Peach Creek Cemetery

Millican, Brazos Co., Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by J.L. Halpin

Peach Creek cemetery is off Hwy. 6 in Millican. (3 miles from the College Station city limit sign) Take Peach Creek Road exit, go 1.4 miles. Cemetery is on the left (North) side. It is fully chain link fenced with bathroom facilities and old oak trees.

Unreadable  No 1........No 2.....No 3.....No 4......No 5


Fred L. Albricht 2-16-1927/8-12-1999

Barbara A. Albricht 01-01-1933/ no date

Henry Albrect 1922-1985 (Schmidt Funeral Home marker)

(Exact spelling that is on the sign, next to Frank Albricht)

Frank Albricht 1929-1983 (Lindley-Roberston Funeral Home marker)


George Leonard Allen2-25-1879/10-04-1958

Nina B. Allen8-14-1881/11-09-1965

‘Gone but not forgotten’

L. Leonard "Buck" Allen PVT US Army WWII 8-6-1911/10-26-1985

Nettie Beatrice "Bea" Allen 1-06-1920/10-04-1967

Ebbie E. Allen 2-04-1882/9-30-1976

Ida Lena Allen 7-01-1892/12-05-1974


Nettie May Alwell 1928-2000 (Nobles Funeral Chapel)


Mrs. Ada Amberson 1878-1963 (Scott-Harris Funeral Home marker)


Sidney E. Appling 4-30-1915/no date

Bertha F. Appling 7-5-1915/2-25-1990

Married 2-15-1941

Moody N. Appling 7-23-1911/12-25-1937


Clarence D. Arnold 8-17-1890/3-7-1950

Dora M. Arnold 1878-1946

Francis M. Arnold 1858-1940

Luther Arnold 9-28-1880/10-8-1917 (Woodmen of the World Memorial)

L. N. Arnold 1-20-1827/1-7-1891

Sarah A. Arnold 1-5-1829/3-8-1884

Fannie P. Arnold 2-1-1891/7-7-1935


Wendell Craig Barker 7-27-1931/5-12-1998

*Note two separate markers on one grave.

Standing marker at head: Bob Vernon Barker 9-21-1919/1-15-1968 "Daddy"

Flat marker at foot: Vernon B. Barker 9-21-1919/1-15-1968


Jeff D. Barker 2-22-1886/2-06-1946

Annie B. Barker 10-03-1888/11-26-1968

Billie Leon Barker 1930-1947 "Son"

James S. Barker 10-05-1873/07-24-1962

Mary Kate Barker 3-08-1877/07-30-1953

Verna C. Barker 9-13-1904/6-07-1905

Berdie B. Barker 8-04-1902/10-11-1903

Johnie R. Barker 2-21-1898/9-11-1898

James A. Barker 1-24-1896/5-08-1897

Infant of J. S. & M. K. Barker

E. Pearl Barker 5-09-1906/10-22-1906

Sidney H. Barker 5-05-1888/3-24-1970 ‘Woodmen of the World Memorial’

*6’ tall marble tree trunk, heavily carved w/ WWM emblem

Henry Clay Barker 6-24-1941/10-12-1957

L. S. Barker Texas PVT CN CO 357 Inf WWII 12-30-1914/10-30-1971

Walter W. Barker 1878-1969 (Nobles Funeral Chapel marker)


Danny Roy Been`e 10-9-1946/2-28-1983 "Jehovah is my salvation"

Archie Lee Beene "In memory of our comrade" *Bronze plaque

Carl Aqullar Beene 11-10-1933/3-7-1947 "Sleep well my darling"

Carl Beene 7-1-1888/3-6-1973

Dewlay Beene 9-25-1896/10-8-1991

Roy Beene 3-11-1897/6-23-1974 PVT Us Army (WWI ?)


