Old Talbot Cemetery

Bowie Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Nancy S. Austin

There is a man in New Boston, TX , Jack Talbot, who took me to this cemetery.  Cemetery located in woods and across Holly Springs Branch for about one-fourth mile. Cemetery is enclosed in an old iron fence with two large oaks inside.   Appears  there were 6-8 graves here.

I know that John Allen and Sarah Jane Lane Talbot moved to Boston, TX  in the early 1840’s possibly from Lynchburg, Campbell County, Virginia.    Now as to which of his children were born in Boston TX  I do not know.  But it would seem reasonable, I think, that is they were born after 1842 they were born there.
 1.  John Allen Talbot   born:  Lynchburg, Campbell County, VA   died:  7/12/1894 Boston, Bowie Co.TX h/o Sarah Jane Lane Talbot
 2.  Sarah Jane Lane    born: 1818- Oct 29 1886   Boston, Bowie County, TX w/o John Allen Talbot

Children of John Allen and Sarah Jane Lane Talbot buried in Talbot Cemetery

3.     Ann E. Talbot         7/23/1838 born in Boston, TX  7/2/1907 Place of death is unknown by me at this time     Married   John Hunter  MD       Date of death:  1938
4.   John William Talbot (MD)  7/2/1840          Born Boston, TX    2/2/1907    Boston, TX   Buried: Boston, Bowie County, TX Dr. John William was a doctor in Boston TX  – Served in the Civil War as a surgeon.  I understand from my daddy that he was stationed at what we call McArthur Park, 9th street, Little Rock, Ark during the war.  So far I can find no record of any of this –          Married  Fannie Taylor        11/29./1857   1/12/1900         Boston, Bowie County, TX                          ***NOTE:  Somewhere I think I learned that Fannie Taylor was Dr. John William’s second wife – his first wife died but as of this date I have not a clue as to who she was.  But if this is true she is also buried in the same cemetery.  Child of Dr. John William Talbot (my grandfather)
5.   Dr. John Allen Talbot  Born 12/23/1881 Boston, TX      Died:  12/26/1949   He is the son of Dr. John William but I don't think Fannie Taylor is his mother.  Dr. Jack was named for his grandfather, John Allen Talbot.  He was reared in Boston, TX  completing school.  Then went to college and on to dental school.  He was the first Orthodontist in Arkansas.  His practice took him from Fordyce (later he and my grandmother moved to Pine Bluff, Jefferson County, Ark) to Boston, TX .  He would get on the train travel to Boston, TX  on one trip then on his way back to his family he would make his weekly visits to the towns along the way.  When he got home depended on how many patients he had scheduled and the problems encountered.
 6.   Martha Talbot       Born: 4/28/1842  Boston, TX       Died:  8/27/1912   Married: John Haney            **NOTE: So far all I know about Haney is he was a doctor  when he and Martha married

 7.   Virginia Talbot         Born:  4/18/1844 Boston TX         Married      John Hall

 8.   Sallie Talbot    Born:  12/10/1845 Boston, TX    Died:  1/30/1913    Married:  Samuel  Stafford
 9.    Adelaide Talbot      Born:  5/3/1852            Boston, TX***Note:  I believe, since she never married, that she is also buried in the same cemetery as her mother and father:  John Allen & Sarah Jane Lane Talbot
10.James Melville Talbot  (Judge)  Born:  1853/1854  Boston, TX     Died:  7/12/1921                  Married:   Emma Kizer          No info on her at this time