San Antonio City Cemetery History and Index


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Submitted by Lavonne Bradfield

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CC#1 was the first public cemetery in SA

City Cemetery No 1 is bounded on the north by Paso Hondo St., the south by E. Commerce St., the west by Monumental St and on the east by Palmetto Street. The main entrance to the cemetery is from East Commerce Street.

The cemetery inscriptions were previously complied in the mid 1960s. This edition updates, revises and corrects the previous edition. If you have additional information regarding individuals in this cemetery and have family histories, bible records, etc., they would certainly be greatly appreciated.


There is a plot map of the cemetery. The plot map is scaled to a size that is difficult to read. Therefore, a plot map was made using the original as a guide. Many plots have been added since the original plot map was drawn. New plots that are clearly defined have been added to the original with a notation.

On the section maps, the original owner is noted. In many cases, the original plot owner apparently sold their plot to another as their name is not found in the plot. There is no way to tell if there is a relationship. There could be. Therefore, the original plot owner has been kept reflecting the owner's name on the plot map.

There is a later updated map of the plots for City Cemetery No. 1. On this map, only numbers are indicated. It appears that the section east of H is referred to as Section K and Section D extended and covered the section east of H in the card file housed at the San Jose Burial Park Office on Mission Road. In the extended section for D, there are two indicated plot/lot 40. There is not indication of a date on the map.


There are 8 sections in the cemetery: Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. Additional sections do not have an assignment of letters but are a section east of F, and east of H. A sketch of the cemetery shows the different areas. A sketch map of each section has been included for location of us. Plots that have no visible stones are noted in blue. Plots found within a section not noted on the original map are shown in a light green.

A few photographs of individual stones have been included in some sections.










SECTION east of F

SECTION east of H

There is not a map for this section as there are only a few plots in this section.