William M. Bell 10-7-1881/1-24-1959

Leada L. Bell 12-25-1882/1-11-1965

H. Walter Bell 10-18-1904/12-27-1979

Elma Ethel Bell 1909-1996 (Memorial Funeral Home marker)

Jerold Daniel Bell 5-21-1938/6-5-1994 US ArmyWillie Calvin Bell 12-20-1909/7-12-1983

Trubie Rhea Bell 10-22-1915/12-13-1983

Bernice Free Bell (Wilcox) 12-3-1916/6-29-1999

"Momie" "Loving mother and grandmother"

G. A. Gid Bell 1-31-1907/6-1-1967 "Daddy" (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)


Sheryl Nicole Bountain 1985-1985


Mary Ward Boyett "Mama B" 8-2-1913/1-12-1992


Baby Bradley Nov. 19, 20, 1923

*Next to and matching the marker of:

Wm. Bryan Pace 12-15-1893/3-16-1913

Earnest W. Bradley 10-11-1925/11-2-1986 MM3 US Navy WWII

Laverta T. Bradley 9-1-1925/no date

Married Sept. 2, 1949

Parents of Linda, Ernest Jr., Thomas


C. A. Butler 2-27-1913/4-18-1944

Mary E`Lois Butler 2-27-1914/1-18-2000


Audrey L. Carlton 1930-1930 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)


Michael A. Cates, Jr. 12-7-1973/5-14-1995 *surfer carved. "Love is always and forever."

Billy Clayton Cates, Sr. 6-3-1933/12-3-1985

Margaret Kathleen Cates 11-2-1934/no date

Billy C. Cates, Jr. 1952-1995 (Memorial Funeral Home marker)


C. A. Chamness 1837-1922


Willie D. Chenault 2-5-1880/9-30-1898

"Twas hard to give the up, but thy will, O God, be done."

Infant 1906-1906 3 days old. "Brother"

A. W. 1840/2-23-1883 "Grandpa"

*Note: This is a double headstone.

M. Chenault 6-3-1841/10-11-1918

"Dear Mother has gone to rest."

Thelma M. Chenault 11-8-1919/12-25-1995

W. M. Chenault 1-15-1870/2-15-1934

Cordia Chenault 12-24-1880/7-6-1966 "At rest"

Fay Chenault 4-29-1899/12-15-1936 "Asleep in Jesus"

George F. (Jack) Chenault 10-8-1910/10-24-1980 "Our beloved brother"

Beulah Bates Chenault 6-1-1907/11-30-1996 "Heavens perfect peace"

Willie I. (Bill) Chenault 1-12-1902/4-10-1963 "Meet me there" (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)


Clara A. Chenault, wife of J. O. Chenault. 2-23-1846/10-14-1890

*Note: Finger pointing to heaven. Birth year is 184-, appears to be a 6.


Clair A. Christy 1935-1996

Clair Christy 1904-1978

Jean CHRISTY Lyngholm 1934-2000

James D. Christy 1931-1981


W. A. Clark 12-04-1864/7-03-1903

*WWM emblem, 5’ marble tree trunk w/ pink granite base.

"Home Camp NO. 370, Millican, Tex. Age 38 years, 6 mos, 29 days.’

"To him we trust a place is given among the saints with Christ in heaven"

Arlie L. Clark PVT US Army WWII 1-15-1920/3-14-1987


Glenda Diane Collins 10-7-1947/9-7-1982 "Beloved wife and mother"


R. C. Cowen PFC US Army WWII 8-12-1912/5-11-1995

Billie Laverne Cowen 10-21-1929/ no date

Married 12-12-1947


James W. Crenshaw 8-9-1899/12-24-1989 "Father"

*Next to each other w/matching stones.

Janet Liles Spencer 3-16-1950/12-5-1982 "Mother"

Leo Spencer Liles 12-5-1926/10-27-1989 US Army WWII

S. W. Crenshaw 9-19-1872/7-3-1961 "Woodmen of the World" flat marker

Mrs. Daisy Crenshaw 4-16-1890/5-21-1941

*Note: Almost unreadable due to deterioration.

