Lawrence Chapel Cemetery

Bastrop Co. TX

Submitted by Joyce

It is close to the intersection of Rd.473 and Rd 479.  I copied that from the sign.  There is a run down  building that has an Texas Historical Marker in front of  it.  It was a Wells Fargo station during the civil war  and was Calles The Lawrence station I believe.  Their  names are stillon the bricks of the chimney and things.  We didn't go in as it was too rundown but out beside it are these two beautiful stones in the weeds.  I don't  think there are more but there may be.  You have to  crawl through the barbed wire fence to see them close.  What a treat it was.  They are my Grandmother, Hattie  Samuelson of Elgin, great?? Grandparents.

Stones are at the original Lawrence Chapel Cemetery at  cabin used for Wells Fargo and General Lee was said to have stayed there once during the civil War.  I do not  know if that can be proved or not but maybe.  The  present day Lawrence Chapel is I think known as Pleasant  Grove Cemetery. 

Stone 1-
         Adam Lawrence
      Born in Kentucky-1799
Died at Lawrence Chapel Texas, 1878
    Came to Texas in 1815
Revolutionary Soldier-1836
      Sarah Miller, his wife
    Daughter of Simon Miller

      Lawrence Chapel
       Founded 1836
     By Adam Lawrence
   Austin Colonist 1812
Veteran of Texas Revolution

Stone 2

        Simon Miller
Son of Simon and Elizabeth Roade
Born in Bedford County Virginia-1780
Died in WashingtonCounty, Texas-1836
     Austin Colonist -1821
Descendant of King Edward III; and
  Sarah Lucinda Rucker, his wife
By John Poindexter Landers
Their great, Great, Great Grandson