Bowie Co. Cemeteries of TX


I received several emails with comments that I would like to address at this time.  I have removed the last names but You will know who you are


Sept 29 2005

I gave the information for the oldest graves in the B????? family to Frances ???  who is the secretary of the ????? Cemetery Association.  How did ????? get it?  Please remove my name and mail address from this ?????  List.  I spent a lot of money collecting this genealogy.  And you are giving it away.
I am a member of the New Boston Genealogical Society and I would like my name removed from the ??? ????? Cemetery Website that you are associated with.  I think this is all highly irregular. Whoever heard of such a thing.  You should be ashamed, putting an old lady's name and email on this for the world to have. I am surprised at you. And I don't even know ?????.  I think he might have come by this information in not a correct way. Thank you for doing what I asked you to do.  I have checked up on this, and I don't approve.

Sept 30 2005

You do not have permission to publish my name and email address on your Cemeteries of Texas.  Please remove it.

Thank you
Sept 30 2005

Dear Lady,

Your S????  is a thief.   He is stealing the work that other people have done.   I did the ??? ????? Cemetery Book and there is no way he could know the maiden names of the women there in that cemetery without copying my work.   He does not live there....his people are not buried there and he has not gotten out there and researched that many graves.  
He is sitting there copying the work that others have done and putting his name on it.  
Shame on you.

Gloria B. Mayfield  aka Lady Texian  answers:

You are right, I am ashamed  of the fact that I spend approximately 10 hours a day preparing information so that researchers in New York City or Billings, Montana will have a chance to locate their ancestors.  Think what I could do with my family in all that time?  

You say "  I spent a lot of money collecting this genealogy.  And you are giving it away."   Would you like to guess what it cost for me to provide this information online each month?     And I don't even charge for it.

1.  I do agree that all information that is  present should be with the approval of the person that walked the cemetery.   If you will note the information says "Submitted by"   I am sure that S????? is ashamed of trying to provide information to people but he didn't take the credit for transcribing and he didn't sell the information.

2.  Yes, sometime I AM ASHAMED  of the actions of some people, but I AM PROUD that MOST are trying to help,  There is even a great deal of the time that "I  TOTALLY FEEL OUT OF MY MIND'

3.  FYI  I am glad that you belong to the Genealogy Society and believe that if more people supported them that it would be a good cause.

4.  I think that ALL should remember that Cemeteries Records are Public Records and should not  be considered as OWNED by a few.   Too bad, we can't work together.  If you decide to submit your information, please let me know. 

Thanks you for emailing  Gloria