Marshall Terrell Crenshaw 8-1-1911/9-3-1983

Avis E. Creshaw 8-23-1914/6-14-1999

Bobby Lee Crenshaw 1955-1955 (lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Robert 6-23-1935/no date

Liz 8-4-1935/5-3-1996

George Walter Crenshaw 10-25-1918/11-6-1982

*Next to w/matching markers

Bess Crenshaw Lovell 2-17-1923/5-25-1997

Delmar C. Crenshaw 9-25-1920/1-3-1990


Elsie Marie Crenshaw 1933-1982 (Hiller Funeral Chapel)

Scott Crenshaw 1917-1917 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Edna C. Crenshaw 1918-1920 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Johnnie Dee Crenshaw 1955-1955 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Diane Michelle Crenshaw 2-24-1992/4-28-1992 "Gone to be an Angel"

Wm. M. Crenshaw 1886-1957 *Badly deteriorating

Edna M. Crenshaw 11-23-1888/1-3-1976

John Emmett Crenshaw 12-28-1914/4-10-1994 "Loving husband and #1 Pop"

Sally E. Crenshaw 12-3-1923/1-14-1989 "Beloved wife and mother"

Michael W. Crenshaw 1955-1955 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Wiley P. Crenshaw 1888-1961

Lula A. Crenshaw 1884-1937

Martha M. Crenshaw 10-17-1894/4-11-1966

Lee Crenshaw 2-17-1910/4-19-1988 TEC5 US Army WWII

**Leona Crenshaw (see: Tillander)


J. F. Curd 7-16-1883/1-24-1923 "A precious one from us has gone to rest"

B. M. Curd 6-29-1815/11-19-1922 "Gone but not forgotten"

Alice A. Curd 1-7-1857/12-23-1876

Geneva Bell Curd 10-21-1871/3-11-1947

Guy Bryan Curd 11-27-1910/9-16-1961 Texas BM 2 USNR WWII

Ezekiel Curd Died 3-19-1875 aged 52 years. *Masons marker broken to pieces. *picture

B. Curd, Jr. Nov. 10, 1823 (?) Carved by hand. Marker is in tiny pieces next to Ezekiel Curd.

King David Curd 1899-1981 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker) *Damaged

Richard Curd 1902-1967 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Mollie M. Curd 1869-1946 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

* in a row with (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home markers)

Isaac Curd 1886-1937

George Curd 1872-1909

Ada Bell Curd 1904-1904

Onie Osbon Curd 1919-1921


Alton David Dawson 8-10-1917/12-13-1991

Azalea Cookie Dawson 2-3-1925/1-27-1990

Billy Lee Dawson 12-2-1946/3-29-1947


Frank W. Davis 1906-1957


Mary Jane Dixon 5-31-1837/9-18-1882

Wright Dixon 5-05-1828/6-10-1870

E. M. Dixon 5-7-1875/8-10-1955

G. W. Dixon 9-8-1870/6-29-1945

Jeff Dixon (No dates)

Jennie Dixon 9-17-1879/9-23-1941

George R. Dixon 12-18-1858/1-28-1928

Ella Dixon 1868-1899

Lou Ella Dixon (No dates)

Louie Milton Dixon 8-16-1897/8-26-1965 Texas Horseshoer BTRY C 50 FA WWI

Mary Ann Dixon 6-5-1906/10-21-1978

Elsie Louise, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L. W. Dixon 1-19-1925/5-12-1925

Pinkney Dixon, son of W. S. & E. I. Dixon 7-7-1891/8-16-1891

"Our little angel ____________unreadable_________________."


Dorothy Lyn Dolen 4-14-1923/11-15-1996

Donald D. Dolen CPL US Army Air Corp WWII 6-6-1920/12-01-1993


Glen E. Drinnon 1940-1944 (Callaway-Jones Funeral Home)


‘Father’ Charlie H. Einmann 1899-1950


John Henry Ford 4-16-1904/2-8-1980

Susan Tilatha Ford 1-13-1909/6-4-1983


Gertie Fuller 1900-1955


Louis Gray 8-10-1915/8-4-1981 TEC5 US Army WWII

*Next to-

Cora Mae Gray 3-31-1919/6-1-1989 "Mother" "Rest in peace"

