July 2006

Notice of Regular Meeting of Los Bexarenos

The next meeting of Los Bexarenos Genealogical Society will be on July 1,
2006 at the Central Library at 600 Soledad in San Antonio. The meeting will
begin at 9:30am in the first floor auditorium.  Refreshments will be served.
  Admission is free and everyone is invited.

                  The speaker will be Eduardo Hinojosa who will speak on the
Agualeguas Marriage Records.

Mr. Hinojosa is a long time member of Los Bexarenos Genealogical Society and
is an avid researcher.  He has written four books on Marin, Nuevo Leon and a
book on the birth records of General Trevino.  Mr. Hinojosa has a reputation
of being a very effective timekeeper for the speakers at our annual
conference and other events.