Quintana Cemetery

Quintana, Brazoria County, Cemeteries of Texas
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Bobby Koenning 
Cemeteries of Texas Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop

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On the other side of the storm levee is one of the last physical reminders of the early Texas seaport of Quintana. The Quintana Cemetery began as the family burial ground of Henry and Josephine Seaburn, who began homebuilding and shipbuilding businesses here in the days of the Republic of Texas. The earliest known use of the cemetery dates to 1846, when the Seaburns' infant child died and was buried near their home. The child's grave marker and many others in the historic cemetery succumbed over time to the forces of nature and development. The oldest remaining tombstone, that of Louisa Powlis Brown, bears an 1851 date. The last burial in the Quintana Cemetery occurred in 1942. (2001)