Sharon Louise Gray 7-15-1955/12-20-1955

Infant son of Louis and Cora Mae Gray

Robert Louis Gray 4-4-1939/8-15-1939


Wright Robert Greer 11-1-1911/3-19-1995 CPL Us Army Air Corp WWII

Ruby Pearl Greer 8-1-1918/10-23-1992

Avery M. Greer, Jr. 2-16-1923/7-16-1992

Sarah F. Greer 11-4-1914/2-7-1967 *Badly deteriorated

Ida F. Greer 9-2-1875/10-26-1956 "Mother"

Avery M. Greer 12-23-1876/1-2-1973

Ronda Glynn Greer 7-2-1956 (only date, probably an infant)

Dave Monroe Greer 1-25-1955/8-13-1955

Dave M. Greer 1901-1947

Lorna E. Greer 1905-2000

Winnie Greer 6-14-1900/10-4-1917 "Sister"

S. Greer 12-1-1845/12-30-1917 "Father"

S. A. Greer 12-18-1843/8-16-1927 "Mother" "At rest"

John, son of Steve and S. A. Greer 3-5-1872/12-8-1903

James Monroe Greer 9-27-1977/4-9-1993 "Son, forever in our memory"

Norman (Bud) Monroe Greer 12-27-1925/8-5-1995 TEC5 US Army WWII

Mattie Martha Greer 8-30-1927/4-24-1999



Mary Alice Hardin 1-10-1894/5-3-1954


Mable B. Hardwick 1913-1986 (Nobles Funeral Chapel marker)


James A. (Jim) Hawkins 2-17-1933/9-13-1990

Delores (Dolly) Hawkins 9-23-1932/no date


Charles E. Hodges, Jr. 7-4-1925/5-31-1980 S1 US Navy WWII


Bobby Olen Johnson 5-12-1938/5-12-1996

Shelba Diane Johnson 7-09-1944/ no date


Claude Jones 1-5-1905/11-4-1970

Betty G. Jones 12-14-1902/3-12-1990

Noelle Deane Jones 12-19-1975/7-19-1995 "Mother"

Joelle Merideth Jones Born/Died 7-19-1995 "Daughter"

"For none of us lives to himself alone and none of us dies himself alone. If we live, we live to the Lord and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord." Romans 14:7-8

W. B. M. Jones 5-21-1823/10-21-1900

"The pains of death are past. Labor and sorrow cease. And life’s long way fore closed.

His soul is found in peace."



Flim Jordon 7-8-1892/10-14-1962

Algie Jordon 6-28-1886/7-8-1943

Ellen Jordon 1892-1961 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Alton Jordon 1916-1952 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

*Next to each other

May Jordon 1920-1952 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

**3’ X 3’ stone marker propped on Alton and May Jordon’s markers reads in hand etching:

"Dasie Mae died July 12, 1954 age 30. Alton died April 5, 1952 age 32."

Alford Jordon 1929-1986 (Nobles Funeral Chapel marker)

*Jordon (This marker is in small pieces, some letters are backward)

R. Ja__________ 1858 (?) 1891

Charley Jordon 1-22-1857/4-11-1894 (Pointing to heaven) "May he rest in peace."

*Next to-

Sarah E. Jordon 2-21-1855/11-19-1911 "May she rest in peace."

E. B. Jordon 12-31-1835/10-18-1921 "Prepare to meet thy God."

*Next to-

Martha Jordon 5-31-1834/7-6-1915 "A true believer in God, loved by all. Meet me there."

(Pointing to heaven)


*See Crenshaw


Smithie M. Loftin 11-12-1882/4-22-1953

Louis D. Loftin 10-21-1904/11-23-1973 "In loving memory"

Laura O. Loftin 4-16-1909/no date


Barbara Ann Lovell 1-8-1949/12-14-1995 "Going home"

Alene Lovell 11-25-1924/5-1-1967 "Gone to be an angel"

Albert L. Lovell 12-19-1920/4-23-1989 PFC US Army WWII

Bess Lovell (See Crenshaw)


B. H. Marquart 12-24-1866/3-26-1937 "Papa"

Mary Ann Marquart 3-26-1869/7-14-1962 "Mama"


Barbara Ann (Bobbie) Martin 6-24-1953/10-11-1997

"A little time on earth she spent till God for her his angels sent."


