Brownsville Cemetery History

Brownsville, Cameron Co. Cemeteries of TX

Information submitted by  Joe N. Rodriguez

 I want to thank you for posting information on the Brownsville Cemetery online.  I am a Freemason, and the names added to the historical info is that of these men:  Hiram Chamberlain, Sheriff Santiago Brito, Joseph Webb, etc. and they were all Freemasons.   

At our lodge, Rio Grande Lodge No. 81 which was established in 1851 because of Hiram Chamberlain, has pictures of these men.  We also have a picture of the Cemetery plot or the Masonic part of the Brownsville Cemetery.  Hiram Chamberlain's daughter, as you know, married Capt. King's Daughter and in honor of Hiram, King named the Masonic Lodge in Kingsville, Chamberlain Lodge.   As a Past Master of Rio Grande Lodge, I would like for others to know about these founding men of Brownsville and what connections they had as Freemasons, a brotherhood of Principles that join them to the likes of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, etc.; men who founded our great Nation

Chronology of Master and Wardens  of Rio Grande Lodge, No. 81 A. F. & A. M. 1849-1914

Surnames:   Albertson,  Bailey, Barbour, Brito, Brooks, Chamberlain, Chenowith, Chenworth, Cocke, Cowen, Cummings, Devine, Dominguez, Dreyfuss,  Dryer, Dworman, Eckerson, Foster, Goodrich, Hallam,  Howlett, Jagou, Kelly,  Kowalski , Macy, Maltby, Marks , Meacham, Miller,  Mix, Natanson, Neale, Nelson, Petty, Powers, Putegnati, Raphael, Scarborough, Schmidt, Starck,   Ross,  Snyder, Spero,  Thorn, Turegano,   Wheeler,  Whitehead, Wolff, Wood,


Photos of McAllen, Goodrich,  Cowen


Founder of Rio Grande Lodge No 81 -  Rev. Elram Chamberlain