Davenport Cemetery, Bexar County. Cemeteries of Tx, Gloria B. Mayfield

The Davenport Cemetery

Northern Bexar Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Dave Dopp

 This is a small, private cemetery containing thirteen graves, located about two mile west of Selma, TX on Evans Road.  Selma is a suburb north of San Antonio, TX on I-35.  The land is relatively flat, however the cemetery site is on the top of high ground with a good view in all directions.  There are a few trees in and surrounding the cemetery.  The countryside is quite open, however San Antonio is growing slowly in that direction. 

 The cemetery has four, painted wrought iron enclosures.  The paint is chipped and weathered but was originally white. The smallest enclosure is on the north side and contains one grave.  The largest enclosure contains ten graves laid side-by-side from east to west.  The second grave from the east is surrounded by a wrought iron fence.  The fourth enclosure contains two graves on the south side of the largest enclosure and at its west end.   The graveyard is in fair condition with two monuments broken.  The earlier headstones are moderately weathered but still quite readable.  I had to use paper and pencil to rub some of the date information and epitaphs.  None of the graves had subsided and there were no unmarked depressions to indicate possible unmarked graves.  (There may be some, but I saw no evidence of any.)

 Jack Davenport Family by  Belynda Davenport


                      | 12   13  |               

                      |              |      



|      ---             --                  |

|  2  |3|  -------  7,8 , 9 , 10 , 11 |

|      --- 4, 5, 6                         |



|   1  |



The diagram is a rough sketch of the layout.  The numbers correspond to the gravestone details below.

  Following are the gravestone details,

1 Young John  Feb 13 1795 May 16 1879  Granite marker. Born in Knox Co., Tenn.
2 Davenport Jack  Nov 26 1871 Dec 21 1913 Granite marker in the form of a log.  Inscription “Woodmen Of The World Memorial Marker”.  Marker is broken off its base and laying on the ground.
3 Davenport Willie  May 1 1904 Nov 13 1904  Marker shaped like the Washington Monument, heavily weathered.
4, 5, 6.  - - - - A single massive granite monument with the name DAVENPORT centered.  A Mason’s symbol is centered below the Davenport name.
4 Davenport  Nancy Young 1838 1934 Davenport plot
5 Davenport  William 1820 1901 Born in Washington Co., VA Davenport plot
6 Davenport  Mary Ware 1831 1852 Davenport plot
7 Davenport Robert Apr 15 1861 Apr 1862 A small granite headstone divided vertically by a line.  Heavily weathered.  Across the bottom, “Children of Wm. and N. Davenport
8 Davenport Apr. 1862 Mar 12 1862 Apr 26 1880 A small granite headstone divided vertically by a line.  Heavily weathered.  Across the bottom, “Children of Wm. and N. Davenport
9 Davenport Our Little Maggie Feb 151885 Oct.23 1887 A granite headstone, moderately weathered.Daughter of Wm. & N. Davenport
10 Evens Rachel Davenport Mar 20 1865 Oct. 28 1898  A granite headstone, broken at its base and leaning upright against a hackberry (I think) tree."Sacred to the memory of"  Daughter of Wm. & N. Davenport
11 Evens Rachel Ruth Sep 29 1898 May 17 1899 Dau. Of Rube & Rachel Evens
12, 13 - - - - Two graves south of the main enclosure, surrounded by a wrought iron fence.
12 Foltz Reuben M. Jul 8 1881 Apr 27 1900 A granite monument, heavily decorated."Gone to the hidden city'
13 Foltz Angeline Aug 11 1855 Sep 23 1902 A granite monument, wife of D. Foltz, Born Paige Co, VA  Died Liberty Co, TX  Aged 47 yrs, 1 mo, 12 days