Martha May Mayo 2-16-1904/6-4-1998 "In loving memory"

Bernard Gordon Mayo 1-23-1919/8-6-1981 PFC US Army WWII


Toby P. McCleney 10-07-1939/7-30-1995

Etta R. 12-29-1911/ no date

Dock M. 3-27-1910/2-08-1966

Donald Lee McCleney 1930-1951

F.M. A.P. U.S.N. USS Valley Forge, C-V 45 DIV. E.


George E. Orr 1860-1920 "Uncle"

*Between M. Chenault & Thelma Chenault

Margareta Orr, wife of J. M. Creed 9-21-1858/10-25-1885

"Dear sister and mother has gone to rest."


Clint Oreal, son of J. M. & R. D. Parker 9-19-1927/1-1-1931

"Our darling gone but not forgotten."


Herbert Pearson 1906-1929


George W. Price Co. E 4 Texas Cav. C.S.A. (No dates) *pic

Mrs. Em Price 7-4-1849/4-21-1929 *pic

Callie J. Price 12-20-1893/2-6-1964

Albert Price 9-20-1880/2-25-1923

Joseph Weldon Price TEC4 US Army WWII 3-12-1912/5-11-1995

Lillian Ruth Jutson Price 6-23-1932/ no date

George R. Price Texas Cpl 337 Base Unit AAF 1-9-1916/6-12-1967

Ben M. Price 7-29-1886/2-26-1946

Cynthia B. Price 3-24-1894/11-12-1971

James A. Price 7-22-1892/6-6-1894

"The lovely flower has faded." *Marker lying flat, near Ada Symms 10-1908/11-1908


*In a row

Curtis M. Powers 4-28-1928/11-1-1930

Patsy R. Powers 5-15-1932/11-15-1932

Baby 3-31-1935


Henrietta Reser 1875-1945 "Mother"

L. T. Reser 1875-1957


Bobby Joe Riley 1977-1999 (Memorial Funeral Home marker)

Jennie Lee Riley 1897-1978 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Patrick W. Riley 1-21-1886/10-29-1942

Martha M. Riley 2-20-1886/7-14-1943

Henry Riley 1-5-1888/3-7-1940 *badly deteriorated

Bobby Joe Riley 6-19-1936/12-19-1954

Charlie Mack Riley 9-4-1911/9-28-1979

Ruby Mae Riley 12-17-1916/3-28-1998

Married 6-1-1935


Roy 9-16-1898/12-1-1979 PVT US Army WW I

Roxie 10-16-1904/6-21-1995



George N. Roberts, Sr. 4-29-1940/10-22-2000

Donna L. Roberts 10-08-1942/9-09-1995

Married 6-28-1957


*All variations are buried together. Appears to be the same family. Individual spellings are correct.

Roger K. Sims 7-30-1901/7-20-1972

Virginia M. Sims 3-15-1915/no date

Rachel S. Symms 7-20-1821/7-26-1904

M. Symms 3-2-1822/4-17-1893

M. E. Symms 4-14-1871/8-28-1888 (Hand holding chain and pointing downward)

"The Lord has promised good to me and I believe his word." *picture

Hattie, wife of J. S. Symms 9-21-1856/3-28-1895 (Hand shake, right hand index finger pointed)

"In love she lived, in peace she died. Her life was craved, but God denied."

Ada R. Symms 10-1908/11-1908

G. F. Symms 2-8-1858/4-13-1908 (Woodmen of the World Memorial)

"Home Camp #370 Millican, Texas"

Aunt Camalee (Gray granite marker, no other inscription)

Lillian B. Symms 7-29-1907/8-2-1982 "Mom"

Andria H. Tenney Symms 1908-1951 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)

Gus W. Sims 1885-1939 "Father"

Walter Kennedy Symms 3-31-1879/Died 1921

Marshall G. Symms 11-3-1892/12-16-1917 25 years, 1 month, 13 days. "A precious one from us has gone. A

Voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled."

