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In 1846, William Glenn Haynes, son of Parmenas Haynes, Jr., and his wife, Emily LeSeur Haynes (who was born in Georgia and who he had married in 1842 in Russell County, Alabama, when she was 18 and he was 24), moved to Harrison County, Texas to be near Parmenas Haynes, Sr., who had moved there earlier.

Emily LeSeur was from a wealthy and prominent family with French ancestry and was related to Napoleon Bonaparte.

For three generations the Haynes' were large land owners, with slaves. William Glenn and Emily Haynes were no exception. By 1849, William Glenn Haynes owned over 1,000 acres in Harrison and Panola Counties, Texas. He had his own cottonmill and gin near his home in Elysian Fields. Family history passed down from generation to generation states that William Glenn went on a river boat trip to Alabama in 1849 to collect money owed him and was murdered for his money on the return trip. Emily who had a "6th sense" about things had begged him not to go because she felt something was going to happen to him. So, at the age of 25, Emily LeSeur Haynes was a wealthy young widow with 3 children, William Parmenas "Pompy" Haynes, Samuel Grant Haynes and Mary Jane Haynes. Emily's second son, Samuel Grant Haynes, married Mary Casey. They lived on a portion of the farm nearer the Cemetery. Samuel Grant Haynes and his wife later sold their portion of the farm and moved their family to DeLeon, Texas, where they are both buried.

They had eight children:

Mildred "Jennie" Haynes, born May 14, 1867;

Emily "Nettie" Haynes, born February 1870, who died at age 20 after being stood up at the church for her wedding. (It is said that she died of a broken heart.);

William Allen Haynes, born May 14, 1872, was known as Allen and was a well-known area rancher;

James Hill Haynes, born December 20, 1873;

Henry M. Haynes, a doctor from the Gatesville area;

Samuel Robert "Bob" Haynes, born November 5, 1883, who gave us much of this information, lived in Stephenville, Texas, until his death June 3, 1972;

Ada Haynes, born August 16, 1887;

Emily's daughter by William Glenn Haynes, Mary Jane "Sis", married John W. Cox in 1864.

They had 7 sons:

William Cox;

Solomon Cox;

Hugh Cox;

Samuel Cox;

John W. Cox, Jr.;

Alonzo Cox;

Bob Cox.

They also had one daughter, Jennie, who married Bill Springer. Mary Jane and her husband John W. Cox, and several of their children, including Jennie Springer, are buried in Sharp Cemetery.

On February 8, 1852, Emily married Augustus V. Sharp and in 1859 they moved to Bell County and settled the land along the Lampasas River.

Emily and Augustus Sharp had 4 children; Alonzo (Bud), who never married and died young; Sarah, who died at age 6, Emily who married Emerson Kelley and was listed as living in Youngsport, Texas, in the 1880 census, with her husband and 2 children, Martha, age 5, and Maud, age 1. Emily's youngest daughter, Sula (Sulie) Sharp, married Mark Whitmire. They had a daughter, Bertha, and a son, Worley Whitmire.

Emily's oldest son, William Parmenas Haynes, went away to fight in the Civil War when he was 16 years of age. He was reported killed in action, but Emily's "6th sense", told her different. She kept setting his place at the table believing that he would return. One day as she was at the river getting a bucket of water, she heard him call to her and she looked up to see him coming across the field to her.

William Parmenas Haynes married Adaline Cole and they had 1 child, Mildred Adaline, who died at age 6. She died in December 1876, only 4 months after her mother's death in August 1876. They are both buried in the rock enclosure at Sharp Cemetery, along with August V. Sharp, Alonzo Sharp, Sarah Sharp, Emily Sharp, and one other grave whose marker is too dim to read.

William Parmenas Haynes' second wife was Sarah Elizabeth Gould, daughter of Anna Elizabeth Lentz Gould and her husband, Uriah Gould. William and "Sallie", as she was called, had 7 children. They are:

William Uriah Haynes, born December 18, 1877, moved to Oklahoma and died there;

Ophelia Mae Haynes, born October 18, 1879, married a Wilmeth, and lived and died in New Mexico;

Samuel LeSeur Haynes, born December 4, 1880, lived and died in San Angelo, Texas;

Thomas Jefferson Haynes, born February 23, 1882, married Frances Douglas McClendon, daughter of Matilda Gower McClendon and John William McClendon;

Anna Belle Haynes, born November 24, 1885, married George Gore;

Sadie Janette Haynes, born February 16, 1890, married Alfred Shafer;

Josephine Haynes, born December 4, 1892, married a Blow.

The home which William Parmenas Haynes built for his family is owned by the Churchill Duncan family and even though it has deteriorated, its ruins still stand at the intersection of SH 195 and the Sharp Cemetery Road. William Parmenas Haynes and his 2d wife, Sarah Elizabeth, are buried in the Sharp Cemetery, along with their son, Tom or "Nubbin", as he was called as a boy, Anna Belle Gore, and Josephine Blow, their daughters, along with numerous other grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Emily LeSeur Haynes Sharp.

HAYNES & SHARP FAMILY INFORMATION WAS FURNISHED BY: Zoanna Williams Curry, Great-great-granddaughter of Emily LeSeur Haynes Sharp and her first husband, William Glenn Haynes.

Zoanna Williams Curry is the daughter of Nora Bell Haynes and Joseph "Joe" Samuel Williams.