Moravian (Czech) Cemetery

Brazos County, Texas

Cemeteries of Texas Coordiantor: Dolores I. Bishop 

Information provided by the State of Texas Atlas Site 

Location 5911 Street (Copperfield Subdivision), Bryan Knights Bridge. 


Land for this cemetery was sold in 1889 by Josef Stasta (1833-1894) to Joseph Mekeska, president of Moravian Brothers Burial Ground. The deed specified the land would be used exclusively for a Moravian cemetery. The cemetery contains eleven grave markers. All but one of the stones are inscribed in Czech. The one English-language stone marks four graves. The earliest known burial is that of Marie Siptak (Jan. 19-Feb. 16, 1885). The last interment took place in 1906. Though only fifteen graves are marked, the cemetery may contain as many as forty-one burials.