Hill Creek Cemetery

Eulogy, Bosque Co.  Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Bettie Wood

Hill Creek Cemetery which is between Walnut Springs and Eulogy (a little closer to  Eulogy). The cemetery is small (about 70 graves) and now on private land.

AKENS, Elvina H. (nee:  ROWLAND)
        19 FEB 1859--09 SEP 1893
        Tombstone says:  "Lviney MAKENS w/o J.A. MAKENS"
        Married Melvin AKENS
        Born in TN; Older Sister to Dutch (D.H.) ROWLAND
AKENS, John Arthur Melvin
        21 DEC 1851--26 JUL 1912
        Born in GA;
J. A. M. AKENS marker only at Hill Creek actual burial site is Cedar Grove Cem., Mancos, Montezuma Co., CO
AKENS, Sarah Louise Kilmer Osborn-

        17 MAY 1862--16 OCT 1915
        1st Husband:  Newman William OSBORN
ALEXANDER, John Edwin--Winnie <wmbrown@sw.rr.com>
        01 APR 1852--16 APR 1912
        Born Jacksonville, Cherokee Co, TX; Died ,Walnut Springs, TX
ALEXANDER, Sarah Jane (Sally) Mitchell
        01 SEP 1852--20 NOV 1933
        Born Meriwether, GA; Died 20 NOV 1933 in Walnut Springs, TX
        05 FEB 1792--20 MAY 1878
        Born in SC; Married Samuel W. ELESWORTH
        Born in Germany
HARRELL, Sally Luthena (nee:  ELESWORTH)
        17 AUG 1825--20 JUL 1898
        Born in SC; Daughter of S.W. & S. ELESWORTH
        Son of Sam & Sally HARRELL
OSBORN, Jeremiah Pinkney-
        20 MAY 1827--21 APR 1917
        Born in NC
OSBORN, John Henry--Photo-
        27 MAY 1882--19 JUN 1914
        Born in TX; Son of N.W. & S.L. OSBORN
OSBORN, Lula Belle Lindsey Glass--Photo-
        13 DEC 1882--24 DEC 1965
OSBORN, Nancy H. (nee:  ELESWORTH)-
        05 AUG 1822--10 DEC 1901
        Born in SC; Daughter of S.W. & S. ELESWORTH; Married Jeremiah P. OSBORN
OSBORN, Newman William
        19 APR 1860--22 FEB 1893
        Son of J.P. & N.H. OSBORN; 1st husband of Sarah Louise Kilmer AKENS
PETTIT  Elijah William   E. W.  (23 Oct 1860 - 19 Jan 1891)
ROWLAND, Dutch (tombstone says: D.H.)
        06 JUN 1863--02 SEP 1920
        Born in TN; Brother of Elvina H. AKENS