east of Old Wallisville 

Marker : 
Early settler Albert Gallatin Van Pradelles (1808-1884) set aside
land at this site for the burial of his grandson, William M. "Willie" 
Chambers, who died on his third birthday on December 10, 1878. the land 
surrounding the grave was established as a legal cemetery in county deed r
ecords the following month. Field notes by county surveyor Daniel B. Wallis 
along with other deed work set up a total of sixteen family lots in January 1879. 
Several locally prominent families were among those who purchased the original 
sixteen plots, including the van Pradelles, Chambers, Gordon, Wooten, Sisson, 
Mayes, and LaFour families. In 1884 a. G. van Pradelles became the fourth known 
burial in the cemetery he established. Among the stately monuments and shade 
trees can be found the tombstones of numerous elected county officials and pioneer 
settlers. The Wallisville Cemetery has been expanded several times since Van Pradelles 
laid out the site in 1879. The cemetery land remained in the van Pradelles family for over 
100 years until 1986, when a descendant entrusted it to the Wallisville Cemetery
Association for care and administration.