W. K. Syms 1-4-1848/4-9-1916 "Father" "He shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day"

Susan Syms 9-3-1848/2-27-1918 "Mother" "Weep not she is not dead but sleepeth"

W. K. Symms 6-1916/7-1916

Henry, son of J. S. and Mary E. Symms 5-14-1900/4-25-1917

T. C. (Bill) Symms 10-30-1903/7-21-1967

Mary Frances, daughter of T. C. and I. B. Symms 9-8-1927/11-15-1929

"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"

James S. Symms 5-5-1855/6-5-1932 (Woodmen of the World Memorial)

"His toils are past, his work is done. He fought his fight, the victory won"

Mary E. Symms 6-18-1879/1-28-1950 *Headstone is sinking

Henry L. Symns 1873-1942 "Father"

Evie L. Symns 1878-1957 "Mother"

Sidney A. Symns 12-30-1876/10-30-1928

Rena M. Symns 5-10-1891/8-9-1984

Baby Boy Sims 1947-1947 (Hiller Funeral Home marker)

Glenn Dale Sims 10-17-191/8-28-1977 "The Lord is my refuge"


W. V. (Hoss) Smith 1940-1998 (Nobles Funeral Chapel marker)

Katherine E. Smith 1-16-1916/11-1-1941 "Sister"


Peggy Joyce Stark 1939-1944 "Our darling" "Rest in Peace"

Phillip H. 1887-1966

Eula E. 1889-1991 "May God hold you in his hand until we meet again"

Daniel E. Stark 1881-1960 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)


Marie J.Jeanette Stark 3-23-1934/ no date

Phillip H., Jr. (Tommy) Stark TSGT US Air Force Korea Vietnam 5-20-1931/4-06-1999

Married 6-24-1950

Sabrina Danielle Stark 11-26-1979/12-26-1996

Addie STARK Massey 4-7-1914/5-16-1978


Anvil P. Stewart 1-1-1871/1-4-1936


Charles Chester 4-28-1936/8-27-1996

Elaine Hess 11-5-1925/no date

Steven H. Stuart "Infant Son" 6-7-1990 "Lord, hold my hand."


George C. Tillander 9-24-1925/8-2-1990

Leona Crenshaw Tillander 2-12-1914/9-1-1998


Mrs. Margaret A. Triplett 3-22-1861/4-12-1882 (Pointing to heaven)


Lawrence E. Wade 4-16-1927/11-19-1989 PFC US Army WWII

Mrs. Susie C. Wade 1894-1979 (Lindley-Robertson Funeral Home marker)


Walter E. Walker (US Navy WWII) 3-10-1908/6-20-1986

Lucille E. Walker 4-10-1914/ no date

Baby (Stone marker, no name or dates)

*Earthman Funeral Home marker says: Nigel Walker Born/Died 11-30-1989


George W. Ward 1850-1942

Mary B. Ward 1869-1945

Walter Scott Ward 1893-1953

Janie WARD Fuller 1925-1961


Viola Price Watson 4-14-1873/9-22-1955

P. A. (Boots) Watson 11-29-1900/3-14-1964


W. B. White 9-20-1866/4-30-1941

Samuel Trevor White 8-1-1925/6-5-1992 CPL US Army WWII



Ed Williams 8-5-1886/10-22-1950


Broken & completely eroded. First row, center in front of gate. *Picture

Surrounded by the Curd family markers. J. F. Curd directly behind.

Baby Infant (hand carved)

Jane T T (scratched into stone)

*Next to each other near the Greer family, in the center of the last row.

Multiple broken markers and fragments in the Symms area.

One date of 1855 was found.

Double gray marble marker under a large oak tree between Anvil Stewart and Lee Crenshaw on the West side.

The name plate has been removed. Possibly for repairs due to tree limb damage.

Small rectangular stone marker next to Herbert Pearson’s headstone, center Westside.

Marker is virtually smooth and completely unreadable.