San Antonio National Cemetery
517 Paso Hondo Street
San Antonio, Texas 78202

It was founded in December of 1867, when bodies were moved to the cemetery from San Antonio's City Cemetery. Other bodies of union soldiers were moved here from Austin, Indianola, and many other places around the state. This was the first national cemetery to use permanent grave stones made of Limestone, before, headboards were simply made of wood. In 1871, Col. Mack reported that their were 197 known, and 85 unknown burials at the new national cemetery. After the western forts closed, those bodies were moved also. From Fort Davis, 83 bodies were brought, and from Fort Concho, 113 were moved. From all of these, it is thought that the San Antonio National Cemetery holds 261 known  union soldiers, including 19 officers, 191 white soldiers, 14 colored soldiers, and 37 civilians. There are as many as 180 unknown burials, for a total of 441 bodies from the war that were moved to the new national cemetery.

Records of burials were provided  by the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs, This is not a complete list of burials, only those that are on file with the VA.

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